NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+

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NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+ is a broad spectrum sunscreen spray with SPF 50+ protection, designed specifically for active and sporty lifestyles. The formula is four hours water resistant and the cooling, refreshing spray is immediately absorbed, touch dry and keeps skin hydrated.


NIVEA Sun Ultra Sport Cooling Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+


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I just bought this 3 weeks ago before my holiday to Malaysia. The cooling effect is really great because of the sunburn I got when I was in Malaysia. XD It is really to put on and not oily as compared to other brands. Even with all the sweat, it still helps protect my skin from the sun so I will totally buy this again after I finish my bottle. :)
This is the sunscreen my partner and I use every time that we go to the beach - we cannot leave home without it! Although I have a tanned complexion, I can very easily feel the effects of direct sun on my skin. This sunscreen is not as light as other products on market, but it definitely makes your skin feel very protected. I personally feel more moisturised than oily after applying the sunscreen. As it has four hour resistance in water, it is great for the beach but I recommend re-applying each time you get out of the water just for basic sun safety. The only con is that you make lose your lid or get sand in it. I highly recommend this product for any avid beach goers or people who love the outdoors.