NIVEA Lip Care Peach

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NIVEA Lip Care Peach is a lip balm with a fruity peach scent. The formula contains Hydra IQ for long-lasting moisturisation and adds a touch of colour to soft, smooth lips.


NIVEA Lip Care Peach


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This is a great everyday lip balm and smells amazing!! I love how there is so many options and colours to choose from! This also leaves a slight sheen on the lips with out being to heavy or sticky. I always have a keep one of these in my handbag!
I like trying anything with a peach shade or scent, it seems so light and appealing. This lip balm tube is great to carry in my bag and also to keep in my desk at work. It keeps my lips soft, with a nice soft shimmer. The smell is a slight peach scent which is nice and not strong. Since it is peach, it gives a slight gloss onto my lips with a soft and luscious peach colour. This would suit all skin tones and since it's such a light hit of colour, it would look great on everyone. Pros: keeps my lips feeling soft, nourished and supple Cons: reapply as you would with other lip balms, especially after food and drink Tip: keep a tube in your hand bag so that you can find it easily and can apply for instant prettiness to your lips Recommendation: I suggest this would be great for anyone who has dry lips and want a product that's low priced but works well to keep the lips feeling soft and moisturised.
I recently purchased myself this lip balm as the months are getting colder and my lips need a little extra treatment and I am absolutely in love! The first thing I noticed about it when I applied it was the amazing scent; the peach scent is very sweet like candy but not overpowering and lasts the entire time you're wearing it. My favourite thing about this product is that whilst you're wearing it and it's pumping your lips up with moisture, it creates a nice coral sheen on your lips giving off the appearance of wearing lipgloss without the tacky feeling. This is a must have in my bag all the time, I'm so glad I found it!