NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 15

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NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 15 is an anti-ageing day cream for mature skin that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases firmness and improves skin renewal. The cream is enriched with hyaluronic acid and magnolia extract and the rich texture melts into the skin and is quickly absorbed. Skin is left replenished with intense moisture and feels smooth and silky. With regular use, the treatment accelerates the skin's own regeneration process resulting in cellular vitality and youthful skin. Contains broad spectrum SPF 15 sun protection.


NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 15


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My skin feels really moisturised,and it definitely looks more even toned, the spf15 is a bonus, unfortunately my skin felt quite sticky fthroughout the day , but will definitely repurchase as I am extremely happy with how my skin is looking since I began using it,. Would definitely recommend this product
I was eager to try this Nivea day cream not only did it contain the very essential SPF 15 it was also a decent price and was designed to be anti ageing and focussed on mature skins - it was everything I was looking for. The Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream is presented in a basic pot like many creams and is easy to open and use. I always use a spatular when scooping from a pot for hygiene reasons. On opening I found the scent very strong and unpleasant and I was worried that it would cause skin irritation on application. I didn't react but felt that I had a headache from the scent and my skin felt tight rather than moisturised. The cream applied easily it absorbed easily and left a soft sheen on my face and neck. I have not noticed any improvement to my skins appearance and the scent has meant I won't repurchase.
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Replying to Dee D.NIVEA: Thank you for your honest feedback on the NIVEA Cellular Day Cream. We’re sorry to hear about the experience you have had with this product. It sounds like unfortunately this product is not quite right for your skin type. Please feel free to contact our customer care team on 1800 103 023 or email us at so we can chat to you about it further. We would love to help you find an alternative product that suits you better. Sincerely, NIVEA
Have been using this product for over 2 weeks and have found it is very easily absorbed so I do not have to wait too long to apply my foundation. When I opened the jar the scent was a little strong so was a bit hesitant to use as I get the occasional bout of psoriasis. Have experienced absolutely no issues and my skin has remained psoriasis free. Having quite dry mature skin I have found this product has made my skin feel well hydrated and a healthy glow to it. Very happy to recommend this product.
My skin is always left feeling softer and smoother using "NIVEA cellular anti age day cream SPF15". This provides much needed moisture my face while I can feel secure with an SPF 15 proven to combine that long-lasting sun protection for softer, smoother, younger-looking skin. It is lightweight and a non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly into my skin and keeps skin moisturised for many hours. It doesn't clog my pores that can cause skin to break out. it sinks into the skin easily to hydrate the skin after cleansing. The day cream is great under makeup and left my skin smooth for a flawless finish.
Any SPF 15 product feels extremely lush, and soothing on the skin (particularly Natio products).  But, Nivea has always been there; since as a kid, growin up two decades ago.  Although relatively cheap; yes, and from the supermarket - so many years in the business cannot go wrong, right.  Nivea Cellular Anti-age day Cream SPF 15 too feels luxurious on the skin; and whilst out in the sun, and day-light, leaves my normally red cheeks feeling soothed, and bright!!!
Call me a brand snob  but there is absolutely know way I would consider buying anti-aging skincare from a supermarket and Ive only thought of NIVEA as a brand specialising in bodycare ranges or basic facial care. WRONG! Ive been trialling the Cellular Anti-Age Day cream SPF15 for just over a fortnight and for a product retailing around $28 I found it compares just as well as my Dept Store brands. The  slimline screwtop 50ml plastic pot is quite attractive and the product is a soft creamy lightweight texture that I found was quickly and easily absorbed by my combo skin. I liked that there was no filmy sunscreen type residue. To me the cream seemed to thicken or densify on my skin which in turn gave the impression of a firming effect  The formula contains Shea butter, glycerine, 3 UVA/B blockers Hyalauronic Acid, Silicone and Magnolia extract antioxidant and cell enhancing creatine. The cream left my skin feeling plumped & well hydrated the entire day  with a nice youthful dewy glow on my cheeks. I used several different foundations with this moisturiser and they all performed well without creasing or slipping. On certain windy/humid Qld days without make-up I felt that the moisturiser tended to feel a bit grimy and I wanted to wash my skin. Might be a problem in summer weather . Although I haven't noticed any measureable improvement(as in wrinkle reduction) in this short time frame I have found that is does firm and plump and it softens the look of the finer lines. Ive also had no problems with the scent affecting my sensitive eyes or with conjestion or oiliness.  I'm not a huge fan of the scent -  which is the same as the In Shower Body Moisturiser - but thankfully it quickly fades off. Im glad Nivea has added at least SPF15 as other items in my routine contain SPF so offer some added protection.   I wish I'd had this product 20 years ago - my neck and chest area would not have been as neglected . I would recommend this product to anyone 30+ as an affordable daily anti-age cream .  I believe the range includes a night cream and also an eye cream .
