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Nude by Nature Concealer Brush is an ultra-soft, synthetic fibre makeup brush for applying concealer. The brush is ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered bristle tips to help create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Concealer Brush


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Smooth application

I love everything about the Nude by Nature Concealer Brush. The perfect length of this chocolate brown brush with its rose gold ferrules makes it easy to handle, and the two-toned firmly packed bristles are soft enough to use on any part of my face. I use this brush for different liquid concealers and foundations around my nose and under my eyes and even on my eyelids. I use either the flat of the brush or the sides to get into those pokey little places to even out the product I’m using. It’s such a handy little brush and one I can use every day. It’s extremely easy to keep clean and it doesn’t lose its bristles.
I own and love all the NBN brushes especially the concealer brush because the bristles are at the right firmness and the size of the brush is perfect for covering my pimples. The brush works nicely covering my dark circles but just requires a little more time to avoid strikes. Overall, such a great and affordable brush.
This is the only concealer brush I own; I've thrown the rest away. I have 2 of these, and they're absolutely fantastic. The bristles are soft and feel natural even though they are synthetic. It lasts well through washes, and is surprisingly easy to spot clean after each use.  The brush blends concealer incredibly well. It helps distribute the product evenly, leaving no streaks. It's able to get close to my eye when working in that area, due to the tapered shape. This concealer brush is an absolute bargain at $15, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high end concealer brush; I bet they wouldn't be able to tell the difference!
This Concealer Brush is the MOST used Nude By Nature brush that I own - I use it almost every single day.  Even days when I'm not using foundation I still like to add a little concealer under my eyes and use this is the brush I use to apply it.  The bristles are just the right density, length and softness and yet have just the right strength in them to apply my concealer accurately and then blend it gently too.   The brush at the tip has bristles that are chiseled and rounded into a shape that makes applying the concealer right up close to under my lower lash-line very easy.   So this brush has bristles that are gentle enough on the skin for that delicate under-eye area yet they are dense enough to have a good strength to them.   The handle is easy to hold and the name of this brush is printed on the handle - not that I would get this brush mixed up with my other brushes because it's the one that constantly has concealer product on it because I use it a lot.  Ever since I started using this brush I haven't gone back to applying concealer any other way or with any other brush that I've owned in the past.  This brush is it!  I can see why it's got such great high ratings from other reviewers too. My best tip regarding this brush is:  when applying the concealer with the brush, move the concealer around a bit with the brush on the skin, just gently, to make an even application before I using a warm fingertip to melt the applied concealer.  Gently pat the skin under the eye area.  I find by doing this I ensure that there are no telltale edges to my concealer.  This could be just the type of concealer I use but this method does work very well.  I love this brush to help me get my concealer right every day!  It helps me put just the right amount of concealer on so it doesn't appear too heavy.   By using this brush and my finger patting method, the end result is my applied concealer looks invisible while covering the under-eye circles and discoloration.  
This nude by nature concealer brush is awesome value for money as at under $15.00 it does a fabulous job of applying and blending concealer for a truly professional finish. The brush lasts for ages, it’s high quality, firm enough to blend yet soft on skin and it doesn’t shed. The tapered bristles and comfortable handle make it super easy to use, to blend under eyes and for spot concealing. I love the rose gold and Matt black. This brush is a winner, love it.
I love a good flat brush to help apply and blend my face products and this little concealer brush from Nude By Nature has a great shape for that. The bristles are tightly packed for a nice flat surface finish, yet they are soft and gentle on the skin. My little trick is that apart from applying actual concealer, I also use it to apply and blend out eyeshadow primer on my top lid - it works so well for that!
I love this concealer brush so much, and it does such a good job at applying and blending my concealer in, especially under the eyes. I've had this brush for a while but it still works perfectly and I use it every time put my make-up on. It's an affordable product that lasts for a long time, definitely recommend!!
I now have another brush to add to my makeup tools kit. The price is reasonable but some people may find it too much but trust me, there are brushes out there for almost $80 which makes this brush look great. I normally apply my undereye concealer then blend it in really well with the brush so I don't get any strokes left behind. This Nude By Nature brush is easy to hold, feels smooth against my skin without the scruffiness and doesn't leave behind all those pesky little hairs. I have to be honest and say this isn't my number one concealer brush but it does the job and I guess that's what's important.
This is a brush I reach for most often when I am applying my under eye concealer. I normally start by using my fingers then I blend and finish off by using this brush. It has an easy to hold handle which allows for fine contouring and delicate application of my concealer. This brush is a must have in my beauty kit because it makes applying my concealer an easy task due to its tapered bristles and well designed handle. Recommended for anyone who wants to fine tune their concealer techniques with a specific concealer brush.
I bought the concealer brush to blend in my undereyes and spot concealer. It works really well and easy to wash which I love. I do find you have to blend really well otherwise you might be able to see strokes however it is affordable and lasts a really long time!