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NIVEA Creme is an intensive moisturiser for every skin type, including children. The rich and intensive moisturiser is for face, hand and body, and used whenever your skin needs rich and mild care. The creme contains lanolin, pathenol and glycerine to intensely moisturise and soothe, smooth and soften dry skin. Preservative free. 

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There is no doubt that this is an Iconic product.  I'm not sure exactly how old this product is, but I know it's over 100, which is really saying something.  If it wasn't fantastic there is no way it would have lasted on the market for as long as it has.  The classic blue container with the thick white cream with that Iconic scent.  This cream is super cheap and has so many uses.  You can use this on your face, and I find it's a wonderful Night Cream. It is lovely as  Body Moisturiser, hand cream, foot cream, lip balm, and you can also use this like a cream cleanser where you apply some to the skin and then gently wipe off with a tissue. It's like several products in one and all at a super low price.  You simply can't go wrong.
No  matter what I always have a jar of this amazing cream all the time in my cupboard and although I need to change from time to time- I always know that this is going to work. The nivea cream comes in a round tub / silver container and the cream is white and creamy. The cream is quite thick - and has that traditional beautiful nivea floral smell. I love this for extra dry areas and for winter- and I warm the cream up in my hands and it applies smoothly and softly over my body. I tend not to really need this product everywhere but I find it perfect for elbows, knees and extra dry areas. I love the way it leaves my skin- soft smooth and rich! This cream seems to maintain moisture levels after use and skin is super hydrated for days after (that said my skin inst overly dry). Always always seem to have a tub/ jar of this in my cupboard and couldn't live without it!
This is an oldie but a goodie. A basic moisturiser that has stood the test of time thanks to its multitude of uses. I definitely don't use this as much as I used to, because I have found better alternatives for various skin issues that used to be solved by Nivea Creme, but I still like to have a tin of it lying around. At one point in my adolescence, I used it as a facial moisturiser before I realised it's way too heavy and scented for my face. I do think it would make a good facial cream for those with dry skin. These days, though, I use it when I need an intensive, repairing cream for my dry elbows and knees or rough feet. This always works a treat for those dry patches - a warm shower, followed by this cream and socks or gloves or anything to protect the area, and wake up with much softer skin. It is heavily fragranced, though, so it probably won't be suitable for sensitive skin.
Nivea does great body products, and this creme is no exception! I get really dry skin and I get eczema in the winter, but this cream nourishes my skin and leaves me feeling moisturised. It's a thick product so I have to warm it up in my hands first but it spreads nicely. I leave it to soak in for a few minutes and it doesn't have a greasy residue which is good. Smells a bit like talcum powder and lavender, but it's subtle so suitable for sensitive skin and noses.
This cream covers all bases in one bottle. I use it as a facial moisturiser, lip balm, hand cream, and body moisturiser. It will suit any application that you need it for, it has Nivea's classic smell, which is perfectly gender neutral, and is a thick consistency without being heavy on the skin, or greasy. I have a few different sizes of this product, a small tin for my handbag and a bigger bottle for my bathroom drawer, its good for anytime and any occasion. Giving it 5 stars for being four different products in one, at a very reasonable price point.
My grandma used this nivea moisturising cream every day and her skin was buttery soft, dewy and bright. The smell of the nivea moisturiser makes me really nostalgic and I remember when the jar used to be made of metal. I quite like the texture of the cream myself but don't find that it absorbs completely, but I will use this of an evening when my skin is feeling a little dry from maybe too much sun, wind or air con and find that my skin is bright and plump in the morning, but not so great when my skin is feeling fine and bouncy as this can be a little heavy. They don't keep making products for this long unless they're good. Its a bathroom staple for me.
