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NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion is a moisturising in-shower conditioner for dry skin. The lotion is to be applied under the shower and is activated by water. immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving a nourishing and caring coating on the skin’s surface to give skin the moisture it needs. The formula contains shea butter to provide moisturisation for up to 24 hours, and is lightly scented with vanilla, precious white musk and sandalwood leaves. 


NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion


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I used this Nivea In-Shower body lotion and I would definitely not purchase again due to inconvenience. It has a clever marketing and it is supposed to be used in the shower to save time.  The idea is that the lotion can be applied immediately after shower and to be rinsed off.  I applied it and I found that it leaves a sticky film on my body (which was fine because it's supposed to be a leave-on), but the major problem is that it also sticks to the bathroom floor which makes the area slippery and quite dangerous.  when I read the packaging carefully the fine prints recommended that the shower area be wiped down after use to avoid slipping- huh? WHAT?  If I can afford the time to wipe down the whole shower after using the product, I would have the time to apply body lotion out of the shower. Overall, very unimpressed and not a happy customer.
Having tried the other variants of this product,i felt it time to give this baby a whirl. As we see the end of winter (and the winter bod that goes with it),we start to think about getting "poolside ready"...and that means prepping your skin for show.Nivea is a great brand to help with that,and always forefront when it comes to new ways to love the skin your in...and this is a must use for time poor anyone. NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion is a moisturising in-shower conditioner(not unlike a conditioner for your hair) that you apply liberally (OK,i DRENCH myself in this stuff) all over your freshly cleansed,still wet body and leave for a few moments,after which you rinse the rich,thick,lush feeling cream away (don't worry,it rinses quickly),leaving you with supremely soft,delectably touchable skin that is scented with a mix of that unmistakable Nivea scent and a slight creamy / fresh floral base.The huge 400ml bottle will last you for ages (although for me,it can be gone within a fortnight haha),as will the silky feeling you get after using this (thanks to the extremely lush shea butter addition.The claimed moisturisation benefits of up to 24 hours did seem to be accurate...i felt soft and touchable for the entire day.Would i get this again ? You bet,and at under $8 for that huge 400ml,i feel no shame in drenching myself in it (and nice little side benefit...i am performing time management miracles by moisturising my body WHILST i am deep conditioning my hair). TIP:Apply this conditioner PRIOR to using your faux will get a beautiful,smooth application,less "grab" on those drier areas AND a softer feel (just make sure you have rinsed the conditioner off well before you tan).
While I know it's best to apply body moisturisers daily, in practice I find it time-consuming & I often slack off a bit. So I love the innovation of Nivea's In-Shower skin conditioners & have tried all of the products in the range. This one is a favourite. It has that lovely Nivea scent & is a creamy, very pleasant texture. The bottle is a generous 400mls size for well under $10, so great value for money. I find it easy to remember to use & I apply it after my body wash/scrub. It goes on easily & feels delightful to use - very silky & creamy. It then rinses off easily, leaving my skin feeling softer, moisturised & in great condition. I especially love using this in the warmer weather, it's much easier then to moisturise in the shower than out of it, especially on hot,humid days when regular lotions are often sweat off as soon as I apply them.  Much better to apply a lotion while cool and comfortable in the shower. I cannot recommend this enough, it's brilliant. A true 5 star product.
This is an unique concept which I expected would nourish my skin and save me time too, and it did.  I apply it like a lotion in the shower, and I don't rinse off, and my skin feels soft and moisturised. It has a beautiful and mild Shea butter scent, which lingers for a few relaxing minutes after the shower on my skin.  This is a great way to save time and energy and avoid applying any body lotion after my shower. I recommend this for anyone who wants a soothing and softly scented lotion which keeps my skin feeling dewy all day long.  Tip: It can get slippery in the shower, so make sure you rinse the shower well after use. 
I am addicted to NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion and I have used that many bottles that I have lost count.I would say that on average a bottle lasts me 3 weeks so it is terrific value and a time saver.  I was moisturising after every shower because my skin feels dry and tight, it seriously drives me nuts! I would be rushing to slap it on as fast as I could and end up cream on my clothes. Using an in-shower lotion means that I can hog the shower for longer and moisturise(sooo good in winter!). I have sensitive skin and hay fever so I need something that has a very mild fragrance or I can't wear it . Nivea in-shower smooth lotion is amazing , it moisturises leaving your skin feeling silky , has a pleasant mild scent and I don't have to get out of the shower and moisturise. It's a winner and I will keep buying it .
NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion not only does it feel irresistibly silky on my skin, but the scent of shea butter is like having a mini-vacation every time I take a shower.    I can’t get enough of it.  I’m on my 5th bottle.  I just flip the lid and use about a 20 cent piece worth of product on my loofah so I get spa-like treatment every time I use it.    NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion is also my go-to cure all:   ·      If I’m feeling DOWN, I jump in the shower & use my NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion ·      If I have a HEADACHE, I jump in the shower & use my NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion ·      If I want to CELEBRATE, I jump in the shower & use my NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion   There’s always an occasion to use NIVEA In-Shower Smooth Body Lotion.  Top marks NIVEA!