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Nip + Fab Cleanser Wipes are radiance-enhancing pads soaked in glycolic and hyaluronic acid, which work to exfoliate and resurface the skin’s surface while boosting hydration levels. Skin is left glowing and bright.


Nip + Fab Cleanser Wipes


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Nip & Fab Cleanser Wipes

These exfoliating pads come in a handy little pot with a screw top lid. These pads are very moist and there is no danger of them drying out as long as you correctly close the lid after each use. The pads are on the smaller side and have two surfaces on each pad - one is smooth and the other is for exfoliation. I used these exfoliating pads after cleansing and before bed. They have a slightly chemical fragrance, however I didn't find it offensive. My skin felt pleasantly tingling after use and my skin felt very slightly plumper. I have sensitive skin and so didn't use these on a daily basis, instead opting to use a couple of times per week.

Easy cleaning

These cleansing wipes are a staple in my stash. I use them as the last step in my cleansing routine to ensure my face is free from any make residue. These are circular pads that have a slight rough texture. They are adequately soaked in liquid and due to the packaging there is no need to worry about them drying out. I highly recommend these pads.
i actually love these things! i usually just use it before i go to bed at night and i wake up and my skin is so incredibly fresh and feel so smooth and soft! i have only used them once a day so i've managed to drag the amount of them out for a little longer so i think they have definitley been worth every penny.
I live for these wipes!! Once I cleanse my face and get ready for my night time skin care routine I start by using these wipes.  PACKAGING: It comes in a tub with a screw top. It has 60 circular shaped wipes all saturated. TEXTURE: The wipes are soft in texture, saturated with product.  SCENT: A slight citrus smell but not over powering PERFORMANCE: I use these wipes at night before applying the rest of my skin care. I find that when I use the wipes I wake up in the morning with smooth, supple and hydrated skin. It evens out my skin texture, making it smooth. My skin feels exfoliated without having to physically exfoliate my skin, it feels clear and calm. I notice my skin is much more plumper and brighter when I use these wipes. I get results instantly, however I find it best works if you are consistent in using the wipes. I only use it once a day so it lasts me 2 months before I re-purchase. 
One of these little wipes measure approximately 4.5 cm in diameter.  The material is soft and drenched in a solution of seriously effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and witchhazel plus some blue daisy.  At first I thought these may strip my skin but although they do take away a lot of dead skin cells, they also leave behind a hydrated feel to the skin because of the balanced solution.  So I was very pleasantly surprised when I first tried these.  They do not at all dry my skin out but instead they do the opposite and make my skin feel smooth, soft, exfoliated as well as deeply hydrated.    I like to use these every few days or so but they can be used daily - in fact, it says you can use them twice daily on the pack.  When I use them I feel like I'm giving my skin some extra exfoliation and my pores feel super cleansed.  My best tip is to avoid the eye and lip area and I like to splash my face with water after using these but I don't think you are meant to because of the goodness that gets left behind from the solution.   They should be used after first cleansing the face with your regular cleanser. There is a scent to them that I would describe as a noticeable lemon-fresh and zesty scent.   I find them great for a deep cleanse and deep exfoliation - the grit, grime and dead skin can be seen on the cleansing pad after using it for just a minute of wiping the face with one of these.   They certainly keep pores fresh and unclogged.   Due to the glycolic acid in them, it is advised by Nip + Fab to use a good sunscreen while using these.  I use a good sunscreen daily anyhow so I found them easy to fit into my routine a couple of times a week.
Bought these about 2 weeks ago, and I'm really liking them. I use one at night after washing my face, generally I don't wear makeup other than concealer when at work during the week so I don't have a lot to remove at the end of the day. I do find if I've worn makeup and do my full routine, these wipe off that final bit of residue after the micellar water, eye makeup remover, and face wash.  I find the scent quite mild, and it doesn't sting my eyes or burn my nose. If I rub the pad too hard on my face I do find it rolls up, but I've had no issues with there not being enough product to cover my whole face with one pad. They leave a heavy, slightly tacky feeling on my skin, but that goes away once I use a moisturizer on top. I get oily with that combination but it's mostly due to my moisturizer. I've noticed a definite improvement in my skin and no irritation so far, despite having dry skin.  So far so good, I might try out the extreme pads once these run out, by then it will be getting close to summer and I'll need less heavy moisture.
