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NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water is a gentle micellar water designed for sensitive skin that cleanses skin, removing any trace of makeup, dirt and impurities. The formula is enriched with grape seed oil and dexpanthenol, both of which work to reduce tightness and dryness after cleansing, leaving skin soothed and smooth. Paraben, colours and perfume free.


NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water


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Sensitive Caring Micellar Water

This product is great value for money - you get a lot of product and it lasts for a long time. I have sensitive skin and so need to be careful what products I apply to my delicate eye area: this product is advertised for sensitive skin, and I found that it was non-irritating which is always a big plus point for me. The micellar water had no obvious fragrance and was clear on application to the cotton pad. I used to remove make-up, and was disappointed to find that it took quite some time and repeat use to get it all off. As a result, this wasn't really for me and I'd be unlikely to buy again,

Game changer!

NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water is the first Micellar water that I have actually loved. I tried another brand when it first hit the market and I was unimpressed. I recently started using 3 in 1 again and I am loving it! I have noticed that my skin has looked brighter since I have been using it and it definitely removes all traces of my makeup.....winner!

Gentle and effective except on stubborn make-up

I've alternated between this sensitive micellar water and the normal skin version for the past few years. My review is similar for this - it is a convenient product that cleanses your skin and removes light to medium make-up when used with a cotton pad. It doesn't irritate, or have a strong smell, isn't drying and just leaves skin clean and fresh. Compared with the normal version, this is perhaps even gentler. Micellar waters are just so handy for a quick clean in the middle of the day without having to go through a full wet wash at the basin. This one can also be used at the end of the day to remove make-up, and it works reasonably well except for the most stubborn eye make-up. Overall, a really good product and truly affordable. The reason I'm not giving it full 4 stars is because it doesn't remove stubborn make-up as easily as some other products.
This Micellar Water is as its name suggests is perfect for sensitive skin.  I've used it on my eye area to remove eye shadow, and I've had no reactions to it at all. It's great to use instead of a toner as well, just use it on your your skin to make sure all traces of makeup and cleanser are removed. I find that  400 ml bottle will last for several months and I'm using it twice a day. I like that it comes in a clear bottle so that I can easily see how much I have left at a glance. 
Pros: price Cons: doesn't remove all makeup This product worked well for the foundation on my skin and didn't leave a greasy feel but couldn't take off my mascara. I found i was using so many cotton pads that it became wasteful and now instead I use it as a pre-cleanse in the shower. It would work well as an alternative to cleansing if you weren't wearing any makeup but otherwise there are better ones available for a similar price
I am a huge fan of micellar waters!! I have used a range of brands and types over the years and they have been an essential part of my skincare routine. Nivea's Gentle Caring Micellar water is a top product which effectively cleans my skin, removes my makeup and moisturises my skin to eliminate any tightness and dryness. It does a great job without causing any redness or irritation. I don't have sensitive skin but I do have dry areas on my face which can become more dry if I use harsh cleansers and I also experience tightness. Since using this micellar water, my skin does not feel tight at all and my dry areas look a lot more moisturised. My makeup is removed so well. I'm especially impressed with how easy it is to remove my eye makeup and lipstick - which is usually a pain to remove. Another plus is that there is no rubbing required when removing my makeup. It's as simple as a couple of wipes over my face. This is a an effective, yet gentle cleansing water which removes all traces of makeup, dirt and grime without stripping my skin of its natural oils. If anything, my skin feels more moisturised and I don't feel the need to slather more moisturiser on. This product gets a 5 stars from me! Very impressed with how well it performs.
If you have sensitive skin and are always scared when switching up your micellar water, then this product is for you. This is gentle solution to removing your makeup, including mascara, at the end of the day. I find that this removes everything perfectly from the skin and leaves your face feeling fresh. I usually put a little bit of the product onto a cotton pad and rub it over my face. For eye makeup, I press the wet cotton pad onto my eyes and let it sit for a little while, before gently wiping away the eyeliner or mascara. This reduces the amount of tugging you have to do around the eye area - which should try to be avoided because of how delicate the skin is! I like to always continue with my normal night skin-care routine after using this product, so I always end up washing my face after using the product to make sure my skin is completely clean. The best thing about this product is that my skin or eyes have never become irritated with this product, even if I accidentally get some of it in my eyes. Definitely will keep repurchasing it in future!
