NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+

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NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ is a moisturiser and broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50+ protection. The moisturising formula contains vitamin E and panthenol to keep the skin hydrated and less vulnerable to sun damage.  

Price above is for 200mL. Also available in 400mL.


NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+


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This is a fantastic and affordable sunscreen for the entire family. I keep this in my bag and make up I apply it whenever I am going out in the sun. It is a big size which makes it great value for money and lasts a long time. This sunscreen is not sticky or irritating on my skin. It feels great and has a nice slightly fresh scent. I recommend this sunscreen for the entire family to use all through the year.
My hubby is very unpicky when it comes to beauty products. This is what he picked out from the supermarket. The main advantage is the SPF50 and we both like the Nivea brand. However, I found this sunscreen to be very greasy and sticky. We used it during our Great Ocean Road holiday and it protected us very well - no sun burn and no tan line! It is also water resistent which is great. However, even he finds it too oily for use on the face, so I've gotten him the Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF50 instead. I would much prefer a spray or aerosol sunscreen as they are generally less greasy/sticky.
This product has one job and it failed for me.  I have been badly sunburned (literally blistered) on a number of occasions using this product, despite reapplication every couple of hours or so, while others who have used different brands were completely fine.  I absolutely would not recommend this product to anyone, especially those who are sweating or exercising.  Originally, I believed it was solely by fault every time I would come home sunburned even after putting my trust in this sunscreen to protect from the sun, however after the third or forth time, where others I have been with have been fine, I started to accept that this sunscreen may be the issue.  *Note that each of these times I was exercising and most likely sweating, so it is possible that this product is simply not sweat proof, but regardless I threw all my packets away and decided that I did not want to take the risk again.
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Replying to NIVEA: Hi Charlotte, Thanks for your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you have been dissatisfied with our product. We want you to know that NIVEA Sun products have been rigorously tested for SPF efficacy with two separate independent laboratories to the Australian and New Zealand standards (AS/NZS2604:2012). These results validate all SPF sun protection claims made on the products. It’s important to remember that sunscreen use is only one of many protective measures. To take care out there we suggest combining it with sun-protective clothing; a wide-brimmed hat that protects the face, head, neck and ears; sunglasses; as well as seeking shade between 10am-2pm. Regardless of the SPF level you use, we recommend reapplying sun care products at least every two hours to maintain the sun protection level. This is especially important after swimming and toweling, during which the protection period is shortened as the sunscreen film can be partially removed. Applying the right amount is also important. The recommended application is 7 teaspoons (or 35ml) per application and we have created a teaspoon to help families care for their skin. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us by calling our toll free on number on 1800 103 023 or email at
I have to say this is one of my favorite SPF 50+ lotion. The first one that has amazing smell, and also the texture is perfect, not too thin or too thick. It doesn’t leave white greasy cream but easily absorbed to my skin. My family love it, the kids now only want to use this for their daily sunscream.  Great job Novea! 
This Nivea sunscreen is fantastic! Its not greasy, absorbs into my skin really quickly, has a nice scent and moisturises at the same time. Its fantastic to use all year round to protect my skin from the harsh sun. I love to use this product when i'm going to the beach or just out and about, its amazing!
Being extremely pale and having normal-dry skin I saw this and had to have it as it ticked all my boxes of 50+ SPF, moisturizing, waterproof and economical.  I love how it comes in a giant 400ml bottle (although the addition of a pump would be nice as it can be hard to squeeze the bottle when reapplying with slippery hands) because I feel no hesitation in slathering it all over myself.  During this entire summer it has not let me down once - I have always been protected.  I love how it doesn't make my skin itchy and feel dry (many other brands I tried have this effect) and it has a formula that is easy to apply.  It has a lovely clean, fresh scent (not that terrible chemical plastic scent of so many other brands) and it has been suitable for all members of my family, including children.  Very happy with the quality and price of this product and will continue to buy it every year.
