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Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation is a medium to full coverage liquid foundation formulated with 100 per cent naturally derived ingredients including bamboo powder, baobab fruit, antioxidant-rich Australian Kakadu plum and lilly pilly to even out the skin tone and create a flawless-yet-weightless finish. The oil and fragrance-free formula melts into the skin, leaving a satin matte finish that lasts all day. The foundation is dermatologist tested, suited for sensitive skin, cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in 10 shades.


Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation


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Nude by Nature Natural Liquid Foundation comes in a pretty rose gold tall skinny frosted glass bottle with a pump top. I love a pump with foundation. I find I use a lot less as there is no wastage and once you know how many pumps you need its quick and easy every time. The formula is really lightweight on the skin and it has a light-medium coverage.  It's also long wearing (it lasted throughout the day) and it's oil free! It gives a satin matte finish which makes you look nice and natural yet covers everything that needs to be covered – I really like it! best of all it doesn't give me breakouts or aggravate my sensitive skin. It has good coverage, good colour match, good lasting power, and an amazing shade range. And the cutest packaging! I would highly recommend for anyone with skin concerns who seek natural beauty using vegan ingredients. 
great coverage and matte finish - had to try several shades to get the right one seems to dry be paler than it looks - but I love the coverage of redness and evenness of the foundation.  the price is good and now I have the right shade I am loving it
Wow surprised by the mixed reviews for Nude by Nature's Flawless Liquid Foundation because I find it fantastic. I use the W2 lightest shade which is a complete match to my very pale, prone to redness and sensitive skin. I apply it with my fingers after applying one pump to the back of my hand. I warm it by blending it on to the back of my hand before applying it with my fingers working quickly. You need to apply quickly as this foundation sets to a matte finish which I love. It's true that it does not build up well, subsequent layers will pill on skin when rubbed, but stick to one (which is all you need for flawless but light weight cover) and it applies well. I love the packaging, price and quality and have rebought this foundation a few times. Spend a little time on application and the result is worth it.
This is a beautiful, natural looking foundation. It is said to be a medium coverage, but it can be built up to become full coverage. The finish is a lovely satin matte, which is perfect for my skin.  The application of this foundation is absolutely seamless. I love to use a sponge to apply it, and find that it covers all imperfections evenly. It leaves my skin looking flawless and smooth, and stays that way all day.  I think the shade range needs to be expanded, but other than that this foundation is absolutely incredible.
(W2 Ivory & N3 Almond) firstly the packaging is gorgeous, very elegant bottle with lovely rose gold lid and a pump dispenser - and what a lovely ingredient list.  Sadly that's where the good ends for me, I really wanted to like this based on the ingredients but I just can't get it work for me.  Firstly shade Ivory is PALE and I mean PALE, usually I am the palest shade but this time I had to exchange it for a slightly deeper shade Almond which is in the neutral category as there is no W3 which is odd as there is a W4.  The Ivory shade just sheered out and had zero coverage and became very streaky no matter what the application method (the NbN brush, sponge, fingers - nothing worked!).  It also dries down very quickly so you have to work in sections. The more pigmented shades performed a little better coverage wise but again the same problem of streaky and patchy looking finish no matter how well it was blended.  Very disappointing given it is quite expensive compared to other drugstore foundations, almost $40 and for a few $ extra you can get Estee Lauder Double Wear which is fantastic.  This one sadly was just not a good performer for the price.
The Flawless Liquid Foundation promises a medium to full coverage and “even out the skin tone and create a flawless-yet-weightless finish”. Firstly, it does have quite good coverage, and it did even out my skin tone. Straight away I loved how it felt and was really impressed. However after a few hours wear it started to look a bit streaky and uneven, and it had settled into fine lines unfortunately. I wish it worked better for me because it feels lovely. Maybe on oily/ combo skin this would work better.  
