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NIVEA Soft Creme is a rich moisturiser for face, hands and body. The fast absorbing cream contains nourishing jojoba oil and vitamin E to leave skin soft and smooth. Dermatological approved and pH neutral.

Price above is for 200mL. Also available in 50mL and 75mL.


NIVEA Soft Creme


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This moisturiser is a complete bargain.  Mega cheap price and you can use it as a face, hand, foot, or body moisturiser. It comes in 50 and 200 ml tubs, and a 75 ml tube.  So it's easy to have one for your handbag, one for the bathroom, and one beside the bed. The scent is not the same as the classic Nivea Creme.  It's quite a strong scent, so be aware of that if scents are something that concern you. The cream is quite thick but is absorbs swiftly and doesn't leave a white cast.  It contains vitamin E and jojoba oil. I love using this as a Night cream. The smaller 50 ml tub is awesome to carry with you if you are travelling.  If you are going through security for International flights it's small enough to take on the plane without issue.  
The Nivea Soft Moisturiser Creme is my go-to moisturiser for dry or parched skin. The light, whipped texture feels wonderful, and the mixture isn't too greasy. The packaging is also a plus, and is convenient and well-sealed. A small amount of moisturiser is perfect for the neck area, and leaves my skin feeling soft! Highly recommend!
This is a nice creamy lotion that comes in a jar. It glides over my skin and immediately sinks into my skin and makes my skin feel soft and look nourished. It has a very slight scent which gradually fades away upon application. This cream is affordable and perfect for the entire family. It is great to apply after a shower, while the skin is still damp and easily absorbent. I don't like using it on my face because it's a bit too rich for my face. It is great to use on dry chapped hands and on the feet.  Pros: Affordable Non greasy Mild/non existent scent Cons: Can be heavy if too much is used Recommendation: This is a good daily use gentle cream that works effectively to keep my skin moist and nourished. 
Can't go wrong with Nivea soft cream! I have used this cream and the Nivea creme for many years and it does not cause any problem for my skin all year round. This soft cream has a light texture and absorbs onto the skin nicely without feeling greasy or oily. Do recommend.
Nivea is one of those brands that you can't go wrong with, and Nivea Soft, in particular, has been my trusty go-to moisturiser for years.  My somewhat sensitive skin adores how gentle the formula is. The jojoba oil and Vitamin E provide such rich nourishment, yet the whipped texture feels light as air on my skin. I love how the cream practically melts into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It just leaves my skin feeling, well, soft. Unlike many other lightweight moisturisers, however, the hydration it provides is long-lasting, and every morning I wake up with skin that feels supple instead of parched. A true multitasker, Nivea Soft's moisturising powers go beyond the face. I love it for my body and hands, too; it even softens my cuticles like nothing else does. So much so, I always carry a tube in my bag, in addition to the jars in my bedside table and bathroom. With its delicate scent, serious hydrating power, and a price that's hard to beat, I can't recommend Nivea Soft highly enough.
This is my fail safe facial moisturiser. It was the moisturisers that helped me get rid of my severe acne and I will always come back to this should I have an adverse reactive from other creams or products, I come back to this and the problems fade away. The only reason I try other creams at all, is some of the ingredients may not necessarily be wonderful for skin in the long run (ie: fragrance). If the tub packaging bothers you as it did me (not very hygienic), this also comes in a tube and I tend to buy two at a time so it’s always on hand.  I can’t speak for everyone of course, but I can’t imaginw anyone having a bad reaction to this and I really think it’s worth trying if you have had problem skin like me. 
This cream is so silky smooth, your skin will love you for using it, glides on, isnt sticky or too thick, soaks in well, and has a lovely perfume, i noticed after using for a couple of weeks that my skin felt more nourished and healthier, would definitely recommend this product
The cream comes in a jar packing, which is easy to use but not good for keeping the ingredients stable. It has thick creamy texture and has light smell. A small amount is enough for moisturising face and neck. This is a face and body cream so can be used as multipurpose product. I apply it on my face and it absorbs quickly but leaves a greasy layer on my face. On hand and body this greasy layer doesn't matter, but on face it does matter. As I have dry skin, so greasiness of this cream is not a big problem for me. My skin feel smooth after its application. It do not improve the hydration of my skin but it do not cause breakout and redness. As it do nothing bad to my skin and also nothing good to my skin. My skin was same dull and thirsty even after regular use of it. I feel that it just fullfill the basic need of skin  and nothing else. Also it works better on body than on face.  It seems that this cream is full of chemicals. It has Alcohol denat on the top of its ingredient list. It also contain some irritant, few antioxidants and some skin repairing ingredients. I fell that this is more suitable t use on body than on face. it is a good product as body moisturiser.
This is the first time I have bought this product, and  was pleasantly surprised. Upon opening the tub you are greeted with faint smell that is by no means overpowering. The texture of the cream is very silky and it glides over the skin and quickly absorbents deep into the skin so you aren't left with an oily residue like other moisturiser. Being suitable for body hands and face you don't need to have multiple moisturisers when this product is a three in one. After the first application to my hands I could immediately feel a difference with the quality of my skin. One week later my hands and body were still soft and smooth, however, I would not continue to use this on my face as long term use made my skin oily and was not good for pores. Over all a good budge moisturiser that I would only use on body and hands for a quick result.
This is a good basic moisturiser that can be used on face or body. It is designed to be like Nivea Creme in the dark blue packaging, except that it has a lighter texture. There are no fancy ingredients in this one so it can be a good choice for sensitive skin. I tried it on my face but something in this seems to clog my pores after a while so I had to stop and just stick to using it on the body. I really like the light texture and subtle smell of this. It is not as greasy as the original Nivea Creme and absorbs quite quickly. Another bonus is that it comes in a handy tube size so you can take it anywhere, or just try it out without committing to a big jar. It's so inexpensive - give it a go!
The product feels soft and cold and doesn't have much of a fragrant smell to it. When applied to the face, body and hand it takes a while for it to dry and but after that you can already feel the skin feeling softer moisturised. It made my face look softer and more smoother once applied. My immediate thought after using the product is that yes it does work I can feel the difference and would use the product. However i probably tried better products that last longer throughout the day. Pros- feels softer and smoother. Cons- doesn't last the whole day. I would recommend this product to people if they want a short term effect.