NIVEA Anti Age Q10 Plus Hand Cream

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NIVEA Anti Age Q10 Plus Hand Cream is an anti-ageing hand cream that helps prevent and visibly reduce the signs of skin ageing on hands while providing intensive moisturising care. Used daily, the quickly absorbed formula will protect skin, leaving hands smoother and more youthful in appearance.


NIVEA Anti Age Q10 Plus Hand Cream


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I love the nivea q10 plus range for its anti ageing qualities. This hand cream is of such high quality, thick and lush, it sinks in immediatley without feeling greasy to hydrate and nourish hands perfectly and restore the appearance of skin. I use this cream everyday, its easy to use, comes at a great price and gives great results. i find this cream really does visibly reduce signs of ageing on my hands and protects them well. A great product I highly recommend
Nivea's Q10 range is renown for its powerful, enriching enzymes that prevents skin ageing, and this product does just that! This hand cream is affordable and impressive.  The plastic packaging is easy to use and is small enough to fit in a hand bag or the car.  The floral scent is divine and pleasant, which is surprising as I did not expect a scent from this hand cream.   I apply this often; my hands instantly feel softer and hydrated. The thick consistency absorbs quickly and nourishes my dry winter hands without leaving an oily or sticky residue.  After a week's use, my hands look healthy and younger. I love that this product has UVA/UVB filters, which sets it apart from other hand creams.  Would recommend to those who want to maintain their soft and supple hands with this anti ageing hand cream. 
This is a well priced very affordable hand cream which is perfect for keeping at my desk, in the car, near my beside table and in my bag. It is non greasy and is quickly absorbed into my hands. It has a light Nivea scent which I smell as I use it, but eventually goes away. The hand cream is great for reapplying throughout the day and for maintaining a healthy and radiant look to my hands. Over regular use, I've noticed that my hands don't look and feel so dry and rough.  Pros: -low priced, non greasy, mild scent Cons: -sometimes a little hard to find in store, so stock up when you see it Tips: -apply onto your cuticles and around your nail bed and massage into your skin to boost circulation  Recommendation: -this hand cream would suit anyone who wants a daily use hand cream to keep their hands feeling soft and supple 
I've washed a lot of dishes without wearing gloves.  The result? Dry, sore, wrinkled hands crying out for nourishment. Then I stumbled upon this hand cream. Another affordable yet impressive product from Nivea. Non-greasy, smells nice and floral, and absorbs instantly. It also contains UV filters which further highlights the great value of this product. I now use this hand cream daily and am liking how my hands seem to be repairing from all that dryness and feel much softer. Seeing the great results from this hand cream has encouraged me to take more care of my hands, like wearing rubber gloves every time I wash dishes (which I should have done ages ago). I haven't noticed any new wrinkles on my hands which is a plus. The sooner you start caring for your hands the better and this hand cream will help.
This absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave a reside on my hands which is great! Smells lovely and isn't overbearing.
I think Nivea makes good quality but very affordable handcreams and this one is no exception. I love the traditional Nivea floral scent, the cream is thick but not too greasy cream and absorbs in an instant. The plastic tube and flip top lid is no frills, but easy to use and store in your hand bag. I keep a tube in my car and I reapply this frequently.... That's what red traffic lights are for! I love how quickly it can transform my dry hands, they feel so soft and moisturised afterwards. Although, I haven't noticed any anti aging effects, it works well enough as a hand cream to keep me coming back for more. A great budget priced  hand cream, that's not overly greasy or oily with a pleasant floral scent. A definite repurchase for me.