Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask

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Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask is a hydrating mask formulated for overnight use. The mask can also be used to give an instant “pick-me-up” to skin. The hydrogel formula contains hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturise and diminish the signs of dry skin. Contained in an individual one-dose pod, this mask is perfect for travel. Non-comedogenic.


Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask


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Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask

The Neutrogena® Hydro Boost® Sleeping Mask is a game changer in hydration! Coming into the cooler months where my skin can get a bit dry it really loves this intense hydration boosting sleeping mask. It comes in a individual pot with a peel off lid, after cleansing my skin and exfoliating I apply it to my skin with my fingertips and let my skin soak it on overnight. After applying it to my skin and neck I find that there is plenty left for another application which would be great if the lid could be resealed so the product stayed hygienically kept for further use. I have tried this quite a few times and like to leave it on my skin for a while before sleeping as I find it doesn’t fully absorb into my skin so have placed a towel over my pillow case or used old pillow cases that I don’t mind getting mask on. The next morning my skin is always glowing, hydrated and nourished really beautifully after using this mask I would highly recommend it.

Enough for 2 masks

I find that one of these pots is enough for 2 masks so when I purchase this me and my daughter both get a mask out of it. I lather it all over my face and neck and leave it on overnight and wake up with very hydrated and happy looking skin. My skin literally sucks this mask up and loves it. It would be great if this mask came with a lid or if it could come in a larger tub that had a lid as there is way too much product in this tub for just 1 mask and you can't reseal it. I would also recommend using an old pillowcase as the mask doesn't dry immediately on your skin.

Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask

I love how this mask came in it’s own one use individual pot! With a peel back film it was easy to open revealing a nice scent. I applied this mask over my whole face and neck with still plenty leftover i applied it thicker, it didn’t immediately absorb into the skin and felt quite wet so I would definitely recommend using a pillow case you would change the next day, usually too much would be better then not enough but as it’s one use there wasn’t a lid to put back on that would be the only negative. My skin felt great the next morning.
I picked up a Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask just prior to leaving on an overseas trip thinking that it might come in handy, and I was thankful I did.  The small pod packaging is such a compact size and ideal for travelling.   I had never used a night mask before so I really didn't know what to expect but I was extremely pleased with the results.  After a long flight I applied the gel thickly all over my face.and neck and still had enough for a second night.  At first the gel was rather sticky until it dried and I really thought the product would rub off on my pillow, but it didn't.   The mask felt cool and soothing, and the next morning my skin looked plump and hydrated.  After I washed off the mask my skin looked smooth, bright and radiant.  This was just what I needed for a very hydrating boost.   I would definitely recommend the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask because it is so easy to use; it is reasonably priced; and it really does give the skin a lovely boost with a visible 'pick-me-up'.  
I have never tried an overnight mask before so I was a bit hesitant at first. However I was pleasantly surprised at how great this product is. There was even so much product inside the little pod that I was able to get 2 uses out of it.  The product has a gel like texture and applies easily. Highly recommend as a Summer mask as it feels cool and refreshing on the skin. I let it soak in before going to bed so there was no residue left on my pillow in the morning. In the morning I washed the mask off, my skin felt soft and supple.  I would definitely add this to my weekly skincare routine.
Packaging is indeed trendy and ideal especially wth traveling  Was quite surprised that their was enough of the product to last for days,in this small pod.  Liked how I woke up with my face feeling hydrated, moisturised and fresh. On top of that, easy to use. Worth every cent. 
I dont normally use a sleeping mask so i thought i would give this a go. It felt nice when i applyed it. I let it soak in a bit so it wouldnt rub 0ff on my pillow and it didnt rub off so i was happy with that.  There is also enough product for a couple of aplications i have very dry skin and this did feel hydrating. The packaging is nicely sized as it is small and convenient when travelling. A quick and easy application i do feel that my face was smoother and refreshed the next morning. Yes i would recommed this product.
I never drink enough water which can make my skin very dry and dull. After using the mask a few nights a week, I definitely felt a noticeable improvement. My skin felt smoother and clearer. The pod has enough uses for more than once. I didn't have any issues with feeling sticky; but that may be because my skin is so dry! It takes a few minutes to absorb. I actually wore the mask at work a few times and used it as a normal moisturiser because it made my skin feel nice. Feels great after exfoliating.
I am a huge fan of the Hydro Boost range and this product is no exception. Easy to apply, it has generous amount so you don’t have to skimp it on, and wow, my skin was fresh, plump, bright and so soft. Fine lines were lessened and the great moisturised feeling stayed around for days. This one will become an ongoing regular in my weekly routine! 
I really enjoyed using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask.   I love masks because they really give my skin and extra hydration boost, so I was very keen to try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask. The mask comes in a cute little capsule – kind of like a little coffee pod, and you peel off the plastic and applying the mask to your face.   There is enough for one use or maybe two if you like to stretch out the product. I however, am quite generous with masks because I like to make sure they really work so I applied it all of the mask in one go to my face and part of my neck. The mask has a pleasant Neutrogena fresh scent (similar scent to other products in the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range) and it felt really cool as I applied it to my face. It is a blue colour and has a jelly like consistency. The mask is easy to apply and absorbs slightly in the skin, and then has a bit of a coat on your skin - not too sticky or oily though which is good.    You leave the mask on overnight and then wash it off in the morning. I didn’t have any issues sleeping with this mask on overnight and it was really easy to wash off in the shower in the morning.   After washing off this mask, I noticed how soft, hydrated and smooth my skin felt all day afterwards. This mask did give my skin that extra hydration boost that is much needed in winter. This is definitely a much that I will look at incorporating into my skincare routine on a regular basis.   Pros: - affordable - hydrating - relaxing - quick and simple to use.   Overall I really enjoyed using this Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask, it works very well especially when paired with some of the other products from Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost range. 
Mixed feelings on this mask. On a positive note, I definitely noticed a change in my skin - it felt softer and more hydrated. Also, there was enough product in the packaging to last maybe 2-4 uses, so it works out as good value. On the other hand I found the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Sleeping Mask a bit sticky and it didn't easily or quickly absorb into my skin, it felt very noticeable and mask-like. It pilled up on my skin and I needed a towel on my pillow to not get little bits on my bedding, and I definitely felt like I needed a cleanser in the morning to get off bits of residue.
I absolutely love the cute packaging, it makes it easy to throw in your bag and take away with you on holidays or for a sleepover. I was very impressed with how much product was in such a small packet, I had enough to use on myself and my husband.  I did feel like it had a bit of a sticky texture and I wasn’t a fan of having to leave it in overnight. I felt like I needed to wash my pillowcases the next day. Yet in saying that I must admit my skin felt really hydrated the next day. Both my husband and myself have different skin types but we are both dehydrated and we both felt a difference with our skins hydration the next day. 
It’s a really nice facemask and felt so nice on my skin. It’s is such a good size to try and on budget. Since being on this trial I have been used this facemask couple of nights and after use I have felt my skin and been felt really hydrated and healthy. It’s easy to use and really get absorbed in the skin . I use this at night time just before sleep. The only con I have found is that strong smell of it , it can be overwhelming before sleep so I would have preferred bit mild smell instead but other that this I am more than happy to recommend this to my family and friends.
I am a pretty avid user of hydrating masks as I have quite dry skin all year round. I had high hopes for this mask but will admit the "one pod" mask thing did surprise me.  When I opened it up I could definitely tell there would be more than enough for one use. The other thing I noticed was the scent - it isn't a bad scent but I was surprised an overnight mask would have one as I can only imagine this would irritate someone with a sensitive nose trying to sleep! The mask was jelly in texture and was definitely cooling to put on (in fact I bet putting it in the fridge would make it even more refreshing) however I did notice it didn't really "set" which made sleeping with it on a little bit of a sticky affair.  When I woke in the morning I was a little "stuck" to my pillow case and I felt a little uncomfortable. Once the mask was washed off however, I was left with pretty soft skin - I'm not sure if I'd call it hydrated as to me hydration is a little more than skin feeling soft but feeling "bouncy" as well. But my face was definitely soft to the touch! I did notice the effect wore off after a few hours so that may be a consideration.  Overall I would recommend this mask if you have moderate dry skin and if you are not easily bothered at night while you sleep and don't mind that odd fabric sticking sensation. It's probably not intense enough if you have extremely dry skin however!
There was definitely more in this pod than for 1 night. Probably about 3-4 uses. I would recommend spreading this thin as it has silky feel to it. It felt moisturising but nothing too intense. I feel like it should have Vitamin C or E as this would add that glow to your skin in the morning. When I woke up and looked at my skin I didn't notice much of a change in texture or brightness.  There are other moisturisers our there I would use for a  night mask!
When I woke up after using this product my skin felt so soft and hydrated! The amount of product in the tub was very generous! I would say you could get 3 applications out of one tub. The packaging is attractive and it’s overall very easy to use. Quickly absorbed into my skin and easy to keep on overnight. Would happily use this again!
I love a good nights mask if it’s hyrdating and easy to apply. I liked Neutrogena’s hydro boost sleeping mask, although I found the little pod to go a long way across a couple of nights. I’m not sure if it was suppose to be a one night wonder sorter thing. But I found that after using a generous layer for a couple of evenings my skin in the morning was definitely hydrated. It’s a great compact size. Suitable as I tend to travel frequently. I will definitely continute using it!
The packaging was cute as a button. My skin loved the mask, I have really dry skin and especially around my nose after fighting the flu. I woke up with a drastic improvement around my nose and normal dry areas. Love that it was effortless. I will be purchasing again.
Convenient size and useful as a face mask ‘shot’. I did feel an improvement in hydration of my skin in the morning, however I didn’t like the texture. Just feels slightly too sticky like you don’t really want to sleep in it - I found it balled up a bit and got on my pillowcase. It worked enough but I’ve tried more effective hydrating products which I’ll stick to.
Was really excited to try this mask because I love other products in the nutrogena range namely the face wash however found the face mask to have a terrible chemical smell and was hesitant to try on my skin.  Woke up with flakey skin or excess product and my skin didnt seem hydrated at all but did feel soft after i washed with water. Wouldnt purchase due to the chemical smell.