My mom first gave me a tin of this to bring with me on my exchange abroad. I was 15, it was my first overseas trip alone, and I was going to be spending a month of winter in one of the coldest parts of Japan. With the intense cold drying out my skin and causing windburn, she certainly knew what I needed! And I've been a fan of this product ever since! Worth for your money and reliability - these are the reasons why this is such a cult classic! This has saved my skin from the worst flaking episodes caused by intense weather conditions. What I love most about it is that I am able to use to it in all parts of my body that need intense hydration, including my face, without any breakouts or irritation. Whenever I need to recover, I use it both at morning and night, but once a day goes a long way with this one. It is rich and creamy, and has a clean, crisp, but not overpowering scent to it. Its consistency is a bit thicker than other moisturizers, but it does not leave any greasy feeling after application. in fact, the skin immediately feels softer and smoother, with an almost powder-y feel to it. It also cools the skin! I love this product so much that if I get stranded on a deserted island and I can only bring three skin products, without a doubt this would definitely be one of them! 
I so love it using Nivea Creme as my everyday moisturiser. It really suit my skin type, my skin is not dry and oily. Looking fresh the whole day and the best thing i like this product is my skin glow. I even recommend Nivea Creme to my hubby. It's really good for the skin and not only that, its very affordable.
An oldie but a goodie. Such a classic product, a few years back everyone had it. To moisturise your face, legs, elbows, etc. I love the the fragrance, once you open up the jar you can smell the iconic Nivea scent. My grandma gave me my first jar, she used to use it all the time and she would never replace it for anything else. When my skin is extra dry, especially when the winter comes, this is the moisturizer I grab for. It's super thick, so I only use it in night time and just a thin layer on any dry patches in the morning. My skin is acne-prone, dry in the T zone and combination in the cheeks.  It doesn't break me out, although it's super thick, and I usually break out very easily, especially from moisturisers. It does a kick ass job for such a low price tag. The more expensive moisturisers I tried before didn't even do half the job this moisturizer does. The packaging is super comfy to travel with and one jar lasts me for at least 4 months! You only need a pea size amount to cover your entire face.When I apply it I usually wait a couple of seconds and then work it into my skin, so it will really absorb and get all of the moisture. Your face isn't the only part the Nivea Creme is useful for, from scratches to dry elbows, you can use it everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE. This will moisturise anything. If you are searching for a good, classic and affordable moisturizer this is the one!
I have naturally dry skin so depending on what the climate is like sometimes my skin is okay and other times I get patches of really dry, itchy skin. When my skin was getting really bad I decided  to give Nivea Crème a try because it looks like a luxurious and thick cream. The cream is very thick and because of this I find that it moisturises very well. But this does also mean it's not the easiest body moisturiser to rub in so you do have to work it in a little. It comes in a tin and by just applying it to my dry patches I find it lasts a long time. It is formulated to be used on the whole body, face and hands but I feel like it's a bit too thick for regular use on the face. I have also used it on small outbreaks of eczema and it seems to help ease the itchiness. I like this cream mainly for winter because of it's thickness, it's a bit too thick to use regularly in summer unless you need a lot of hydration. Overall this is a nice moisturiser for when your skin needs some thicker moisturisation.
This has got to be, hands down, the most versatile moisturising cream in existence! Dry flaky skin in the winters? Nivea creme. Been burnt to a crisp by that scorching summer sun? Nivea creme. I use it on dry elbows, my hands, arms, legs, face and even lips! (I know using moisturiser on your lips tends to leave you with a weird taste in your mouth, but a light little touch of this rubbed into your lips and it soaks right up!) Having one single product that I can use on absolutely every available surface of my body deserves the biggest of thumbs up! And even though I use this every single day on every single thing, it lasts for ages! One 200mL pot of creme usually lasts me about 3 or 4 months because it's so thick and creamy, so you don't have to lather on much at a time. I tend to use an almond-sized blob of it for each arm and each leg. And for that price, I reckon that is the definition of affordable! I really love how comforting the smell is, too. It's not overpowering in any way, so you won't be a hurricane of confusing smells as you're walking down the street if you wear perfume. This is a huge bonus for me because I always wear a signature scent that I wouldn't want being overshadowed by my moisturiser. But if I'm feeling a bit more lax and don't want to put on perfume, even just the creme by itself makes you feel and smell all cosy. To top it all off, the neat little pot fits nicely in my handbag so you'll never catch me without it!
