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Natural Instinct Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen

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Free from all synthetic UV filters, Natural Instinct’s Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen is a hydrating SPF 30 lotion that blends easily into the skin, creating a natural tinted finish. Rosehip oil, green tea and vitamin E further help to protect skin from the signs of ageing.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen


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Worst sunscreen. Never again!

Worst sunscreen I’ve ever used. I understand natural sunscreens are a different make up and I expected a difference in texture but wow. Only part that is good is that it uses natural ingredients but holy wow it’s like putting olive oil all over your face that never sinks in. The tint is also a very dark orange colour which is not represented on the bottle. If it gets on any clothing it will never come out, I’ve had a few things ruined by this product. So strange, wouldn’t repurchase!
While it's a great product without any nasties, it's just bit too oily.  It smells like caster oil and feels like caster oil too. One thing I have no complain about  though, is the pigment - beautiful tint that really blends well and gives a nice sheer coverage with added benefit of sun protection. It's a great physical sunscreen to wear under makeup and over the time I have learn a trick to deal with the oiliness - apply it to damp face instead of dry (like face oils), use a tiny amount and you'll see it get absorbed like a charm.
I have sensitive skin so I found this to be a great product for me. I love that the sunscreen is tinted so I often wear this by itself and skip the foundation knowing I am getting sun protection with a sheer covereage of colour which is beautifully natural. The product blends easily and is not oily or sticky, it feels nice and light to wear and I love that it comes at such a great price and is free from chemicals. SPF 30 provides great protection and the addition of rosehip oil, green tea and vitamin E hydrate and protect my skin. Its packaged nicely, is Australian made and cruelty free with no nasty chemicals. This is a great product for anyone with sensitive skin who loves a good sun protection product with a sheer colour, awesome product, I highly recommend it
This is so good for sensitive skin, it is gentle, easy to apply (no hard rubbing needed!) and has a nice tint. I would definitely suit normal or dry skin more than oily, as it does leave a bit of an oily sheen on the face.  I like the tint colour, but it isn't super long lasting and I find it stays on longer and looks more even with a setting powder or mineral powder on top.
I bought this sunscreen because alot of foundations with SPF made my skin break out because of the chemical properties in the sunscreen... but this amazing product doesnt because its made of physical SPF blockers :) If you tend to get irritation or allergic reactions from sunscreen or particular foundations... you should try and see if its the chemicals that are doing that.
I am quite taken by Natural Instinct’s Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen because my skin can actually breathe! It is the first zinc based sunscreen that matches my skin colour perfectly and is easily blended so it doesn't feel like a sticky mask. No nasty chemicals and better still I haven't had a burnt face.
I had high hopes for this face sunscreen. It has physical sunscreen, therefore good for sensitive skin, it has a tint, and several good anitoxidant ingredients. Unfortunately tho... it didn't perform as good as i was hoping for. First of all, it has a very runny consistency. So i always end up with more product than needed. Secondly it is a bit hard to apply evenly, it can be patchy. Then there is even bigger issue. I don't know what in this product, but it stings my face. It is like when you apply AHA on your face and it stings. I can't work out what makes this... Dear company, is this normal or am i sensitive to one of the ingredients? Last but oh gosh not least... it leaves your face looking so oily and shiny that i need to add a ton of power to make it look reasonable. All in all i think this is good if you consider this as a beach sunscreen for your face. It does give some coverage and i am sure the protection is adequate but wouldn't recommend it as a go to, everyday face base/foundation. ( and don't even try it under make up it slides off of it...). 
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Replying to Eszter B.From Natural Instinct: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I’m sorry to hear that the Natural Instinct Tinted Natural Sunscreen didn’t work for you as well as you had hoped. As you would be aware, our Natural Instinct sunscreens contain naturally derived ingredients and therefore requires shaking to ensure consistent protection, if you are not giving it a good shake that may be contributing to the runny consistency of the product. The stinging you are feeling with the product may be caused from a sensitivity to an ingredient in the product, although it is a natural product people can still have sensitivities. With all new products we recommend testing on a small area first. Are you able to please send us the batch number so our Quality Control department can look into this further? Once again we appreciate your feedback.