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Nude by Nature Contour Eye Pencil is a highly pigmented pencil eyeliner for creating both natural and dramatic eye makeup looks. The formula contains mango and macadamia oils to enable the pencil to glide smoothly over the eyes, creating a rich line with intense definition.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in six shades.


Nude by Nature Contour Eye Pencil


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I have this eye pencil in brown and anthracite and alternate between the two depending on what look I'm going for. Generally, I like the brown for every day use and the anthracite for when I'm going out to a party or dinner. My personal favourite thing about these pencils is how smoothly they glide onto my eyelids! Usually, I'm not big on pencils and prefer gel liners because I hate tugging at my eyelid when I'm doing my makeup. But the texture of these pencils is silky smooth, probably due to the mango and macadamia oil in the formula. It also comes with a soft-tipped end which I absolutely love and use to smudge out the line for a less intense look. Pros: - Smooth application - Very versatile and can easily alternate between day and night looks - Comes with a soft-tipped end for smudging out harsh lines Cons: - None
This pencil comes in a range of colours, Rainforest being my favourite. It's a gorgeous green colour that looks great with my blue eyes. The actual pencil looks very stylish with a metallic shine to it and I love that it has a smudging tool at the other end of it - very handy when you just want to pop it in your bag without having to take anything else with you. The pencil glides on super smooth and the colour is instant and a gorgeous smokey green. I don't mind a pencil, I find you can sharpen it to a very fine point which you don't get with some wind up eyeliners. If I'm in a rush and can't find my sharpener, I just apply it to my hand then use a thin eyeliner brush to put it on my eyes and this works great. I like that the texture is so smooth and easy to work with. It does fade a bit however it depends what style you've gone for as to how noticeable it is. I really like this pencil and colour and recommend it if you're looking for something other than blue or brown, that is easy to work with and apply, while also being very affordable.
This super creamy and pigmented Contour Eye Pencil by Nude for Nature, is full of the good things that are non irritating to my super sensitive eyes. It applies without dragging on my ageing and dry eyelids, it blends like a dream and to turn it into a long lasting eyeliner I have a little trick. If it's hot, humid, you're exercising or just teary, apply this eyeliner to a lid that has been primed (try Nude's Eye Primer). Sift a small amount of translucent powder onto a tissue, distribute around the tissue, apply to eyelid, brush off excess. Apply the eyeliner. Blot the tissue over the eyeliner again, reapply the eyeliner and voila you have a waterproof eyeliner. Of course being a pencil you need to sharpen it, but this is the reason softer pencils are still in this form, the automatic, retractable liners have to have a drier, waxier texture as they melt and break because they don't have the natural insulation and protection of the wood pulp. Cosmetic science, don't you love it! So if you want the versatility of a soft, easy to blend and remove pencil. Go this pencil!
I have this eyeliner in both brown and black, and both are fantastic. They are extremely pigmented and long lasting. I don't have to worry about touching up my liner at all when I use these; it stays perfect all day! The formula is creamy and easy to apply. It spreads evenly and doesn't pull at my skin when I use it. I love that it includes a smudge brush at the other end, it works well to create a smokey eye look. These are affordable liners that are really high quality. I'd love to try the blue and green shades. 
The Nude by Nature contour eye pencil is great for lining your eyes, both on your top and bottom lash line as well as using it for creating a super simple smokey eye.  The eye pencil is on one end while on the other end is the smudge brush which helps create that lived in, smokey eye for a sultry evening look.   The pencil is easy to use and quite precise so when I'm using it to line my upper lash line I like to get it as close to my lash line as possible.  You can create either a thin, barely there eyeliner look or you can make it thick for a bold cat eye.  No matter what style you're going for, it's going to look good! Compared to other eye pencils, this one glides on quite easily and it doesn't tug at my skin.  I apply the pencil very gently and then press slightly harder for more pigmentation.  The drawback with pencil is that it can be flaky and get all over your face but this one didn't flake or crumble at all which was a plus.  I also like to use it on my waterline and it gives my eyes definition especially when I just use them on the outer edge of my eye.  When I want to create a smokey eye, I just draw the pencil back and forth from the outer corner of my eye to about half way in the middle.  Then I take the smudge brush at the other end and blend it side to side and out to give it a smokey, winged look.  It's really easy to create and doesn't require much time.  Overall I find that the pigmentation of the pencil is great and it stays on nicely.  It does fade ever so slightly throughout the day but you can always touch it up if you want to.
