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Nude by Nature Blending Brush 15

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Nude by Nature Blending Brush 15 is an eyeshadow brush for blending eyeshadow colours and softening harsh lines for a flawless eye makeup look. It features a flat, oval shape with soft, high quality synthetic fibres.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Blending Brush 15


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I absolutely love this blending brush! I got it in my Nude By Nature brush sets that I purchased from Priceline. It picks up product very well and does a great job in blending my crease in , which is what I use it for! Nude By Nature brushes are known for their sleek design and soft bristled brushes, which works well on my eyelids. I have dermatitis and find some brushes in my collection can be quite scratchy, which is why I reach for this blending brush! The price point is also amazing! This brush has lasted me many years and barely sheds its hair! 
Nude By Nature makes incredible makeup brushes, and this one is no exception. Its the perfect brush to blend out eyeshadow, especially in the crease of the eyelid. The bristles are densely packed together, but they taper out at the end allowing you to buff and blend out your eyeshadow seamlessly.  The handle feels sturdy and looks sleek. The bristles are soft and feel natural, especially for a synthetic brush.  I use this everyday, it's my favourite eyeshadow blending brush, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wears eyeshadow!
I've got Zoeva and Real Techniques blending brushes and they don't perform as well as this brush. It's soft, blends well and a perfect size. It picks up the perfect amount of product and doesn't she'd after washing either. I need to buy multiple of these to replace the others in my collection
I have been a fan of nude by nature for a long time and let me just say, this blending brush is the absolute best brush I have ever found.  It applies my eye shadow without any patchiness and personally it’s the only blending brush I use. I have bought this brush for my friends as well because they loved mine so much. If you are looking for a great blending brush, this is it, you have found it
As if the Nude by Nature range wasn't good enough, their collection of make-up tools lend further strength to the brand. The brushes are a nicely-presented and affordable product that punch well above their price point. The generous tip and shape works perfectly to pick up colour and blend over the eye. This feels like a much more expensive brush to use, with firm quality bristles and a nicely balanced handle for easy use and a top quality finish for your eye looks.
Being a 10 year loyal customer of Nude by Nature skin care, I decided to buy their make-up brushes in a desperate need to find some that actually apply my eyeshadows on smoothly and don't break after a few months... low and behold, they were exactly what I was hoping they would be! Fantastic! The brushes are so soft and gentle on my sensitive skin, great for travelling as the size isn't too big in smaller cosmetic bags, great after washing and cleaning. Most of all, they apply my makeup beautifully, with hardly any residue left on it for the next time I apply a different shade. 5 stars out of 5!
When I first set eyes on this brush I didn't think I was going to like it the way I do - so it is a bit of a hidden gem of a make-up brush for me.  It doesn't appear at first sight to be anything out of the ordinary but after I used it for the first time to gently blend the edge of my eyeshadow, to say I was surprised is an understatement - I was stoked!  For real, this is a brush I would never have thought to want to use as often as I do now.  I can see it gives a professional look to my eye make-up and I'm far from a professional.  Yes I love to play around with make-up but a make-up artist degree I have not.  With this brush though, I am ecstatic to say that I can achieve a high-quality look to my eyeshadow creations.  The bristles are beautifully soft as expected from a Nude By Nature brush but they are also excellently cut so that the length and shape of the bristles is 'just so' for blending my eyeshadows on my lids with absolute ease.   After applying eyeshadow to my lid in the areas I want them with an eyeshadow applicator/brush I can then use this Blending Brush to do all the hard work in getting my make-up to look well done - in making my eyeshadow edges softened.  I use little 'sweeping' movements - it just takes a few seconds for each eye to be blended to perfection.   I could call this my magic little eyeshadow broom!  I love how gentle this feels to use on my delicate skin on my lids too.  When I use this brush I find it's like clicking my fingers to get the eyeshadow looking great and to achieve top results that I feel confident wearing.  It's great to use when I'm in a hurry and also when I am not. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to perfect their eyeshadow look, who wants to give it a more professional look but wants to do it easily.   This brush is also comfortable to hold and there is never, ever a stray hair from it.  Did this brush drop out of heaven?  It really is that good and I'd buy it again in a pinch if I lost it.
Most makeup brushes by Nude By Nature are very good quality and are very affordable comparing to other brushes in the market. This blending brush is one of the most used in my brush collection. The bristles are soft enough to pick up the right amount of eyeshadow and blend out nicely on my eye lids.
This is a very well made brush, bristles are soft and gentle and of great quality  it does a fabulous job blending. What I love about this brush is that even after washing it there is no shedding. Definitely a must have in your makeup kit the price isn't bad at all, such a great purchase!
This is such a gorgeous quality eyeshadow brush, the bristles are really high quality and firm enough to deliver just enough eye product and blends beautifully for a professional blended finish. This is so easy to use for gorgeous eyeshadow application and at a fabulous price. I love the flat oval shape, there are no downsides to this brush, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it