NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Caring Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

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NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Caring Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 is a moisturiser and broad spectrum sunscreen spray with SPF 30 protection. The moisturising formula contains vitamin E and panthenol to keep the skin hydrated and less vulnerable to sun damage.


NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Caring Sunscreen Spray SPF 30


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I religiously carry a container of this nivea sunscreen spray in summer, great for the beach or pool it gives great spf 30 protection to protect against sunburn and premature ageing. It blocks uv rays and lasts a really long time. I still apply more after swimming just in case. I love that this is a spray so its not as messy as lotion, just spray on and rub in, so easy and its easy on the wallet too. Everyone in our family uses this, it smells nice, provides great sun protection and is quite moisturising, its not greasy and quickly absorbed. winner, I highly recommend this
I'm hot but I don't burn!  Sunscreen is essential, its the only thing we have to protect our precious skin. So many australians die from sun related melanomas and it is so important to make sunscreen easy to use and attractive to all age groups. You cant beat a spray, its a great size container it looks attractive the scent is not irritating and SPF30 has got you covered. You just need to remember to reapply regularly. This sunscreen is gentle non-greasy and moisturising - please use it!!!!
I love this spray sunscreen. It's easy to put on and it's not oily at all as compared to other brands.
My signature look could be best described as 'low maintenance'. My make-up spends more time in my bathroom drawer than on my face. But my must-have can't-live-without beauty item is this sunscreen. It's easy to apply, super lightweight, barely scented, and best of all, affordable! I love that when I put it on, it's quickly absorbed into my skin (not greasy at all) AND it still protects me from UV-rays - how good is that?! No wonder it has earned a permanent place on my bathroom vanity.