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Nude by Nature Defining Lip Pencil is a highly-pigmented and long-lasting lip liner pencil. The moisturising formula contains macadamia oil, meadowfoam seed oil, mango seed oil, vitamin E and shea butter for an intensely nourishing and softening effect on lips. The pencil applies easily and distributes pigment evenly. Can be worn alone or layered with other lip products.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in six shades.


Nude by Nature Defining Lip Pencil


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This defining lip pencil is absolutely gorgeous and so easy to use! It's completely natural and the formula is soft and creamy. I love that it applies smoothly and doesn't drag across my lips. It's also quite hydrating and doesn't leave my lips feeling dry. I have the shades coral and rose which are both beautiful, natural-looking colours. I do wish they had a few more shades though! All in all, a really good lip liner that does exactly what it's meant to and keeps my lipstick from feathering.  Pros: - Beautiful colours - Easy application/smooth and buttery formula - Lasts all day - Doesn't cause dry lips Cons: - Only 6 shades - Require constant sharpening
I never used to use lip pencils on a daily basis, buts since buying two of these I have started to. These pencils are creamy, smooth, precise and easy to apply. They don't scratch my lip contours as they contain softening ingredients, and also don't crumble or break easily like some other pencils I've tried. My favourite shade is 04 Soft Pink, which although looks a bit bright, it's actually the same colour as my natural lips. I therefore use this colour to naturally and subtlety extend my lip contours slightly to give me a fuller pout. These pencils are fairly pigmented but don't look harsh and can easily be blended in with your lipstick or worn on their own to create a natural matte look. My favourite things about this product are that it's cruelty-free, non-irritating or drying as they contain so many nourishing ingredients. Like all NBN products I love the rose gold in the packaging which adds a touch of luxury. These pencils are a must-have if you want to extend the colour of your lipsticks and to add more pigmented colour and definition to your lips. The price is is very affordable so I will stock up with more shades in the future.
I don't tend to use lip liners every day, but I do like using them when I'm fully made-up to define and enhance my lips. I love Nude by Nature lipsticks and they also make some great lip liners and match them so well to their lip shades. They are easy to apply, sharpening to a point but soft enough not to drag the delicate skin on your lips, containing oils and shea butter for hydration. I own Coral (05), Rose (03) and Nude (01) and find that one of these will complement just about every lipstick shade I own, and are great for wearing with NBN's matte range as well as the moisture shine lipsticks. One tip I have found, especially with a strong colour, is to use the liner to colour in the lips as a base, before applying the lipstick. This helps avoid that ugly "lip-liner ring" if the lipstick wears off, leaving a much more natural look.  With these pencils my lip-liner needs are covered.   
Creamy, affordable, free of nasties. Just wish that they offered better shade range. None suited me (I am looking for a particular shade similar to my lip colour but tad darker...purply pink mauve. They only have all shades with brown pigment in them) but they preform well. Not scratchy and non drying to lips. Yes, they do wear well, few hours until I wipe them off to eat. You need to sharpen them, but there is also more product in the pencils than retractable ones. Plus these are more environmentally friendly as they do not come in plastic tubes.
This range of lip pencils are really good.  The packaging is simple, elegant and love how they match the entire Nude By Nature range. I actually like to use it on its own as the shades have a really good pigment.  I have the Blush Nude, 03 Rose and 04 Soft Pink shades.  I would like to see a lip pencil that is retractable, rather than having to resharpen the pencils. Having said that I have recently started using it on its side ie: laying it flat against the lip which gives better coverage and no obvious lines. Overall a great lip pencil at an affordable price. 
Love the Nude by Nature Lip Pencil. I use it as a lip liner and fill in the entire lip and cover with a lipstick to make an instant demi-matte lip! Love the texture, blendability and shade range. The only con is the pesky need to sharpen the pencil after only a few uses. Of course the quality, packaging and price are all brilliant, because this seems to be standard in Nude's product range of which I'm a super fan.
I've only tried one of these lip pencils before, but I absolutely cannot wait to buy more! I have the shade Blush Nude and it's incredible.  It's extremely pigmented and creamy, it leaves my lips feeling and looking fantastic. It's perfect to wear under lipstick or even alone, as it lasts all day.  For the price point, this product is amazing. It definitely compares to other lip liners I own from high end brands. 
I’ve always struggled to use lip pencils.  They’re either too hard or soft, break or are so pointed I can’t get them to outline my lips.  It doesn’t help that I’m clumsy.  This is the first lip pencil I’ve been able to use.  It has the perfect consistency: soft but not so soft it breaks, long lasting and seems to stay sharp even after multiple uses.  There aren’t a lot of shades (only 6), but the range is still pretty broad moving from a very neutral nude to a dark berry.  I actually bought both in the range (during their half price sale - win), and find that between these two shades my pencil needs are covered.  I also find that I can use the pencil on its own covering my lips with the flat side and a very little bit of gloss on top to even things out.  The pencil is quite pigmented and lasts a very long time.  As an older (50+) person, I do find that using a lip pencil makes my lipstick last a lot longer, particularly where I’m wearing a satin or gloss, and helps keep everything in place.  I also find it gives me a richer, more defined look.  It’s a pity it too me so long to discover that!  As with everything in the NbN range, the pencil is full of lip friendly ingredients and nothing you wouldn’t want to lick - including Jojoba oil, Macadamia oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Meadowfoam Seed Oil, which apparently is great at locking in moisture and forming a barrier to dryness.  These pencils don’t dry out my lips (again, a first for me), and of course are ethical (no palm oil or exploited workers here!), reasonably priced (especially if you get them half-priced - keep an eye on Priceline for great NbN bargains), Australian made, don’t test on animals, and don’t use any nasty ingredients.  It must be love.
