NIVEA Lip Care Strawberry

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NIVEA Lip Care Strawberry is a lip balm with a strawberry flavour. The formula contains Hydra IQ for long-lasting moisturisation and adds a shimmering shine and red-toned glow to lips. The formula is enriched with rich almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to keep lips smooth, soft and with a hint of colour. Contains broad spectrum sun protection.


NIVEA Lip Care Strawberry


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This is a great, nourishing lip balm that smells great and gives a little colour to your pout - no lipstick required! It's nice and smooth, and thick enough that it's still there for quite some time. Definitely a go to lip balm to always keep in your bag
What a happy lip balm it is! It looks as if it was created for little girls as it ticks all of my 4 year daughter's boxes: it's red, it has got strawberries on /in it, it smells delicious and is easy to apply. I must say you cannot ask for more. And I am sure that even the big girls will appreciate the product. It seems so simple but it does work. It makes my lips feel nourished, it is comfortable to wear. Plus it adds a tiny bit of colour to my lips plus it makes them plump and shiny. I think this lip balm is great for teenagers who would like to wear some make up at school. It accentuates the lips slightly plus it looks after them. The only cheap looking thing is the packaging but for that price I don't have a right to complain.
This is an essential for me. It's smells absolutely divine and I just wanted to eat it. It has that amazing fruity smell and I definitely recommend this if you want something that smells as good as it looks. When I applied it, it gave my lips a lovely shine with a bit of a red tinge. It's simple to remove the lid and wind the lip balm. It long lasting and easy to apply. If you are looking for something that's handy to carry around, good for anytime of the day, suited to normal-dry lips and just overall so useful then I do recommend this. Again, Nivea you didn't let me down.
I can't resist a fun strawberry lip balm. Nivea's Lip Care Strawberry comes in a 4.8g tube of fruity goodness. The tube has a simple and attraction design and has a lid that is easy to remove and close. The wind up mechanism is smooth, so you can easily twist up and down the lip balm without it getting stuck. It has a delicious sweet strawberry scent that lingers on your lips for hours and reminds me of lollies. The lip balm has a sheer glossy red tint that reddens your lips nicely, and you can build up the colour if you want a darker look. It is great for days you don't want to wear lipstick but want to add a bit of shine and colour to your lips. I found the lip balm very easy to apply, it has a creamy texture and glides on smoothly and feels really nice on my lips with no stickiness. It found it provided great moisturisation and include ingredients like almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter which really helps to keep your lips smooth, soft and hydrated. I found it protected my lips and provided a barrier against the effects of the sun and wind so great for all year round wear. I always keep one in my handbag and moisturise my lips throughout the day as needed. Overall this is a great lip balm from Nivea that is fun and fruity and has a nice tint that provides good moisturisation. Perfect for anyone with dry or normal lips.
This product is easy to apply and provides instant moisture. With a twist motion and a cover that clicks to seal it's very easy to use. I have used this product for years as I wanted a balm that would give moisture and colour in one. The formula has changed over the years now only giving a slight tint of red when applied. It is smooth and isn't sticky at all.
This is a small enough lip balm to carry around in my bag or have in my office desk. It gives me a beautiful sheer shine with a slightly rosy tint to it. Its perfect for daily touch ups when you don't want to wear full on lipstick, but still want a hit of colour. It has a pleasant strawberry fragrance and isn't bitter or sticky. This lip balm is enriched with essential oils such as almond oil and jojoba oil and has the nourishing goodness of Shea butter. All the ingredients combined give this lip balm a big punch to keep my lips feeling moist and supple. I recommend this lip balm for anyone who wants a moisturising daily lip balm with some colour to it and has the benefits of healthy ingredients.
I feel like all the nivea balms have been my absolute go-to lip balms for years. The strawberry one gives you a little bit of colour to your lips and leaves them feeling super soft and moisturised. Love nivea definitely trust the brand with everything do with your skin.
This lip balm is great if you want to add a subtle stain to the lip. Great moisture and a nifty travelling size.