A simple and effective micellar water that cleanses without having to rub on your skin. It even gets rid of most makeup, though an eye makeup remover might be needed for waterproof mascara or eyeliner etc. I use it as a first step in cleansing or when I don't have time as it's easy, gentle and non-drying. Plus it's very affordable too!
I was at the supermarket needing a makeup remover, so instead of buying a separate eye makeup remover and a cleanser I bought NIVEA Daily Essentials Micellar Cleansing Water.   It comes in a generous 200 ml's bottle and the bottle itself is see through so you always know how much you have left.  The water is clear and very light in texture with a pleasant and fresh smell. To use, open the bottle (which is an easy to open flip top) and squeeze out the water onto a cotton pad.  Then wipe gently with sweeping motions, over your face, the makeup will come off literally before your eyes.  This water will remove all types of makeup from foundation, mascara, lipsticks and eye shadows and eyeliners.  You don't need to drag or wipe harshly, the makeup is removed as soon as the liquid touches the skin.   The product is incredibly gentle and will not sting (many eye makeup removers do sting my eyes) or make your skin dry or irritated.  Instead, your skin will feel soft, cleansed, really fresh and smooth. The product cleanses incredibly well and will remove all types of makeup, no matter how much you may have on.  If you have a lot of makeup on you may need to use 2 cotton pads to ensure you remove all the makeup.    Your skin is now ready for your skincare routine, and will feel really soft, hydrated, refreshed and smooth.    This water is so fast to use, you will now have no excuses to not cleanse at night!   You don't need water or a basin, so you can cleanse your face anywhere, even in bed!!! PRO's Excellent value, and it will last you ages. Fast to use, you will be amazed at how much makeup comes off with each wipe. Skin will be thoroughly cleansed and feel refreshed and hydrated. Can be used anywhere because no basin or water is required. No stinging involved, especially the eyes which can be very sensitive. CON's Absolutely none, I mean if you are tired, you can even do this step in bed with no mess made at all I recommend this cleansing water to anyone who wants to cleanse thoroughly and fast, with no residue left behind, simply clean skin that feels refreshed, revitalised and hydrated.
This micellar water is now the first part of my night skin care routine every night with or without makeup that day before I wash my face with my face wash. I really like this micellar water because I feel very clean and smooth on my face afterwards and it does not feel like chemically at all. It also does not irritate my eyes when I try to rub it on my eyes which is a good news. Although I do not have a sensitive skin, I still like it very much and I do not think it is only for sensitive skin. I would recommend my friends and family to try this and especially the ones who has sensitive skin.
I received this Micellar water as part of a prize pack from Beauty Crew.  I usually use a Micellar water nightly to remove my makeup before cleansing but hadn't tried the Nivea one yet. The micellar water has a very light scent, and is clear in colour. I pour a 20 cent piece size out onto a round cotton pad and hold it on my eyes for a few seconds before wiping away. I only ever need one cotton pad per eye and it removes everything without the need for rubbing which is very important due to the delicate skin there. I also then use the pad to wipe over foundation that sits along my hairline that I always miss with my nightly cleanse. The thing I was most impressed with, with this micellar water was that it did not sting my eyes. I have VERY sensitive eyes and hadn't found a makeup remover so far that didn't sting them, especially when with other products I've needed to rub the product on my eyes to get any result. I have been using this Micellar water for a month now and still have plenty left due to the little amount you really only need. The Nivea micellar water removes my waterproof mascara, eyebrow gel and powder, eye shadow and my long lasting foundation all with ease and without any nasty side effects. I am so happy to have discovered this product and will definitely purchase when this bottle runs out.
I received a bottle of Nivea Micellar Water in one of The Parcels. My go to make up remover is a micellar water and I like trying out new ones, although I generally stick to Garnier as I found it best so far on the Australian market. What I want from a micellar water is to be effective and gentle. I wear contact lenses daily and I want no eye irritation or redness as any of those make it very uncomfortable to wear the contacts ( and without them I am blind). Nivea Micellar Water for sensitive skin is just like that. Gentle enough for sensitive eyes, and yet it is potent at removing any traces of make up. It' s enough to soak up a cotton pad, place it at the eye and after a few seconds we can wipe any make up away. The skin feels clean and fresh. The bottle is very handy too, the price is quite bearable and in my opinion Nivea can easily compete with Garnier. I am very happy with this product. It shows one more time that we can trust Nivea skincare. I can't fault this product.
