NIVEA Sun UV Face Shine Control SPF 50

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NIVEA Sun UV Face Shine Control SPF 50 is a sunscreen with SPF 50. It contains broad-spectrum sun protection and antioxidants to help protect skin against sun damage and premature ageing. The formula is light and non-greasy with a mattifying finish.


NIVEA Sun UV Face Shine Control SPF 50


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No shine, no greasy or tacky feel

I purchased this after reading many good reviews. For reference, I have combination skin with an oily T-zone, and am always on the lookout for everyday sunscreens that doesn't feel greasy or tacky and doesn't interfere with make-up. This facial sunscreen has high SPF50 protection and comes in a 50ml squeeze tube. It is very lightly scented even though it's not completely fragrance-free. It has a gel-cream texture, similar to some Japanese/Korean sunscreens. It spreads easily, is slightly hydrating but not-greasy, and doesn't sting my eyes. It dries down to a semi-matte finish, doesn't leave any shine or white cast or tackiness. I was very impressed. It is one of the best facial sunscreens for normal-oily skin on the Australian market, so light that you don't even feel like you're wearing sunscreen. It's also very reasonably priced and often on sale at pharmacies or supermarkets.
This is my new go to sunscreen, it’s five stars from me! It comes in a handy flip top tube, easy to dispense and small enough to carry in your bag too.  It applies reasonably well, soaking in quickly and leaves my skin fairly matte - no white cast or greasiness.  
I must say I never expected too much from this sunscreen, bought it on sale at Woolies, however, I have been using it for the last month every day and I love it! I can't fault it. It works great with my skin ( no nasty bumps), it looks great underneath make up, it moisturises, and mosy significantly, it protects my face from nasty sun rays. On top of that it has the most amazing sunscreen scent that makes me feel like I am on holidays every morning when I put it on. I little make believe play. The packaging is simple but handy, the price is fantastic, and when you find it on special don't even think about it. Get it. I really can't expect more from my daily sunscreen. This is all I want.
I have used Nivea suncream for years as it doesn't make me breakout - I have red hair and sensitive skin. This is so much better - I use it under my make up every day. Just put it on, leave for a little bit to sink in, then on with my primer and foundation.  It doesn't sting or make me breakout as so many other facial sunblocks do. Love this - and the size of the tube is fantastic to pop in your handbag or a beach bag.  Definitely recommend this.
I love Nivea products and this shine free spf 50 suncream is great for anyone wanting full sun protection with no oily shine. The cream spreads easy but takes a moment to sink in. It’s light to wear and controls shine well. I love it if I’m going to be outdoors in the sun for long periods as it offers full protection and antioxidants  so is great for anti ageing and skin protection. It’s great value for money at under $13.00 so a great price point. The cream gives a matte finish even though it has high sun protection which is nice, I loved this and would recommend it.