A lot of products claim that you'll be able to tell a difference after using it - and this is no exception. I use these exfoliating pads maybe once or twice a week after cleansing. They help me retain a smooth texture to my skin, particularly on my cheeks where my makeup tends to build up and clog my pores and cause little bumps. These pads are amazing at removing any excess unwanted dirt and makeup left on my skin after cleansing, and help to restore the ph balance to my skin by containing ingredients which tone the skin as well - specifically witch hazel! I usually use one pad, rub it softly and in circular motions all across my face until most of the product has dispersed onto my skin. My skin feels hydrated and moisturised after applying without feeling sticky. My skin also feels slightly tingly, however it doesn't feel uncomfortable whatsoever and goes away after a couple minutes! I 100% recommend this if you're after something to smooth out your complexion and create the perfect base for your makeup!
MY SKIN: Normal, moving to normal/oily in the T zone during summer, moving to normal/dry in winter.Biggest concerns are skin dullness and larger pores in the T-zone. I had already tried the extreme night ones first which I really liked initially but ended up being a bit too drying. I bought these to try out something milder for daily use and then the extreme ones just for an extra boost once/twice a month. These definitely feel milder (and don't leave as much a residue as the night ones) and I like them for daily polishing. The jar comes with the 60 pads well-soaked in the solution, and there's a light scent that fades on application.They dry quickly and my skin feels natural and not tight or dry. Since using this with the night formula, my skin looks a lot better. It’s smoother, pores are reduced, and breakouts that I usually get around that time of month are reduced to only the odd one or two. After six months of daily use along with a twice monthly of the extreme versions, my skin is noticeably brighter. The price is also very good for the results, especially compared to other glycolic treatments. TIPS Make sure you wear a moisturiser with SPF during the day as your skin will be more sensitive. PROS Helped with skin turnover and skin radiance The packaging is great, each pad is soaked with a lot of product and are so, so easy and convenient. No need to mess around with brushes etc. CONS None REPURCHASE? Yes. They’re a staple in my skincare routine.
I swapped over to these while travelling as I didn't want to risk the spillage of my trusty and every faithful Pixi Glow Tonic, and i was super impressed. They're super easy to use due to the pre-soaked pads, and ensure no spillage of toner bottle in your luggage. For shorter trips I often pop a few in a zip-lock bag so I don't have to take the whole tub with me.  I've got sensitive skin and find most glycolics on the market as touch too intense, but these worked perfectly for me and didn't dry out my skin. probably due to the hydrating ingredients inside as well. I know Nip + Fab also make stronger ones if you're after more of a punch, and I'll definitely pick them up in the future to use as more of an occasional treatment. These ones do exactly what you want - help turnover skin cells quickly, giving you clearer, cleaner skin. They've also helped to minimise some of my pores and acne scarring. I also love the clean, fresh scent of the product.  I did find the pads on top could often dry out a little bit, but once I started turning the tub upside down overnight after every second use I found this was no longer a problem. The best part of these is the price. I regularly stock up at Priceline when they have sales. It's a top-tier product at a drugstore price, and they're travel-friendly as a bonus. 
I received a sample container of these in Marie Claire's The Parcel and having never used any Nip + Fab products before I  was interested to try them out.  The first thing i checked is whether these  wete for taking off makeup and really the answer is no.  Definitely not on eye makeup anyway though to be honest I  only use these at night tine to cleanse and they actually do a pretty good job of removing foundation at the same time as they exfoliate and cleanse. The pads are fairly small circular wipes but you can do your whole face with one.  Just be careful because they can stick together which is a bit wasteful.  They are quite moist and I  haven't  had any problem with them drying out ( but the container twists shut tight so this should never be an issue).  The pads are thin but strong and soft on the skin.  They smell really nice too . I was a little worried that the glycolic acid may irritate my somewhat sensitive skin but it hasn't at all.  It feels quite gentle on the skin actually.   And as for how effectively they work?  Well my skin does look a little bit more radiant so I  think that they exfoliate well without scrubbing. All on all I  think these cleansing pads are great - gentle and no fuss.
