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Nude by Nature Complexion Essentials Starter Kit

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Nude by Nature Complexion Essentials Starter Kit is a makeup essentials starter kit that includes an Airbrush Mineral Primer, Natural Mineral Cover, Liquid Mineral Concealer, Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Finishing Veil, Flawless Travel Brush and Makeup Case.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in three shades.


Nude by Nature Complexion Essentials Starter Kit


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OMG I LOVE NUDE BY NATURE PRODUCTS !!! I love all of the Nude By Nature products and sets, they are so perfect and have beautiful packaging and their products are always so great.  I love the Airbrush Mineral Primer so much, it's beautiful under makeup. The Mineral Bronzer is one of my absolute favs. And the Mineral Finishing Veil is absolutely perfection.
So happy to review this great product & I've used Nude products for years so when I saw this little starter purse I couldn't resist  rushing out to get it. Starting with the airbrush mineral primer building up with the mineral cover,  bronzer & finishing veil for a flawless finish. So lovely on your skin & a perfect result every time, beautiful products I'm happy to say I have them all  & love them
This is a handy little set for travelling and has everything you need - primer, concealer, foundation, finishing powder, bronzer and a cute little powder brush to apply the foundation and finishing powder. I have the set in Light and suits my pale skin.  The primer has a gorgeous citrus scent and applied like a moisturiser. I'm not sure it did much to make my makeup last any longer though. The powder foundation applied really well even on my normal to dry skin and absorbed any excess oil from my skincare/primer. I didn't feel it was necessary to use the finishing powder on top. I didn't use the bronzer as I'm more of a blush gal.
This kit although only travel size packs the awesomeness of a full size kit. Before I got this I wasn’t very familiar with some of the products but the step by step guide made it so much easier to follow. Overall this product is a winner and amazing quality!
This is an essential for every makeup user out there. It is perfect for your both your everyday makeup and your party makeup. This product lets you look natural whilst still covering any imperfections you may have. It is easy to use and the product formulas are amazing and also gives you the perfect finish.
I love this kit so much. Its the perfect kit for days when i dont want to spend hours doing my makeup. I have seriously uneven skin tone and the mineral cover evens it out so nicely. None of the products make my acne flare up either and thats amazing. The brush has to be one of the best i own and i use the primer with any foundation and love it. Over all an A+++
This kit was perfect for me! I am prone to dry skin and redness so I have been experimenting with different brands to see what works best for my skin. I found the primer was perfect for making my skin look hydrated and for even coverage. The powder mineral coverage is so light and it didn't clog my pores like some other foundations do! The bronzer is a great shade on my skin (light/medium) and all of it is long lasting.  The overall kit is also a perfect size for travel or just to put in your purse if you need touch ups during the day but haven't needed any touch ups with this kit anyway!
This little kit is the perfect way to dip your toe into mineral makeup, or it also makes a great travel kit. Either way, there is everything you need for the perfect base. I use the shade “medium” and I really like the way I can build up the coverage of the powder. I don’t love the mess I seem to make with loose powder and it’s even harder to use the mini pots. The brush is beautiful, so soft and no shedding.
I got this to try a whole heap of nude by nature products. I love that it comes with lots of little products to try as i am always looking for new products to add to my make up collection.This is a great starter pack for anyone who really likes mineral make up as it is a good price and saves you money compared to buying them all separately. I tried these and found that i am not a huge fan of mineral make up but that is just my personal preference as i like something with a bit more coverage.
