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NIVEA Lip Care Pearly Shine is a lip balm with a pearl shimmer. The formula contains precious pearl and silk extracts and Hydra IQ for long-lasting moisture and natural oils to soften and condition lips.


NIVEA Lip Care Pearly Shine


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The NIVEA Lip Care Pearly Shine is a frosted pink lip balm that has a creamy consistency when applied. The initial feel of the application is hydrating, however the product seems to dry quickly and leaves a strange residue that seeps into and accentuates any cracks in my already parched, dry lips. Definitely not a fan and wouldn't repurchase.
Don’t ask me how many lip balms I have or indeed how many Nivea products I use but one of lip balms in my collection is the Nivea Pearly Shine.    The claims for the Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm is that it delivers intense moisture with a pearly pink shimmer.  I actually bought this lip balm to take on holidays and I’ve been carrying it around in my bag during the summer months.   The pearly shine gives a frosted look that is okay but while my lips feel soft and hydrated when the balm is first applied this feeling doesn’t seem to last.    The lip balm is packaged in a twist-up tube which is also shimmery pink.  The tube is strong and sturdy and holds 4.8gm of product.    I’m not sure that I would call this a deeply moisturising lip balm that leaves a silky smooth finish because the formula seems to be lacking in depth and the balm just disappears, so I think I’ll stick with the other Nivea lip balms I have which actually do leave my lips feeling well hydrated.   
This is probably the least popular balm amongst the Nivea lip balms. The colour just isn't flattering at all, reminds of something that was popular decades ago The pearl finish just makes me look dead and washed out. The consistency of the balm is also weird and tugs on the lips as you apply. Doesn't taste great either. I used it once and never touched it again. I would definitely not repurchase.
Can't say this one was my favourite in Nivea's range. It is a little drying and the colour is nice on some skin tones. I have an olive complexion and the colour doesn't suit me at all and it is very light. My lips don't feel moisturised and smooth. I would not repurchase this!
I bought this lip balm because I couldn't get enough of the Nivea lip balms but I have to say I'm not all that impressed with this. It has a weird consistency against my lips and don't even get me started on the colour. It's definitely a pearly colour but it honestly looks really unattractive when applied on. My lips don't get hydrated and the colour is the biggest put off. I love your products Nivea but I'm just not a fan of this one. I think I have this stored at the back of a draw right now.
This is the worst lip balm I have ever wasted my hard earned bucks on! Not only did it leave a weird white shiny smear all over my already dry cracked lips, but it did very little to moisturise them. My poor lips looked worse than ever, the white sheen made the cracks more obvious and it felt like it was more drying than hydrating. I really hate that pearl colour! Despite hating wastage, I couldn't wait to chuck this in the bin!
I love Nivea but this product disappointed big time.  Not moisturising at all, drying in fact; looked like stringy dried saliva on my lips. Tried to use it as a base and apply a different gloss over the top but it made it worse!  Had to throw it away.  :(
A lip balm is a must have for any girl to keep her lips hydrated and looking good at all times of the day. Unfortunately this is not the lip balm to purchase if you want to look your best. Nivea lip balms overall are pretty good, they don't taste bad and  they last and this one has the same great formula as the rest. But it is the Pearly Shine part that is the thing that doesn't work for me. On applying it too my lips it leaves a pearly frosted look in my lips that I would want more out of a lip gloss than a lip balm. On my lips it is not flattering and tends to look more like when your lips get that white mucus stuff in the corner of your mouth but instead it's all over my lips. Not a good look for me, I would recommend the other Nivea lip balms instead of this one unless you like the frosted look.
When purchasing a lip balm, you want it to moisturise your lips, right? This one does not. Don't get me wrong, it does add a nice shine to your lips (reminds me of the lip smackers I used to have as a kid), but the moisture factor is barely there. Seriously, don't bother with this lip balm.
Oh Nivea, why oh why did you bother? This lip balm glides on fine, but I feel like the moisture side of things is gone almost instantly AND the "pearl shine" kind of just looks like those white stringy bits you get in the corner of your mouth when you're super dehydrated. Save your $4 and put it towards some paw paw ointment of lanolin ointment.
Personally I found this very useless for already dry lips. It wasnt moisturising in the slightest  and I swear it made my lips even more dehydrated ! The pretty pink shimmer color is quite lovely and the packaging  is pretty and the same shade as the balm inside.  I generally  don't mind Nivea products -great quality at an affordable price  -but this one simply did not work for me at all.
I like the Nivea lip balms, but not a fan of this one. The pearlescence was rather matte and unattractive, and sat on the surface of my lips rather than producing any moisturising benefit. If you're already suffering dry lips it neither looks or feels very nice. I wouldn't recommend it, but I did pass mine onto my 5 year old niece who quite liked it.
This is a good everyday lip balm with a glossy shine hit. I use this lip balm especially when I'm outside because it gives my lips a soft pretty shimmer and keeps my lips healthy and nourished. It is low priced and works effectively to maintain soft supple lips. There is no bitter taste and it isn't sticky or runny on my lips. I recommend this lip balm for anyone who wants a shimmery and nourishing lip balm for daily use.
I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I find that winter is the season my lips decide to dry up the most. This product is great to provide that little bit of moisture along with a soft pink shine to leave you lips looking lush. However, I would suggest applying a layer of an actual moisturising lip balm underneath because I found this product didn't provide as much moisture as I would have liked. Apart from that this product was good value for money
A multi use product. This shimmer lip balm is great for those winter days when you want a bit of natural glimmer and moisturised lips. I also find it great to run in the arc of the eyebrow (and blend in with your finger) to add an instant lift, or across cheekbones (blend of course) for a quick fresh look.
Glides and smoothly with a pleasant smell and pretty shimmer. Very hydrating on the lips