The NIP+FAB glycolic pads is one of the best low-dose DIY exfoliating treaments available. These pre-soaked pads come in a tub of 60 (that is, 2 month's supply). When I first purchased them I was slightly concerned that the product will dry up towards the end of 2 months - this turned out to be not the case, as long as the lid is closed tightly after each use. I like to use these pads every evening after cleansing. I use a cleansing balm to remove my makeup. The pads are really useful as they remove traces of balm that is left on my face - I can sometimes see the pad has a slight yellow colour after use. Each pad has two surfaces - a textured surface and a smooth surface. I use the textured surface for a deeper cleanse and exfoliation on the T-zone and jaw line areas, and the smooth surface for everywhere else. Instantly my skin feels refreshed and also very hydrated - thanks to the glycolic acid (for exfoliation) and hyaluronic acid (for hydration). Hyaluronic acid is my favourite moisturising ingredient, works by binding water molecules to the skin. I usually give it a few minutes for the active ingredient to work, before using a moisturiser to finish off my skincare regime for the evening. I started to notice a difference in my skin in about a week - my skin felt more supple, smooth and soft. Moisturiser also absorbed into the skin better. After about 4 weeks, I noticed that the fine lines near my eye area were less noticeable (you are not supposed to use them near the eyes, but I was naughty). Throughout the whole two months of using the cleansing pads, I did not have one single pimple - I am very impressed, particularly given the affordable price!
I had recently run out of my previous glycolic acid based toner and was looking for something to replace it!  I really loved the liquid toner but it wasn't convenient to use.  I would have to pour it on the cotton pad and then wipe it over my face.  Most of the product would be wasted in the cotton ball itself and I couldn't take it when I was travelling because the chances of the contents spilling were very high.  I had come across the nip and fab cleanser wipes when I was doing my normal shopping.  The concept of having a pad already pre soaked was great and would save me lots of time.  Not only did it contain glycolic acid but it also contained hyaluronic acid which helps with retaining moisture and plumping the skin.  A great combination of ingredients! The thin pads were small yet the perfect size to use for my face as well as my neck and décolletage.  I preferred to use it mostly on my face as that is where I have the most pigmentation.  My skin is very uneven and dull and I was hoping the glycolic acid would be able to help reveal a more brighter, youthful complexion! The pads were generously moist with the product so I only needed to use one for my whole face.  It wasn't soaked but it also wasn't dry so I felt like they weren't being stingy with the product. The liquid didn't cause any irritation to my face and it felt cool to the touch.  I waited for about a minute for the product to settle onto my skin and get absorbed before going onto the next step in my skincare routine.  It didn't take that long for me to see results.  After the second day of using, my skin had become noticeably brighter and more even looking.  Granted my pigmentation was still there but it wasn't as prominent as before.  It had started to fade and the hyaluronic acid helped keep my skin moisturised and firm.  The best part was that unlike other ingredients, glycolic acid doesn't dry out your skin so I could get great anti ageing benefits without worrying about possible unpleasant side effects.  The jar contains 60 of the pads which is a decent amount and I would use it at least twice a week.  I would do this at night as glycolic acid can make your skin sensitive in the sunlight.  If you do happen to use it during the day don't forget to wear SPF!  My skin overall has improved a lot.  The active ingredients have given my face a beautiful glow that now I feel comfortable going most days without wearing makeup.  My skin also felt moisturised and my fine lines and wrinkles weren't as noticeable as before.  The jar makes it great for when you're in a rush and the size makes it perfect for travelling!  Who should use it?  I would recommend this product for those who want to brighten their skin, lighten their pigmentation and acne, even out their skin tone as well as adding hydration Great for? All skin types! 