Best lipliner I've ever used! This product in Nude is my holy grail of lipliners. This is my go to for a natural look by itself witb lip balm or any shade of keeps my lipstick from bleeding or a 'my lips but better' effect & it lasts!  
I am a big fan of this lip liner.  The blush nude is the perfect nude for my skin tone.  The product is soft on my lips and easy to apply, either as a liner or full cover.  Very good quality compared to more expensive brands.  You can wear alone for a Matt finish or finish with either a gloss or lippy.
Defines Luxury Very impressed with the quality of packaging from Nude By nature. This lip pencil looks very luxe with its rose gold lid . The lip-pencil glides onto my lips smoothly without scratching my lips. It is really pigmented because it covered my lips evenly without it looking patchy. The texture of the product is also creamy and smooth. When sharpened it does not break easily and can get a sharp point easily without a fuss. Used on its own also looks perfect as a matte yet hydrating lip product but pairing it with your favorite lipstick enhances the wear of your lipstick. A great staple to have for anyone who loves lipsticks.
The quality of this defining lip pencil is amazing. I have dry lips and some lip pencils makes my lip looks dry but this lip pencil sits on my lips nicely without adding any dryness. The pencil is very smooth which glides on my lips easily and works well with all my lipsticks. The colour is pigmented so I don't have to apply a lot to get the colour I wanted.
Nude by Nature's defining lip pencil have designed a lip Liner that when applied injects a bigger, more pouted plumper look, giving my lips roundness, shape and structure. There's no denying that it functions fantastically well as a long-wear lip liner. It glides on effortlessly over my lips and is a velvety, rich texture that stays on and more to love, it is available in a some gorgeous colours to complement a range of lip tones. The lip liner has a great design for added convenience when applying.  Made with high quality ingredients to create a perfect texture to help prevent lip colour from feathering while applying on smoothly with no skipping or tugging. It creates a strong base for lipstick to adhere to and last longer.  The Nude by Nature's defining lip pencil is an excellent option for anyone looking for a lip liner that can go the distance while enlarging the lip area. It always assists my lips creating a much fuller appearance and this pencil's finish is tenacious enough to stay in place wherever you put it. 
Nude By Nature Defining Lip Pencil in 02 Blush Nude is a beautiful pinky nude. I was surprised how pigmented this pencil is, it really gives solid coverage. I can line and fill and it gives a creamy matte lipstick finish or apply it under lipstick for a budge proof finish.   Pros: Highly pigmented  Easy to apply Creamy and smooth  Long lasting Cons: You have to sharpen lots so keep your sharpener close by.  I would recommend this product. 
I have Nude By Nature Defining Lip Pencil in Soft Pink. It is a perfect shade of pink for me. I can wear it on it’s own or with a lipstick or gloss and it always look luxe. It contains macadamia oil, meadowfoam seed oil, mango seed oil, vitamin E and shea butter, which makes it sooo nice but surprisingly is long-wearing. I haven’t had any problems with bleeding and I would recommend this product
I have the Defining Lip Pencil from Nude by Nature in the shade 04 Soft Pink, which is a lovely dusky pink shade. The pencil does a great job outlining the contour of my lips to stop lipstick from bleeding out and it can also be used as a base all over the lip to prime and prepare the lips for lipstick application. This lip pencil definitely helps my lipstick to last longer. I also love that it is enriched with natural oils and the price point is very decent as well.
A good lipstick needs a good liner for complete look and this one is such a perfect companion for any NBN or other creamy lipsticks.  It's so soft, creamy, well pigmented and lovely. Glides like a dream and adds quite a bit of life to those creamy lipsticks. I have been using my Soft Pink liner with Creamy matte NBN lipstick in Riberry shade and Moisture Shine NBN lipstick in Nude shade. Soft pink definitely works better with nude shade than Riberry but it's such a neutral tone that it can work with so many shades.  This lip liner not only enhances the life and look of my lipsticks, it also makes my lips look more defined without any artificial looking sharp edge. On it's own also, it provides a sheer cover matte look. All this at that price - it's definitely worth investing in for beautiful looking lips. 
Love love love nude by nature and this defining lip pencil is a real winner. It’s all natural which is great when it comes to putting things on my lips. The formula is super creamy and hydrating, it’s never dry and doesn’t drag across lips. When using this pencil I always get a professional looking line and finish with ease. Love the nude colour, it comes in six shades, so something for everyone. The gold packaging is quite luxe and classy. The pigment is great and lasts all day and keeps my lipstick from bleeding or feathering. This lip pencil sharpens to a precise point with ease and the handy lid protects it and makes it more hygienic. Gorgeous lip pencil that I highly recommend.
This is a great, reasonably priced lip pencil! The pencils are very easy to apply and they go onto the lips smoothly. The colours are very pigmented. I am particularly impressed with how well this product stays on the lips. The only thing is I wish there was a greater range of shades to choose from!