The Nude by Nature starter kit is great for anyone looking for an all natural, cruelty free makeup pack that's got everything you need to create a nice everyday look! I am a long time fan of Nude by Nature and while their products are great value, getting all of these products in a set makes it even more affordable.  For those that have never tried Nude by Nature products, I would recommend starting out with a pack like this as it contains some of their most popular products, that way you'll get a feel for what the products are like.  Plus, buying all of these products individually will cost you a lot more so purchasing them in this starter kit will be great value.  It has all the makeup staples you would need to create a flawless look including their airbrush mineral primer, natural mineral cover, liquid concealer, bronzer, finishing veil, travel brush and it all comes housed in a beautiful black makeup case to keep your products all in one place!  Airbrush mineral primer- It's always good to start off your makeup look with a primer as it keeps your skin soft and ready for makeup application.  This ensures that your makeup stays in place and won't cause any fading.  It is full of amazing ingredients like Kakadu plum to brighten the skin, papaya extra to keep skin soft, and green tea and vitamin A for anti ageing benefits.  It goes on so nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or heavy.  It's lightweight and when I apply my makeup it stays on for hours!  Natural mineral foundation - The mineral foundation has to be my favourite because it can be worn on its own for lightweight coverage or as a setting powder to keep your foundation in place for an airbrushed look.  It contains kaolin clay which helps absorb excess oil which is perfect for my oily skin. It contains SPF 15 and keeps my skin looking fresh all day  Liquid concealer- We all could use a bit of concealer and this one is great as it helps cover up dark circles and gives you a fresh appearance even if you only got 5 hours of sleep.  It blends really nicely, doesn't crease and won't appear cakey.  It contains jojoba oil to hydrate the skin as well as vitamin E and shea butter.  Bronzer- No makeup look is complete without a bit of bronzer.  The Nude by Nature mineral bronzer gives skin a warm, healthy and sun kissed glow.  You can use it on the apples of your cheeks in place of blush or lightly dusted across your face for a natural look.  I also like to use a little underneath my cheekbones for a contoured look.  It has a hint of glitter but nothing too sparkly.  It blends really nicely and I even like to use it as eyeshadow.   Finishing veil- The finishing veil is a setting powder which helps keep your makeup in place while absorbing any excess oil so your skin stays matte and shine free throughout the day.  I apply it with a round powder brush all over my face and helps my makeup last longer without making my skin look white.  It doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or dry and it won't settle into fine lines.   Travel brush- The brush is great for using with mineral powder, pressed powder and blush.  It's soft, fluffy and doesn't irritate my skin.  The size is small so I can take it with me when I'm travelling.  It's easy to hold, it doesn't shed and it applies the product evenly.  Makeup case- I love being able to store my makeup in the case and even when the products finish I like to use it for storing my makeup brushes.  It's medium sized and black so it won't get dirty and it's perfect when travelling as I can take whatever products I want and zip it up in the bag.   The sizes are perfect for taking with you on overnight trips or when travelling.  You don't want to worry about bringing heavy items or products that will potentially spill and cause a mess so these products will definitely give you piece of mind.  The quality of the products are great and I find that I don't have to use much of it to create a professional look.  It's a great way of sampling their products and it's nice to know that their products are all natural, cruelty free and they are an Australian brand! 
I really like shopping on the Nude By Nature Website. It's a hard choice with a variety of enticing kits to choose from.  After some intense contemplation I decided I would be happy with the Complexion Essentials Starter Kit. The price was amazing and it seemed to have all the basics I needed. Included is a Makeup Case. Airbrush Mineral Primer, Liquid Mineral Concealer, Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Finishing Veil, Flawless Travel Brush and Natural Mineral Cover which I adore. I highly recommend you to check out the range of kits online.  
This is a great starter kit for anyone not familiar with the nude by nature brand, it has everything you need for a professional makeup look, it also makes a great gift. I love mineral makeup and love that this is all natural and free from nasties so is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Its packaged nicely and is great value for money as it contains a lot for the price. The pigments in the products are high quality and the brush is great for application and blending with quality bristles that dont shed, love the matt black and classy rose gold and it all comes in a handy travel case, big bonus. The primer is light to wear and forms a lovely base for the foundation, making skin ultra smooth, the mineral cover covers skin imperfections and gives a polished natural look, the concealer covers imperfections without going cakey. I adore the bronzer as it gives a lovely natural glow that looks healthy and the finishing powder does a great job of keeping oil at bay and setting my makeup so it looks quite professional. I absolutely love this kit, would purchase it again and I highly recommend it.
This is a good kit for those who like mineral makeup. I find a lot of mineral makeup gives only a sheer finish. I would use this product as an everyday use, especially to cover my oily to combination skin. The primer is a nice product to work with. A pea sized amout covered the whole face and left a smooth finish. I found the concealer a very  good product. It blended well using my fingertips and didnt leave a sticky residue as I tend to find this with alot of concealers. The finish didnt leave creases under my eyes either. I found the foundation to be a bit difficult to work with at first. I am used to medium to full coverage. First application was so sheer I thought I hadnt applied it properly. Once I biult it up, I found the texture of my face to be quite chalky. Which concludes to the obvious; this foundation is sheer to light coverage only. Does not cover up acne very well but covers my redness quite significantly. I will continue to use this on a daily basis simply for the shine free finish on my oily to combination complexion. The bronzer is amazing! Easy to use and only minimal amounts are needed. Blends perfectly and leaves a nice warm glow to the skin. I wasnt really sold on the Veil, I may have used it wrong as I just dabbed it around the face. I didnt want to disturb the foundation and bronzer too much by brushing over the foundation and bronzer again. Overall this is a great little travel set. I would recommend this product for those who want a sheer coverage foundation and for those who just want rid of the 'shine' off their face.