As far as Micellar waters and I are concerned, the more, the merrier! So, I was thrilled to see this water from Nivea on the market. Al I do is soak a cotton pad onto this clear water and use it to gently and effectively cleanse and refresh my face. It feels cool and refreshing to use and seems to keep my pores clean without any irritation or redness. I use a separate eye make up remover designed especially for that, otherwise this removes all of my daily make up. I recommend this soothing and refreshing Micellar water for anyone who wants to freshen and clean their skin without irritation or tightness. Works well enough for daily use!
I have used other micellar waters before and they have left my skin irritated and dry. This micellar water was different; my skin felt hydrated, nourished and had no irritation at all. It's so nice to use at the end of the day to remove all makeup. It's very effective at removing makeup, including eye makeup, which is good because I don't have to rub and pull at my skin. I also appreciate the fact that it has a barely noticeable, light scent. I will definitely be repurchasing!
So great for a fresh feeling. I use it after taking my makeup off to remove the excess and it does a fantastic job. Thankfully it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry like most toners do, but does the same job! 5/5
Nivea has never let me down! So when I saw this in the shop, I just had to have it. for the cheap price of $9.97 this water does wonders.  This Micellar water has a light refreshing smell which is not over powering. I have sensitive dry skin around my eyes and most micellar waters irritate my eyes. But safe to say Nivea's micellar water left my dry skin smooth and feeling hydrated. Applying with a cotton pad, a couple of drops,  the product removed my makeup after 5 swipes (I do wear medium - heavy coverage makeup). Another thing I love about this product is that it's free from all nasty chemicals and doesn't leave a scent on my face. I do recommend this particular Micellar water to everyone even if you do not wear makeup. The micellar water does also work for getting dirt and what every else is in your pores out. I will definitely be repurchasing! 
This is a simple, gentle and affordable cleanser. The positives - It is free from many nasty chemicals and doesnt irritate sensitive  skin It is a great price It leaves skin soft and clean. Is gentle around eyes Removes daily grime  The negatives Still make up residue left on my face when I  used a toner (and I use minimal make up!) Feels a bit strange for me to not use water. I really do prefer a traditional face cleanse with a facial wash and water! I'd  recommend  this as a morning  cleanser however. Its gentle and leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated for your sunscreen,makeup etc. I wouldn't use for night especially  if needing  makeup removal as it isnt effective  for that even after using a few makeup pads soaked in it.
This product is definitely worth it for the price.  It's well cheaper than other options and works amazingly.  Eye makeup comes off super easily and you only need to use a tiny amount.  I was given this and didn't assume much at first, but it's now my go to remover.
Provides a refreshing cleanse without leaving skin with a residue, so a good product to use.
This micellar water was a great price so I picked one up thinking it would be a great find however I found that this really didn't work for my skin. I do have sensitive skin when it comes to skin care products so I thought this would be great for me. The product itself is very light and there is barely a scent which is great as this is marketed for sensitive skin and many people have problems with fragrances in products. It does remove my face makeup which is a good thing,  however, when I go to remove my eye makeup I find that this product really stings my skin around that area. It becomes red and sore and very sensitive to the touch. I have never had this problem with any micellar water before, especially one which was marketed towards sensitive skin. I also found that after usage my skin would feel quite dry from the product and I would have to moisturise immediately afterwards.  Though my skin was clean after using this, it really didn't work for my face and I don't truly think this can be for sensitive skin. I would not be able to recommend this product due to my experiences with it and would instead try another, I personally prefer the Garnier micellar water instead.
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Replying to Georgina B.From NIVEA: Hi Georgina B, Thanks for your honest review about your experience with this product. We know everyone’s skin is different and as such we can have certain sensitivities to ingredients. The product is free of fragrance and UV filters which are common causes of skin reactions, however still contains a preservative. While we can’t say for sure exactly the ingredient that has caused your negative experience, this can narrow it down. The way to find out for sure is to seek some advice from a dermatologist or complete some patch testing. Hope this helps. Thanks again for your feedback it is greatly appreciated.