I have been using NIVEA Crème since I was a child and that is probably why I use a lot of NIVEA products.  This product was recommended to my Mum by a Dermatologist to use on my grazes to stop scarring and reduce itchiness.  Nowadays I use it on my elbows, knees, feet and lips (in winter) to counteract dry skin.    It has an extremely thick texture and provides intensive moisture.   Because it doesn’t have an overpowering scent, it won’t clash with your favourite perfume.    The pot is small enough to keep in your handbag and handy for travelling to moisturise your whole body.    Love it!
What a classic moisturiser. I always seem to have a jar of this in the house. Lately I really love it for my feet. I put a good layer of it on my dry heels before putting some socks on at bedtime. It eventually soaks in and leaves my feet much softer. If you've never used this before - it's very thick. It's almost balm-like. And it has this fragrance which can only be described as "Nivea". You can use it on body or face but I find it too heavy for my face. I can see drier skin types loving this though. It's so thick that it comes in a jar only. If you find Nivea Creme too thick or you just hate jars, look for its lighter, sister product: Nivea Soft, which comes in a tube as well as a jar.
This, by far, has to be the most affordable, thickest and hydrating moisturizer out there. It feels like your putting on a coat that is there to protect your skin from the elements and harsh pollution out there. It smells so clean like freshly washed linen and a little goes a long way. Such a great little number for under $10 and you can pick it up while your grabbing milk at the supermarket, too easy.
My grandma would put Nivea creme on me and my sister when we were little, she gave me my first jar of Nivea creme when I was 12, I still use it today and I always get great comments on how my skin looks
The first memory of that cream is me as a child all wrapped up in jackets, scarves and beanies and Nivea being rubbed into my face in winter before I went outside to protect my face from freezing cold. ( I come from Europe).  I hated that feeling as a kid.  But I came to love Nivea crème. Now Nivea is present in my life and has always been there through my mum who swears by it. She always has it and carries it with her. She mainly uses it as a hand cream –the result- the softest skin on hands I’ve ever touched. She also uses it for her lips. I love the scent of Nivea cream and use it as a body cream when my skin is ultra dry. Some claim that Nivea it’s like Crème de la Mer and well,maybe there is something to it. I do use it as a hydrating mask when my skin begs for some hydration and protection. It’s multipurpose, great for the whole family.  Even my grandfather used it after shaving, never had a pimple on his face! The characteristic scent reminds me of my childhood and home. Too often forgotten, that cream is a classic!
When I think of Nivea the first thing that comes to mind is the classic cream.  I have been using this for years and years and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! It is a rich emollient that nourishes and hydrates the body.  The best part is that it can be used for everywhere.  You no longer need a different cream for every appendage.  It has a thick and creamy texture without the greasiness or heaviness to go along with it.  Only a small amount is needed so it is very economical. It has that classic Nivea scent which I love while providing all day hydration.  It comes in a tub which makes it perfect for carrying in my handbag or in my suitcase when I'm travelling.
This is a classic skincare cream for our household. It has the beautiful distinct Nivea fragrance, which makes it a pleasure to use. I use this cream after bath to soften and keep my skin nourished. It is perfect as a daily moisturiser and sinks into my skin without being greasy or oily. It is not irritating and keeps my skin looking healthy and feeling soft. It works well enough, that even if I forget to apply it one day, my skin remains soft and looks good. I love using this as an intense night treatment for my hands and feet. For my feet, at night, I apply a thick layer of this cream, then slip on soft comfy cotton socks and I wake up with soft healthy feeling feet. Wonderful product, highly recommended!