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Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush 17

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Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush 17 is an angled eyeliner brush for precisely applying eyeliner to all eye shapes. The flat tip and stiff bristles allow for better control to create defined lines. It can also be used to shape and define brows.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush 17


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Great control

The Angled Eyeliner Brush is just one of the many Nude by Nature brushes I have. One thing I particularly like about the Nude by Nature ibrushes is the design giving the perfect length and thickness. I don't use eyeliner so I use the brush for my eyebrows and eyeshadow. The bristles of the brush are strong and dense but also soft making it an ideal brush around the eye area. The angle of the brush makes it ideal for filling in my eyebrows or to apply eyeshadow. This is an easy to handle brush giving more control which makes applying products around the eye that much easier.
I love this eyeliner brush as I have been using it with my brow pomades for a while now!  I love that its multi-useable and works as an eyebrow brush as well! The brush allows me to create a perfect outline around my brows and has quickly become a favourite over my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow brush! The bristles of this brush are so soft on my skin and has lasted me a long time! If you're looking for an eyeliner brush that can double as an eyebrow brush, this is perfect for you!
My Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush was in a set of brushes, and it is about 13 centimetres long. The brush is firm, but it does not feel scratchy. I’ve tried using the brush to apply eyeshadow and gel eyeliner to my upper lash line. Although the brush was okay for this purpose, I did not get the precision that I prefer for my small and hooded eyes. I have mostly used the brush to apply eyeshadow to my lower lash line. Even then, I have other eye brushes in my collection that give me slightly more precision. So far, the brush has not shed even though I have regularly washed it.
This brush is fantastic! I have two of these; one for my eyeliner and one to apply brow products with; it works well in both cases. The bristles are dense and stiff, allowing you to control exactly where you apply your product. The edge is perfectly slanted, which helps create a sharp wing of eyeliner.  The brush is easily washed, and has kept it's shape well. Its such an affordable, great quality brush. I'd definitely recommend it and would repurchase it if I needed to. 
I love this brush. I got it as part of a set, but i could not be happier. I use it for defining my brows. The angle, width and firmness of the bristles allows for the right application of powder or pomade without making my brows look bushy. I find the length of the brush easy to manage. I've cleaned my brush over ten times now and have not noticed and shedding or fraying, which I think speaks to the quality. Highly recommend!
I got this brush as a part of the Nude By Nature brush set in a case. And it is my most used brush. Bristles are well cut and firm at the angle (perfect for the wing), so applying my fave colour eyechadows and eye pigments as eyeliners are a dream! There is no shedding and bristles after so much use (months!) are in same condition as when bought. Such an affordable little gem and works as well as my high end alternative. The bristles are synthetic, vegan friendly and the whole brand is cruelty free.
The best aspect of this brush is the stiff bristles which make application easy and precise. It allows me apply my liner with ease and avoid mistakes also! The brush itself looks so sleek and classy. Nude By Nature brushes are renowned for these beauty and usability and this brush is definitely designed for proficient eye makeup application. Highly recommended!
I adore this brush. The handle is the perfect length for precision application and is slim enough to provide a firm grip. The bristles are soft and firm and allow me to line my eyes on top and bottom lash line. It applies the thinnest sharpest line in one swipe, making it an absolute cinch to use! 
This brush is perfect for creating on point eyebrows. It gives you a precise and defined eyebrow shape.  The stiffness of the bristles means you have more control , and feels like as if you are coloring in your eyebrows with a pencil. The luxe rose gold finish of this brush is an added bonus. I also use it as an eyeliner brush and sometimes use it to line my eyes with eye shadow. This brush gives me a sharp line and I love the fact that with this brush i can utilize my eye shadows as eyeliners. Good quality bristles that do not fall apart when washed.
I have tried eyeliner brushes from different brands and I have to say this eyeliner brush is worth trying. The bristles are soft and defined which picks up the right amount of product and glides on smoothly and precisely. This brush is super easy to control and can achieve wing eyes easily.
This has a nice stiff togetherness of the bristles which make it easy to use as a liner brush.  I like to use it to put eyeshadow on my eyes right along the lashline.  I can trust this brush to give me accurate results.  Though the bristles have that special togetherness, they are still soft enough to use on the delicate eye areas.  As per instructions about this brush by Nude By Nature, it can also be used to tame the eyebrows.  My five star rating of this brush reflects my opinion that this is a brush of excellent quality and function.
Love love love this eyeliner brush, I have several nude by nature brushes and they deliver the same results as much more expensive brands. I love the angled brush which gives a nice precise line. It's easy to use as the bristles themselves are quite stiff so it's easy to pick up and apply product. The bronzer gold brush looks and feels luxe and at $17.00 it's great value for money. The flat tip makes the brush easy to control for a fine line or flick, super easy. A great brush that I highly recommend