NIVEA Rich Firming Q10 Body Lotion

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NIVEA Rich Firming Q10 Body Lotion  is a moisturiser that intensively nourishes and firms dry skin within two weeks. The rich lotion is enriched with skin's own coenzyme Q10, L-Carnitine and Creatine which all work together to support skin cell renewal and improve its appearance. Skin is left feeling firmer and tighter.


NIVEA Rich Firming Q10 Body Lotion


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Wow, what a surprise is this very affordable lotion from Nivea. Did not use their products in aeons, since turning more to natural based products after having some eczema issues and dryness. So my friend gave me the whole bottle of this lotion. I thought, why not, I do miss scent of classical Nivea products. After showering I apply immediately, so lotion absorbs fast. No greasy residue and I can put the clothing right after. The scent is quite strong, but the perfume in the formula did not irritate my skin! On the contrary, my dry skin is no more dry. Bottle is big, very handy with locking pump mechanism, so no spillage when travelling. Love the soft skin that the lotion gives. And people seem to love fresh scent of the lotion, as when I pop it on, I got comments that I smell good. I thought 'soapy fresh'  Unsure about 'tightening' 'firming' and what this means actually, but the lotion gives me hydrated and soft skin. Wish fragrance was a bit less prominent and that Nivea makes fragrance free version.
This is a super affordable option for a body cream and I have dry skin so this is perfect me. I apply the cream at night before bed and my skin feels soft and smooth the next morning. The cream has Nivea's signature scent which makes it more enjoyable to use. Love it!