First of all thank you beauty crew for giving me the opportunity to review this product. I have always loved Nivea products and this one is certainly no exception....easy to apply.....doesn't leave a greasy or heavy feel on the skin.....pleasant odour and best of all .... Left my skin feeling soft all dry skin just soft and beautifully hydrated.  I will purchase this in future and did also stretch it as far as my neck and decalotage....ladies get out there and buy this fab Nivea won't be disappointed....and to me the Nivea signature scent is just that little extra fresh bonus!
I really haven't used any Nivea products before, but i can say i did enjoy using this day cream. you do not need to use a large amount as it absorbs well and has no greasy after feel. I wasn't in love with the fragrance but didn't notice or smell it once it was applied onto my face. love the SPF factor and consistency of the lotion. the design of the jar means you have to be careful not to tip it as it was quite full when i opened it for the first time. i would have to use the product for much longer to comment on the reduction of lines and wrinkles. I definately will continue with the product to see what affect it has over a longer period of time. my skin feels lovely, hydrated and smooth.
WOW!!! Amazing product! I really LOVE everything about this product - the smell and the texture. My skin feels soo lovely and smooth. I will definitely recomend this product. Its Great value for money!
It was great that this product had an SPF factor. The light scent was pleasant and the thick consistency was not an issue as it quickly absorbed into my skin leaving my face feeling hydrated but not oily. I have enjoyed using the cream but with my skin type I feel I need something that lasts all day.
I am extremely particular about what products I put onto my skin, and especially choosy about what goes on my face. Through the years my experience has been that to get very good results one has to pay a very high price. The Cellular Anti-Age Day Cream by Nivea puts paid to that story. It is a very affordable product and I have received very good results with it. I have been using it with a freshening and moisturising toner from another brand, and the two together have kept my skin beautifully hydrated, smooth and dewy. My make up stays on all day, and even though I have spent some time in the sun, I have noticed no reddening or peeling of the skin. It applies with a satin smooth feel, and gets absorbed into the skin fairly quickly. When I clean off my makeup at the end of the day, the moisturising effect lingers, and my skin feels soft. This is also unusual with budget priced products. At between the $25 and $30 mark it is not as cheap as some other products, but still affordable and gives much better results, for me, than other products that are in the same price  range. The tell tale Nivea smell is quite soft, and does not overpower. All in all, I would buy this product, .