I bought the Contour Eye Pencil in brown which is a great chocolate brown shade that provided good colour payoff. The pencil was a bit difficult to apply on my upper lash line because it tugged on the skin. I found it easy to use the pencil on my lower lash line. I’m in my fifties and the skin on my eyelids is a bit loose,so someone that’s younger than me probably would find the pencil easier to use.The pencil had decent longevity on most days, but it also occasionally smudged. I never experienced irritation when using the pencil.   I had to sharpen the pencil a few times during one application to maintain its sharpness. When I was close to using up the pencil,it broke so much that I discarded it.  
The Nude by Nature eyeliner is a great eyeliner but it’s not as long lasting as a lot of others on the market. The pigmentation is great, I have the kohl and it looks perfect along my lash line, and I like having the soft tip for smudging and creating a smoky eye look with it. It applies smoothly and glides easily across the eyelid, isn’t dry and feels quite pleasant. A few things I don’t like about it however, the colour needs to be touched up during the day, and you need to sharpen the pencil, of which I am not a fan, I much prefer a wind up. 
This is a highly pigmented, easy to use eye pencil. I have the shade brown. It glides on easily and is a beautiful rich brown shade (which compliments my brown eyes!). The smudger it comes with is good to use on the top lash line to give the effect of fuller lashes too. The only downsides are that you have to sharpen the pencil as it doesn't wind, and it tends to irritate my eyes a bit and makes them a bit red.
I loved this nude by nature contour eye pencil as it is so easy to use. The formula is super creamy so it glides on easily without dragging for a nice precise line. The pencil is super smooth and high quality and it lasts all day without smudging. it feels nice and light to wear and gives a lovely definition and great smokey look when blended with ease. I love that it has natural ingredients, great for those with sensitive skin. The classy gold colouring is an added bonus and feels quite luxe. I love nude by nature and this great pencil is a must for any cosmetics bag, great product, I highly recommend it
This is a great eye penncil! I have this in brown. It's extremely pigmented, it glides on easily and has a handy smudger on the end. I love using this to tightline, along my waterline and I use it kind of like a liquid eyeliner above me lashline. It makes my brown eyes pop. The only one downside to this is that it has to be sharpened, which can waste slot of the product. The other thing is, this doesn't tend to irritate my eyes. After I use it, my eyes get very red. So if you have sensitive eyes, just be careful.
This Nude By Nature eye pencil applies creamy and glides onto my eyes for creating beautiful and captivating looks. The eye pencil doesn't pull on my skin and doesn't irritate my eyes. It is easy to hold and makes application a breeze! One side of the pencil is a sponge applicator if you want to create a smokey or try a smudged look. It is a soft sponge so it doesn't press or hurt my eyes when using it. This pencil comes in a versatile range of colours which make it fun and appealing to use. To remove, I use an eye make up remover in cotton pad and that works well.  The pencil also has the classy Nude By Nature gold colouring on the outside and the pencil shade is also on the outside of the pencil so you can find out the colour easily among your collection. This pencil contains natural ingredients so you aren't putting anything harmful near your delicate eyes. It's a great eye pencil which is soft and creamy to use.  Pros: Inexpensive  Easy to apply Can create versatile looks Cons: Sometimes needs reapplication as it can fade away after a few hours Tip:  Use the soft tipped end to smudge and create a smooth and smokey look If it applies lightly for you, reapply for more intensity and definition  Recommendation: This is an affordable eye pencil which uses natural ingredients and would suit anyone who wants to create beautiful looks. 
I Love these amazing products which is not only long lasting but also leaves super smooth effect while applying.since the formula  contains mango and macadamia oil its great for everyday use.Nudeby nature products  has never failed to meet my expectation and This is my favorite product now.highly recommended!