NIVEA Repair and Care SOS Hand Balm

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NIVEA Repair & Care SOS Hand Balm is a hand cream for very dry, chapped hands. The concentrated formula repairs and instantly relieves dryness and gives hands long-lasting protection. The hand treatment contains dexpanthenol and Hydra IQ to support the skin’s own moisture supply, keeping hands intensively moisturised even after frequent washing.


NIVEA Repair and Care SOS Hand Balm


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As a nurse,my hands cop a beating....washing them dozens of times a day (more often than not,with surgical scrub style products that kill the bugs i don't want,but also my skin...which i definitely don't.Sore,open areas in the skin means an "open door policy" to pathogens that i certainly don't endorse,so when i use a handcream,i need it to be at the top of it's game...superbly nourishing and healing,water resistant (i don't want it to noticeably disappear after one wash) and able to treat my hands as well as i treat my patients (especially after a long week having my hands in unspeakable places). Now,we are all familiar with the brand Nivea,as it has been a trusted name for decades to care for every skin type,from the new bub,right though to the 80 year old Pop who still gardens like a home reno show extra (and has the hard,calloused hands to prove it),hence the reason i gave this a go. NIVEA Repair & Care SOS Hand Balm is a rich,lux feeling balm textured (think denser than your usual,flowery scented water type lotion that smells divine,but does squat to repair skin and protect it) formula that treats even the hardest to deal with hands,and provides long lasting,barrier feeling care (a must for me,because as i mentioned,my hands are in one of two places at work,and one of them is in water,and i want that barrier protection to not feel as if i need to scrub my hands with a brillo pad to remove whatever may be lurking on my hands) The concentrated formula with the repair and instant relief complex (containing Dexpanthenol...a soothing,moisture retaining ingredient that aids in moisture retention and deters moisture loss) relieves and restores dry and chapped hands,without adding that greasy feel that other rich creams and balms tend to leave you with (i carn't do greasy..if i am coming at you with an injection,you want me to have a firm grip no ?) and minus any scents that may not react well with my handwash choices at work (it simply smells like a neutral cream..nothing like a typical Nivea product) With regular use, the improved formula with Hydra IQ supports the skin's own moisture supply, keeping hands intensively moisturised even after the frequent washing i subject my mitts to. My only complaint is that this can be difficult to extract from the is dense,which i love,but that makes for a lot of effort required on your part to get comfy hands. I keep a tube at work (which i do share),a tube in my car and a tube besides my bed for use at night (mixed with a touch of argan oil twice a week to really give my hands some deep love).As this is only $5 (for 50ml),you can afford to really slather this on and keep tubes all around the house for when you need it. TIP:At the end of a day on my feet,they more often than not feel (and look ) worse than my hands.To relieve this,apply to your tootsies as well (a thick,generous layer),pop on some cotton socks,and leave overnight....then see those heels and toes transform to seriously sandal worthy assets.