While I loved that it had a SPF 15 rating, I didn't love the product. It wasa bit thick and didn't like the feel of it on my skin when applying. Not wrapped with the fragrance either. While I use and love many Nivea products, I probably won't purchase this one
This is a beautifully presented cream that feels very high end with simple packaging and a rich, creamy texture that feels amazingly plumping and hydrating on the skin. It has a pleasant scent, but unlike other Nivea products I've tried, rather than the understated subtlety I'm used to, I find this to be a little too strong and even irritating at times when I'm having sensitive days.  I have extremely dry skin and had been using a facial oil and moisturiser combined to meet my needs, so trying this cream without my facial oil took some getting used to. Unfortunately, I have to say it didn't always work for me. Yes, this cream is very rich and feels wonderful on my skin and without makeup my skin looks plump and fresh and stays that way. But when it came to applying makeup, it wasn't quite enough to hold up without breakthrough dryness especially in my most problematic areas. So I found myself going back to my facial oil for those areas albeit to a significantly lesser extent than before, but my results with this combination are fantastic. Used this way, there's no breakthrough dryness. Could not be happier with the results. I do think I'm an extreme case, though, and I think this cream would suit most dry skin needs without extra help. (Note: My makeup is suited to dry skin after much trial and error.) As for any changes in my skin, I think it's probably too soon to tell. Certainly there's no change to the fine lines around my eye area as yet, although the eye cream in this range would likely better target this area. The rest of my skin is looking really good, though, very fresh and dewy, and even though the cream is quite buttery, it absorbs very well and doesn't leave me feeling greasy or cause my sensitive skin any issues whatsoever. I have been trying this on my hands even though this isn't a hand cream, but my hands are quite weathered and wrinkly, and I really wanted to see what this cream could do. Well WOW! I wish I had taken some before and after pictures. My hands are now baby soft and all my lines are smoothed out so that it looks as if years have melted away. If this is what this cream can do for my hands in a matter of days, then I feel pretty good about using it on my face to help slow the clock down.  I love the texture and the feel of my skin, and used as described above it provides a flawless base for my makeup, so I'll happily keep using it until the jar is empty. My only concerns are if I can adjust to the scent, and I also wish the SPF was higher.  I'm really surprised it's not.
This moisturiser feels lovely on and wears under makeup nicely. It has a thick consistency and you need less than you think to feel hydrated and nourished.   The product has a SPF 15 which is great ,especially if you  are layering products. This product also contains hyaluronic acid which is a must for dry and dehydrated skin.   Jar style packaging and the strong fragrance are the let down for me. Unfortunately while I can live with the packaging the scent is quite strong and  it does linger.  Overall if the packaging and scent are not an issue for you then you have really nice affordable moisturiser. 
I have now be using the ‘Nivea Cellular Day Cream’ for 14days straight. I have been applying it to my skin every morning after I cleanseand tone my face.   The first time I applied the cream I noticed it was not oilyand was absorbed into my skin. It does not leave an oily residue behind. So Idon’t have to wait for it to be absorbed into my skin to apply my makeup. WhenI first used it reminded me of the original Nivea (the blue packaging).   I was wearing it  in tropical weather (Singapore) andfound it kept my skin smooth and soft throughout the day. I also noticed thatmy skin was not drying up as much as it normally does in the hotter climate.   I have noticed a slight improvement in my skin tone.   During the day when touching my face I notice its allotsmoother.   I will continue to using it, until I finish the product.  
light pleasurable scent....product absorbs nicely into skin, leaving you feeling smooth and oily residue...comfortable under makeup.
I found this to be a lovely moisturizer, the texture thick and creamy in the container but light weight after application. It suited my more mature skin, leaving it well nourished, soft, velvety and plump which I think helped to reduce the the look of the deeper wrinkles around my mouth area, without leaving an oily residue. The light floral scent makes it very pleasant to use and even though it feels quite thick when applying, it smoothes into a thin base that is quickly absorbed aiding in the application of foundation. I would purchase this product again and recommend  it to anyone who likes to use a thicker cream without the weighty feel. Nice product Nivea.
I started using this the week after I got back from the snow, and I was a bit windburnt. I loved the feel of it on my skin - it didn't sting and it felt sooo nice and rich.  My skin sometimes feels dry after using moisturisers but not this one. I really loved how my skin felt afterwards - even if I had several showers a day, which I sometimes do when I am training.  My skin even felt good using this after swimming in a chlorine pool.  But it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I liked the fragrance - very light but reminded me of when my aunty used to use it when we were kids. I am really happy with it and would definitely buy it.
Soft, light and easy to apply, however I didn't feel that it gave me all day moisture. I have sensitive skin that can become dry in air conditioned environments and this cream, though lovely, didn't give me the feeling my skin was soft and moisturised right across the day. Gives good coverage when applied, smooths on easily, no sensitive reactions, and pleasant scent. I have used Nivea before across their range, and always good. This one wasn't a highlight for me.
Having sensitive skin I am always nervous about facial products but this one is a winner. Love the fragrance and it easily absorbed into my skin without any stinging or irritation. I found my skin was really hydrated with a mild balm like layer and it provided an excellent base for makeup application. Definitely would recommend it.