A very useful kit for makeup on the go. perfect for travelling , especially the case it comes with, is so roomy and can hold your extra makeup such as lipsticks,mascara etc. I have been carrying this kit inside my handbag for impromptu makeup application.  The mineral foundation is the best, lightweight coverage and stays throughout the whole day leaving my skin healthy and does not clog my pores. the finish is natural too. The brush is amazingly soft and works so well with the powder foundation. The bronzer is pigmented and blends in really well. Love the primer too , extends the life of my foundation. Very luxurious set and it is worth it.
This kit is GREAT for beginners and shows you just some of the stuff you need for your daily makeup routine. It can be brought at a very reasonable price, it’s often on sale at Priceline.  The brush is the best thing about the kit, it’s soft and hold powders so well.  The foundation I got was too dark for me but I have very light skin so I wouldn’t recommend this for anybody with lighter skin tones.  It isn’t full coverage but offers a light coverage which is good for a day to day basis but I just want something a bit more. 
This travel size complexion kit is a way to try out this brand which is why I bought it. This kit has everything I needed to give my face a natural look and the travel size is so handy to fit in my makeup bag. I usually wear a little bit of makeup to gym (I know I shouldn't) and I always use foundation and loose powder with natural ingredients. The products in this kit didn't disappoint me as most of the products stayed in place and still looking fresh.
The Complexion Essentials Starter Kit from Nude by Nature makes for a fantastic travel set due to the miniature size of products included. The kit includes: primer, mineral loose foundation, finishing veil setting powder, loose bronzer, concealer, brush and a makeup case. I really like how all these products work together to provide a great and easy to do look for everyday. The only one I struggle with is the loose powder bronzer as I find it a bit too messy.
I tried this set recently as I had heard some good things about the brand. I am normally a liquid foundation girl, which is odd because I tend to err on the oily side and you would think I would opt for matte/powders. This kit is great as an entry to the brand and products and also would be great for those who love the products and are travelling or who are new to make up. I found the primer was lovely and I liked the scent, I really liked the concealer, it was easy to blend out and offered great coverage. I didn’t love it under the powder though, but it was great under my liquid foundation. The mineral foundation didn’t really do much for me in the way of coverage but it did even my complexion out which was nice. The bronzer was lovely and matte (I hate shimmer) and the veil I wasn’t fussed on either way. The package comes with handy instructions inside of the box which I took a photo of before recycling and it gives great instructions for each product. I was confused about how to use the brush - I tried to tap it in as suggested but failed. I liked it and am glad I tried it but probably wouldn’t buy again while my skin is as it is.
It's a lovely little kit that is very thoughtfully designed and contains every essential product you can need for a flawless base. It's also a great way of brand introduction. The brush is small enough to carry along but at the same time long enough to be used comfortably. The selection of products is very clever - just enough things that one might need and in enough quantity to easily last for a week or two. I can imagine how this adorable looking case, that is both practical and chic looking, can be a life saver for those who have to travel often. Having said that, the products in themselves didn't impress me much. The primer smells quite refreshing but bit too oily. The concealer is one of those magic products where little is lot but doesn't blend well. The powder foundation has to be my favorite from the bunch - easy to apply, blends well, makes everything even-tone but ended up highlighting the dry patches. The bronzer's color is beautiful but not very pigmented. The veil powder is alright but you can do without it, too. Overall, the products are still far more decent than average drug store lines, so definitely good for a quick fix on the go but won't be using them when I'm home and have other options.
I love this set! They are travel sizes and it's just the perfect way to test out products to see if you like them. The bag is really cute and small, so perfect for travelling and so pretty. The brush is lovely, I initially bought the mineral powder brush and ended returning it cause I thought the brush in this set was better, it's a bit flatter than the NBN mineral brush and a tiny bit denser, but not a kabuki style, it's just right. If you're debating between the two brushes for applying powder (like I was debating), get this one. I went for the Light/Medium (btw it's slightly pinky)shade and I should have gone for the medium, however not a problem, I ended up tipping some of the bronzer into the powder and now I have the perfect colour, it seems to also have made it go more yellowy due to the brown, which was amazing that I could do that. I loved both products! The mineral cover gives a light coverage (can be worked up to a medium) and HOLY GRAIL, this is my holy grail. I have tried a lot of mineral powders, and I will no longer try any more cause I have found it! It just blends into the skin and looks natural (but better). Regarding the bronzer, I loved the colour, but I found the pot far too small for ease-of-use, so it was quite difficult to keep tipping and applying. The concealer, I believe is a shade lighter (so mine was in Light) and I use it for under the eye and to brighten certain areas, it's important to set it with the mineral veil. the primer... I don't think I can provide advice as I don't generally use primers, as they always break me out. This primer is good, no breakouts and seems to sit well with the makeup. I personally think it smells good, I've read reviews saying otherwise, but I like the natural smell. Overall I'm really excited to try more from NBN and they seem to be doing wonders for my skin in the short amount of time that I've been using them.