NIVEA Daily Essentials 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub

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NIVEA Daily Essentials 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub is a face wash and scrub in one for combination and oily skin. It deeply cleanses and refines pores with purifying micro scrubs to reduce and prevent impurities and excess oil. The formula is enriched with ocean algae and Hydra IQ to vitalise the skin and help prevent shine whilst respecting skin's own moisture balance. Skin is left deeply cleansed and mattified, looking healthy and radiant. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


NIVEA Daily Essentials 2-in-1 Wash & Scrub


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This product is always available in the stores and is an ok product, but I would not be using it as my main exfoliating scrub. It does a good enough job but I do not think that it leaves your skin totally clean. The fine particles in it are nice and it is mild and does not leave your skin irritated at all which is a bonus. It just does not give as deep a clean as I would expect or like from a Nivea product.
Normally I don't go for two in one items because they just don't do the job properly but I make an acception for Nivea's wash as me scrub. It's smells so refreshing and clean and when I apply to my face it isn't too harsh but gives my skin that glowing clean it needs.I usually use this after a long day when I can't be bothered grabbing a wash and a scrub seperately so instead I can use this quickly before bed. I do recommend this for anyone who is looking for something can can cleanse their skin well, suits most skin types. Definitely check the ingredients before you use but you won't be disappointed.
For those of us that are time poor (and sometimes bank balance poor) this is a BRILLIANT product from Nivea. It is a great combination product Wash and Scrub... For a quick/light clean I just wash lightly over my face.. 20-30 seconds is enough. But after a full day of makeup I find a longer and sometimes multiple scrub is perfect to leave my skin feeling hydrated and clean.  Makeup removed and it doesn't irritate any blemishes I might have.   The fragrance is lovely and subtle and I would absolutely recommend you give it a try.
Fresh, bright and clean. All things I want my face to look after using a cleanser or exfoliator and all things I had after using this Nivea 2-in-1 scrub. I really liked this product and found that it suited my skin very well. I have a normal complexion but tend towards sensitive skin, particularly with skin care products. I find that if they are too harsh I will become red and can in some cases start to break out. I had none of these issues after prolonged use of this scrub. The product itself is gel based which means application is smooth and gentle leaving no grease or oil on your skin as other products may. The microbeads in the product are gentle so are not rough on your skin, but it does still feel like you are exfoliating. What is also great is that it doesn't leave any residue when washing it off. One tip though would be to remove it with warm water and perhaps a warm washcloth to ensure no film is left on the skin. I find that when using this product as an exfoliating scrub, by adding water, that it really does a great job of removing dead and flaking skin off my face, leaving it smooth and bright. I tend to use it for this purpose a couple of times a week as I don't like to over exfoliate my skin, but I use this daily as a cleanser. It seems to do a good job of removing dirt and grime from my face, so it feels clean and fresh every day.   I have found that this doesn't leave my face feeling dry, so it may not be the best for oily skin as I don't think it would be great at absorbing the oils from your face. Also, this product does have a scent, not too strong and more pleasant than not, but nevertheless worth mentioning in case such things aren't for you. Overall though, I have to say that this is a great find and for the price it's a bargain. My face is bright, hydrated and cleansed and I will continue to use this product. I definitely recommend giving this a try, especially for people with a similar skin type, normal to combination. It is absolutely worth it.
This scrub is great for daily use and is gentle and effective. The fragrance is mild and fresh, and almost unnoticeable. It leaves my skin soft and clean and my blemishes seem less noticeable after use. I use this as a daily scrub and haven't had any drying or tight feeling afterwards. I recommend it for those with normal or combination skin.