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Nude by Nature Angled Blush Brush is an ultra-soft, synthetic fibre makeup brush for applying blush. The angled brush is ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered bristle tips to create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Angled Blush Brush


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Great bang for your buck

I received a travel sized Nude by Nature as a perk from an online beauty store and fell in love with how soft it is and how easy it makes blending out powder products. I purchased this as I was in need of a new blush brush and liked the price point. If you're on a budget and want some high quality brushes that are soft and easy to use then I highly recommend looking at the Nude by Nature range. This doesn't pick up too much product and it deposits it nicely onto the skin and blends it out smoothly with no dragging or clumps.
This is a great blush brush. It picks up the perfect amount of product and blends it effortlessly into the skin. I love that it's angled, it makes it so much easier to apply blush.  It's easy to clean and doesn't shed. The only negative thing I have to say is that it doesn't feel as soft as their other brushes. 
I absolutely love nude by nature brushes, such high quality and this angled blush brush is a winner for me. At under $25.00 it’s great value for money as it does the same job as much more expensive brushes. Love the Matt black and gold, it’s packaged with class. The bristles are dense yet soft so really gentle on skin. The brush itself blends my blush and bronzers with ease, giving a professional streak free, smooth, seamless finish. The handle is comfortable to hold and it’s great for either cream or powder blushes, I particularly love it for my powder blush and bronzer for contouring. The brush lasts for ages, love it and absolutely recommend it
I use this angled blush brush for contouring and it does a job. It picks up the right among of bronzer and blend out nicely on my face without leaving harsh lines . I did try to use the brush to apply brush which blend out well too but I think I works better as contour brush.
I use this blush brush  for contouring. The angle is perfect and the bristles are soft enough that you don’t get harsh lines but can still control where the product goes.   The handle is comfortable to use as well. I’m a huge fan of this brand. Love it!
My go-to blush and contour brush! I love how well-designed the brush is, as it allows me to create chiseled cheekbones with ease. I always reach for it because: - the brush is great quality and feels super soft (not scratchy) against your skin. It has synthetic bristles which are densely packed and well shaped to create a professional makeup application result.  - it dispenses the right amount of product. Even though sometimes I can be a bit heavy handed with bronzer (yasss I'm all about that glow!) the brush makes application a breeze and helps to diffuse any harsh lines. I never look streaky or patchy.  - I have washed the brush a few times, with a gentle brush cleaner and it is still good as new. I haven't experienced any shedding or any deterioration in shape or quality of the brush - The brush looks luxurious and gives the high end brushes a run for their money. It performs beyond that expected of its affordable price tag and is a welcome addition to my brush collection!! I store my brushes with the bristles upright in a brush holder so they are easily accessible and retain their shape. I have found the Nude by Nature brush line to be great quality and also durable for travel, even when packed together with my makeup bag. Well designed and easy to use, it makes my morning makeup routine easier & quicker without compromising on perfect application! 
I love this angled brush. From the get go, it looks fantastic.... so sleek, elegant & professional! It is firm, yet the bristles are soft and gentle and my face. This makes it the perfect brush to contour beautiful angles while at the same time, not irritating even the most delicate skin. I think this is why this is the perfect brush for me. My skin is very sensitive and irritates  very easily, yet I can use Nude by Nature brushes without any troubles. I'm very impressed with this product and will continue to use it for a long time to come. I would recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who likes a flawless contour. Thankyou  Nude by Nature
The Nude by Nature Angled Blush Brush is one of my favourites from their new pro brush collection. While it is designed & marketed as a blush brush, I prefer to use this as a contour brush as the angle is perfectfor sculpting the cheekbones and creating a natural contour shadow. The synthetic fibre bristles are soft and flexible, but densely packed so they don’t splay when you apply pressure with the brush. I have used this brush with both cream and powder products, and I find this brushto work best with powder. The quality and durability of the brush is great, too! I have cleaned my brush approx. five times and it has retained its shape perfectly and has not shed any bristles. It’s also visually pleasing-- the ferrel is gunmetal grey that tapers to a black plastic end which makes it easy to handle and store. I thoroughly enjoy using this brush and find myself reaching for it over my high-end contour brushes, which says a lot! As with all Nude By Nature products they are cruelty free,which I find especially important when considering makeup brushes. Overall, I am very happy with this brush--it’s luxurious& ethical without the hefty price tag.
It is quite a big contour brush, but the shape of this brush makes it perfect for getting smooth angles in your contouring. It is soft (as a baby's bum? nah more like a bunny, bunnies are wayyyyy softer!) Nude by Nature has absolutely nailed it in their new brush range, they are truly magnificent and easy to use and long lasting and easy to clean.