NIVEA Sun UV Face BB Cream SPF 50

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NIVEA Sun UV Face BB Cream SPF 50 is a tinted sunscreen with SPF 50. This BB cream uses broad-spectrum sun protection and antioxidants to help protect skin against sun damage and premature ageing. The formula is light, non-greasy and suitable for everyday use.


NIVEA Sun UV Face BB Cream SPF 50


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I have used this BB cream on & off, love it when it’s on Summer time, I know it needs a blending longer than other BB cream brand but the texture is great & best for winter too since it’s quite thick.  With it’s high SPF, this is my go to on summer time.  Best price as well! 
I thought this BB cream was exactly the answer to my no make-up day prayers when I first saw it. I love having days when I don’t bother with make-up, especially on the weekend, but I don’t like going totally bare. For these days a BB cream does the job. I had just finished a BB cream, but it had never had enough SPF strength to suit me, so I decided not to re-purchase. Instead I noticed the Nivea Sun range, containing BB cream AND UV filters, with very high SPF factor. I bought it straight away and was really looking  forward  to trying it and pleased that it had the classic, fresh Nivea scent I was used to. Well after trying it I was still happy with the scent, and loving the SPF protection, but unfortunately not at all a fan of the BB cream.It only comes in one colour which is a neutral light  that would suit most people, but unfortunately it is very thick and really does not blend in well at all, it dries into a chalky consistency that clings to any very fine hairs or pores. I found it took a lot of work to try and blend it to a wearable finish and, while a primer made this easier, that sort of defeated the purpose of a no-makeup day! In the end I found that if I put it on immediately after freshly applied moisturizer, (my current one is especially rich and creamy), the BB cream was much easier to blend  in, but still requires work to achieve a consistent look. This BB cream is thankfully not sticky or oily, and the SPF factor is great, but the formula does not particularly suit me at all, so I wouldn’t re-purchase. Nivea offer a non-shine sunscreen with a matte finish –this sounds like it would meet my sun protection needs, so I will try this, while my search for a BB cream goes on!
I loved this Nivea sun B.B. cream. The addition of spf really protects my skin from the suns rays when I’m out and about. Nivea products are great and this is really great value for money, it comes at a great price and I don’t need to use a lot. It sinks in easily and spreads over skin smoothly. This B.B. cream has just enough tint to give my skin some colour which I often like instead of full foundation. This product looks natural, it feels nice and light to wear and I love that it’s non greasy. This is another great product from Nivea and I would highly recommend it.