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Natural Instinct Relaxing Lavender & Rosehip Body Wash

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Natural Instinct Relaxing Lavender & Rosehip Body Wash cleanses skin without stripping moisture. The hydrating formula incorporates lavender, rosehip and jojoba oils to rejuvenate, tone and soften the skin, leaving it looking and feeling supple.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Relaxing Lavender & Rosehip Body Wash


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Love this so much! It’s the only body wash I buy. It’s not too soapy and smells absolutely delicious but the scent isn’t  overpowering. This leaves my skin so soft and clean and the bottle lasts me 4-5 months. Value for money and great for the environment!
The Natural Instinct Relaxing Lavender & Rosehip Body Wash is such a nice and affordable body wash with a rose and a touch of lavender scent. I have dry skin all year round and this body wash does a great job by cleanse my body without removing hydration from my skin. After shower, my arms and legs are smooth and it remains smooth throughout the night. This product is faultless for me.
Since I had difficulty in sleeping and suffered anxiety in the past, I always trying to find products that can help me sleep/relax better, lavender is always the main ingredients that I look for in body wash. I love this body wash since it has natural ingredients and also how nice it felt after I rinse. It doesn't leave tight feeling, but mu skin feel refresh and relax with the calming lavender aroma it has. With such a great price and volume, this is one of the best body wash I have used.
The natural instincts range is a winner for me and I absolutely love this body wash, I keep this in the shower and its much less mess than soap. The pump bottle is easy to use and the packaging is pretty. This wash is super hydrating and wont dry out my sensitive skin like soap can, it leaves my skin super soft and clean and smelling amazing. I love that its vegan friendly and contains no nasty chemicals and is not tested on animals. The addition of lavender and rosehip is a calming refreshing scent and the addition of jojoba oil deeply nourishes skin so it feels silky soft. I would like to try one of the other fragrances in this range as I really loved this was, maybe something citrusy. I would absolutely recommend this body wash, just fantastic
I love body washes and came across the Natural Instinct relaxing body wash instore. I loved the smell of it as it wasn't overpowering and the 1 litre pump was appealing.  The design of the pump is modern and fresh, and the pump is easy to administer. I love that it comes in a 1 litre making really affordable for a family who all likes to use a body wash.  You would think that the mix of lavender and rosehip might be overpowering but it isn't. It's a clear body wash and it smells more rose than lavender. It's a really nice fresh fragrance. I suffer from the little bumps on my arms and I have a love hate relationship trying to find a body wash that doesn't inflame them or create more bumps. I found that it was nice to lather in the shower, and I use then body wash with a scrubbing brush on my arms.  My arms felt moisturised and the tiny bumps seemed to be less since using the body wash.  The body wash lasts about 3 months with adults and children having showers morning and nights.   I will happily repurchase this or the other variety. I like how it's free from lots of nasties, they take care about making packaging that is sustainable and the big tick for me is that they don't test on animals.  Support Aussie with this great body wash it's affordable and ticks all the right boxes for me.