I received a sample of these wipes some time ago in a Parcel box. I'd heard a lot of great things about them and had wanted to try but had been a bit wary of purchasing due to having sensitive skin that could possibly react badly to the ingredients.  My skin at the time of use had been a bit congested,uneven and had a bit of hormonal acne. A quick read of the ingredients list (glycolic, hyaluronic acid and witch hazel) told me it could well be the remedy I was looking for. The pads come in a little plastic tub and are smooth on one side and textured on the other. I used one on cleansed skin and it was sufficient enough to cover my face, neck and décolletage without leaving any residue. The scent is mild and smells of refreshing citrus. I quite liked it. My skin felt clean,toned and smoothed after application and best of all-it wasn't harsh or irritating on my sensitive like many products with these acids had been in the past. I noticed after a few uses my skin was definitely looking brighter and more even. It felt smoother to touch and the acne and other bumps had diminished significantly.  I found these wipes to effectively exfoliate,tone and soothe skin whilst being surprisingly mild and non drying. I ended up repurchasing more and can say after a month of use these wipes are starting to fade stubborn acne scars from years ago that I had given up on finding a solution for! Pros Easy to use for lazy days Balances skin  Gentle  Refreshing and soothing  Exfoliates and Resurfaces  Reveals brighter,more even skin  Clears congestion and reduces acne Cons May not be the best for dryer skin types Will cause photosensitivity so slather up the spf when outdoors! I'd recommend this for normal to oily skin types - especially those with blemishes, congestion and scarring. 
There's a reason these wipes are have developed quite a following.... they are fantastic! I picked up these wipes on sale and was excited to try them. They come packaged in a solid plastic jar with a screw top lid with 60 round pads soaked in 2.8% glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is an AHA that gently exfoliates the skin. Each pad is moist enough to cover my face and neck which is great. They have one smooth side and one slightly textured side that helps exfoliate.  My skin is a lot smoother and clearer since using these wipes, I'm a big fan! They are fragrance free and also non irritating and would be suitable for most skin types. I use them in the evening when my skin is in need of a really good cleanse after wearing sunscreen and makeup all day. Here's a quick summary of why I liked them... - Contain effective yet gentle exfoliating ingredients including glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid. The witch hazel soothes and acts as a toner. - Clears pores and any skin congestion such as milia after continued use. - One jar contains 60 wipes which is a 2 month supply if you use one a day. - Great for travelling because the packaging is secure and won't leak everywhere. There isn't anything I didn't like about this product, however, they are slightly more expensive than your average face wipes. They do contain effective ingredients though so at $34.99 I don't think it's an outrageous price at all.  I highly recommend this product, and yes I will be repurchasing when I run out. 
It was love at first swipe. I had heard so many great things about the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix pads (apparently Kylie Jenner is a huge fan), and being familiar with the benefits of glycolic acid, I was so excited to see a sample size product in my Parcel Box.  I first tried the product immediately after cleansing and towel drying my face. I swiped the textured pad all over my face, and although the round pad is quite small (55mm), it is soaked with just the right amount of liquid to make the job easy and not feel the need to ever use more than one. I could easily swipe this over my face, my neck and my decolletage. I only had to wait about 45 seconds for it to completely absorb and leave my skin feeling noticeably softer, smoother, moisturized and plumper without any uncomfortable sticky residue so that I could move on to the next steps of my routine. I noticed right away that for the next steps of my routine I used considerably less product in each step- it seemed that from one simple swipe, so no much of the work had already been done. I am now almost through my first full size jar of 60 pads and the results have continued to impress me. I only use the one pad during my night time beauty routine (more so because I am cautious of my exposure to UV after use) and have noticed a huge change in my skin. My skin is more refined, supple and beautifully dewy, whilst acne and marks have visibly diminished. Incorporating this product in my routine has also seen my other products that follow it go much further as well.  Pro's - Ease of use. -Immediate results. Skin is instantly more hydrated, refined, brighter and smoother. - Continued use also helps to diminish redness associated with acne and/ or scarring. - Value for money. Cons - The scent seems clinical- it reminds me of a hospital. Recommendations - If you use this product in the morning, be sure that you apply SPF as glycolic does increase your sensitivity to UV.         
