NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen Pressurised Spray SPF 50+

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NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen Pressurised Spray SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum sunscreen spray with SPF 50+ protection, designed specifically for active and sporty lifestyles. The formula is four hours water resistant and the cooling, refreshing spray is immediately absorbed, touch dry and keeps skin hydrated.


NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen Pressurised Spray SPF 50+


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If someone asks me what's my beauty hack - i say sunscreen and white eyeliner! We cannot reverse sun damage and we live in beautiful sunny Australia, so please wear a good SPF (like this one) every single day! I choose NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen simply because it's super easy to apply, dries quickly and is compact and lightweight, not to mention it's 'sport' so you can sweat and it's not affected. Without a doubt i take sunscreen on overseas holidays and last time in thailand this cooling spray was a godsend! TIP - because it's a spray it doesnt really need much rubbing to spread the product BUT when i do need to rub it in i use the back of my hand - means i dont have to wash my hands (OCD kicking in there, sorry!) and i am automatically protecting the tops of my hands, which are often forgotten!
I am quite sensitive to the Australian summer sun so I am always on the look out for a good sunscreen. I love that it takes the hassle out of having to take the time out to rub it in and get it stuck on your fingers. Despite this it's only very good within parameters. If you don't sit and let it settle into your skin quick enough and then go swimming you will mostly likely get burnt. Additionally when spraying it make sure you are in a non-windy area as it may not even spray onto you, so if you're outdoors in a windy location reapplication is a pain. And so, I recommend this product as the first application of sunscreen before you leave home if you're in a hurry and don't have time to spend rubbing it in. But I don't recommend this for reapplication, I find using the traditional creams more effective.
I love this sunscreen. It is a favourite of mine. The spray makes for easy application especially for hard to reach places when you are by yourself. It is very refreshing on the skin to apply and gives a nice cool sensation which is especially welcome on a hot, summer day. It doesn't leave a slimy, greasy feeling a lot of other sunscreens manage to do. It is absorbed by the skin very quickly, It is perfect for the beach especially with constant swimming and other beach activities. I have never had an issue with sunburn using this sunscreen. Especially good for sports. I use this when I go running in summer and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling when you sweat. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a very effective sunscreen and who spends a lot of time in the water or playing sports.