Let me first off say that i have used many sunscreens in my life and can honestly say it's one of the best i've used.  The lotion is not to thick and oily on the skin and does moisturise and hydrate the skin well. Just like most sunscreen it comes out white but once moisturised into the skin it's clear and invisible to the naked eye. The smell is not too fragrant which i quite like and doesn't smell artificial or like someone just sprayed way too much perfume on. When applied on the skin it's quite refreshing and dosen't feel like all my pores are being blocked by the sunscreen (my skin can breathe). I use a generous amount on the skin as required to get the maximum benefits from the sunscreen and doesn't feel sticky on the skin and feels like a moisturiser, when you apply it on you feel it on, but after a while you forget it's there.  When initially used, (at least 30min before i'm going to be exposed to the sun) i feel the hydrating component i forget it's on and feels invisible. However after 30 min i find that i don't feel the hydrating effect. After using the product for a day i found it was quite effective in protecting my skin from harmful rays and the Australian summer. I was not left with any burns or any irritation on my skin. Which is a huge plus for my sensitive skin. After using the product through December and January (summer months)  i found that it really is effective in it's use when applied and didn't have visible damage to the skin from the sun. I like the lotion better that the spray on, as you cover more of the skin as you feel where it is applied on the skin. Whereas, a spray on, you spray a streak and then have to moisturise to distribute, sometimes missing areas.  TIPS- I do recommend everyone to apply generously and at least 30min before sun exposure to ensure the sunscreen has set into the skin and start working. Make sure to reapply every 4 hours or 3.5 for extra protection especially after being in the water. Don't skimp on reapplication for maximum efficiency. There is a smaller size but it's just the same price as the 400ml.  Pros- Effective, moisturises the skin as well, water resistant, doesn't spill in my bag, 50+SPF, not thick on the skin, not too fragrant, hydrates the skin Cons- A bit bulky (nit picking i know), price a bit pricey (but top quality), don't feel the hydrating effect after 30min. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone, it really is an effective product that does wonders for the skin with no visible damage from the harmful rays. I especially recommend this product to anyone who doesn't like thick sunscreen this is the product for you, you won't feel it sticking to your body or your clothes and even moisturises and hydrates the skin. 
I am blown away by this product because in the past I always lather on lots of other sunscreen brands onto my shoulders and they just seem to burn.  It always amazes me at the end of the day that I come out red as anything.  I recently just  went away and it was going to be hot and we would have days out wandering around in the hot sun.  I saw this Nivea with SPF of 50+ and bought it for my husband who has had some scarey moments of really bad Melanomas.  I also used it and I have never, EVER had a sunscreen that I have used and come out the other end with no sunburn at all.   This plastic container with a flip open lid has travelled well with no spills.  It's a non greasy lotion that blends in beautiful to the skin.  It has the lovely low scent of Nivea which smells divine.  4 hour protection and my skin feels absolutely moisturised.   I can now go out during the day and apply this fantastic sunscreen on my whole body and know that I am definitely protected from the harsh rays of the sun.  My husband is also loving it.  I can honestly say this is the BEST sunscreen I have ever used.   
Okay, Story time! Last year sometime, I (very stupidly) fell asleep in the sun with measly SPF 15+. I have fair skin, blue eyes and an Irish heritage, and needless to say I was burnt. Burnt is an understatement, I had 2nd degree burns and had to be hospitalised. Yes people, from the sun! While in immense pain, my horrified doctor advised me to never get burnt again and to use 50+, no less! So I have invested wisely in this sunscreen and took her advice seriously. I love this sunscreen which is part of the NIVEA Sun Protect range, because it is a large, 400mL bottle and it really does last. It has a nice scent and is easy to apply. It also contains Vitamin E, so my skin is left feeling soft, and the protection has a generous 4-hour water resistance. It doesn't leave your skin with that greasy, everything-sticks-to-me feeling either. I have been using the product religiously, every time I head to the park, beach or on an outdoor adventure. I can happily say I have not been burnt again while using this sunscreen and I am confident going out on the weekend now and not having to worry about damaging my skin. If you often forget to use a sunscreen, please, please invest in this one.