This product is amazing for those with acne prone skin. It removes all dirt and oil and also prevents breakouts and reduces redness. I use a lot of the nip and fab products, they are pricey but well worth the money.
I had a few sample packets ( One from Marie Claire Parcel) and I was very eager to try these pads out as I appreciate products with glycolic acid. I must say as far as the results are concerned I can't really complain. The skin is radiant, clear and plump. It feels firmer and tighter too, when using these pads ( or any other glycolic acid product) you can notice the difference in texture which becomes smoother and softer overtime. These pads might help you fight acne too. Sp why not 5 stars? I am not sure this is the most economical way to exfoliate. While I love the handy and travel friendly, fuss free packaging, I am not sure whether we get our value for the money. Considering there are 60 pads in a packaging, we get a two month use. But if we got an exfoliating toner we would probably get at least 4 to 6 months out of one bottle. On the other hand, such a convenient packaging is great for those on the go, who are always busy and all- in -one products appeal to them. On the technical note - pads are soaked well, they smell a bit artificial but nothing too offensive, The sample packets however are of terrible quality. the plastic looks cheap and I managed to cut my finger pretty deep when trying to open one packet. And I am not convinced by the manufacture place ( China).
got a small trial pack of these and loved them. they don't have a strong fragrance.  pros: felt like a deep clean/exfoliation without the tiny beads that are usually in exfoliators getting all over your face didn't leave my skin feeling "tight"" or "stinging" easy no-mess with the wipes cons: very small wipes (the size of a round cotton eye pad makeup remover wipe)
With the invention of makeup removing cloths,we time poor girls were given a way to both save time AND face by allowing us to quickly and effectively remove the day's makeup / grime without the need for traditional suds and water / cream and tissues....BUT,to be honest,none really had any notable skincare benefits that made me use them for much more than quick - fixers for eyeliner mishaps or long wear lipstick removal....then i saw these beauties and had to give them a try (hey,i am a huge fan of the glycolic wash from Nip + Fab,so this had to be good). Glycolic has long been a staple in my personal skincare resurfaces the skin,leaves it soft and with finer looking pores and is a godsend for those "right on time",monthly breakouts on my chin,so to combine that ingredient with a simple method to remove makeup....i'm in. Soaked in 2.8% glycolic acid (which is a small percentage of glycolic acid,so its effective, but still gentle enough for all but the most delicate of skins...always do a patch test first),these textured pads both remove makeup (even waterproof / longwear products) and care for your skin They also have witch hazel which helps retexture and resurface the skin, whilst the hyaluronic acid adds moisturising benefits that last.Add to that "must have" combination of Witch Hazel and soothing blue daisy,you get visible skin improvement with a calmness to the skin after exfoliation that is truly spa - like in it's feel....and perfect for both her AND him (he will love the feel of these on days he doesn't shave.Super cleansed skin,exfoliation that takes no time AND skin soothing botanicals...who wouldn't love that ? ) Now,i know that at $35,it seems a little exxy,BUT,with 60 pads in a tub,at one a day (yep,just one pad will take off an average girls makeup,and definitely take away grime on no makeup days),these freshly scented,skin freshening / brightening / pore refining babies will keep you glowing for two months. Have teens in the house ? start skincare habits early (and perhaps help with improving low self esteem due to teen breakouts) by getting them these...they help reduce clogged pores and remove dead skin cells,whilst that glycolic helps reduce the frequency / severity of acne (but still maintains skin comfort ).Time poor,feeling a bit lazy ? these are a must have (oh,but beware that any glycolic makes you sun sensitive in the extreme,so,as we should regardless,make sure the SPF is slathered on after using these). TIP:Every week,do something great for your skin by giving yourself a salon style facial.This usually involves a double cleanse,so why not make THESE your second step in that cleansing process,and get a clean that is deep,visibly effective and exfoliating at the same time.
Absolutely love these wipes. Leave my skin glowing, and also feels as though my skin has been deeply cleansed I always stock up when they have a 40% sale at priceline..