This is honestly the best foundation i have ever tried, i not only use it as full coverage when im going out i also use a small amount as my every day makeup. This is such a great foundation as it light and every to apply and doesnt leave you with the cakey look
The flawless liquid foundation is my new favourite.  I love everything about it: the decent colour range, the way it seems to disappear when I put it on (probably because there are enough shades to really match - I found “soft sand” was perfect for me), how it seems to make me look just a bit more polished looking and cover lines and imperfections a bit without leaving me looking made up, the beautiful satin finish that seems to keep my skin looking fresh for a long time but doesn’t go oily, the fact that it has no scent (I don’t much like scented cosmetics), and the beautiful ingredients like Baobab Fruit Extract, Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly which means that it’s actually doing my skin good, not just making it look good.  Add to that a beautiful container wth NbN’s signature rose gold that now matches pretty much everything in my drawer, and of course the fact that NbN is an ethical company that doesn’t test on animals, and uses ethically sourced ingredients. It’s all Australian and is reasonably priced too, so wins all round.  This is really just a beautiful product.  I’d recommend using it lightly as the coverage is good, but it does build if you want more.  I don’t use it with a primer, and use a brush just to buff it a bit once I apply - it’s invisible almost instantly.  Perfect.
This Liquid Foundation promises a flawless satin matte finish that looks and feels like a second skin. The awesome thing is that there are 20 shades available.  Only 10 of those shades are available through retail outlets and the other 10 have to be purchased online from the Nude by Nature website. The 30 ml of product is housed within a frosted glass bottle with a pump for ease of use.  I find that one pump is all I need but while we are on the subject of the pump and this is a pet peeve of mine, you near the end of the product it is an issue getting the last of the product out of the bottle, as the pumps tube does not reach to the bottom of the bottle.  A small change that perhaps Nude By Nature could look at.  Other than that the bottle is lovely especially with the luxe looking rose gold lid. I found that the best way to apply this foundation is quickly.  It really is a no fuss product and using a brush I find I can quickly apply this foundation swiftly in about 60 seconds.  It does not like to be fussed about with.  Applying with a brush seems to work better then using a beauty blender which was a complete fail.  I have used this foundation with and without a primer and found the application was just the same either way but for my skin it worked best with a primer which seemed to help keep the oil at bay.  It can be a tad prone to creasing without a primer also. I love that there is no real scent and that there are some wonderful ingredients to help look after your skin such as kakadu plum and lilly pilliy. Perfect foundation if you are someone that dislikes spending a lot of time getting ready in the mornings
When I used this glorious foundation, it totally changed my mind about wearing foundation everyday!  I use to only try and wear foundation on special occasions or when I was going out to dinner, but this foundation is so natural and good for your skin, I now want to use it every single day, and often do! Nude by Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation is so easy to use, it is on a pump and one pump is enough I find to create a flawless base.  The product does not have any smell, and is so easy and smooth to apply, your skin will thank you for it. It blends so easily on your skin, I apply the foundation with my fingers, but you can use a brush or sponge if you like.    I tap and pat the foundation all over face, it blends in beautifully and so easily, it glides over the skin and is a total pleasure to use. My skin was so flawless after I used it, it felt supple,  hydrated and looked really healthy and radiant too .  It provides medium coverage and I found it provided adequate coverage  to my skin, and still let me feel like my real skin was there and breathing.    I absolutely love using this product and do use it most days.  It is easy and quick to apply, and leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant, and also provides good coverage to your skin. PRO's Terrific coverage, will minimise your freckles, pimples and scars, but still lets your natural beauty shine through Amazing price, such beautiful quality that produces excellent results Flawless skin is achieved Skin looks smooth, healthy, visibly radiant, but never caked on  I recommend this wonderful foundation to anyone who wants to have flawless skin, but still look healthy and let your real skin shine through.  It is so easy to apply and produces excellent results just using your fingers, no special brushes required.  Very hygenic as one pump is enough for your entire face.  It is a product that has not been tested on animals and contains 100% naturally derived ingredients like including bamboo powder, baobab fruit, antioxidant-rich Australian Kakadu plum and lilly pilly which will help your skin look healthy aswell as naturally flawless.
I really like this foundation. It matches my skin perfectly and with a good primer I find it goes on and blends well with a sponge. I have pretty oily skin , which seems to be the target of this foundation which I would say is correct, as it doesn't make my skin feel heavy and I don't get a shiny face throughout the day while wearing this. I'm pretty strict about using 100% natural ingredients on my face, so this is a great option for me and I find the pump bottle delivers the right portion of foundation each time. My only complaint is that it does not contain any SPF protection, but for now I am covering that base with my moisturiser.
I received a sample of this in a shade that was a bit too dark for me, but I tried it and was very impressed with how it lasted on my oily skin. I then went and bought the palest shade, and was again impressed that they had such a light shade that didn't have a pink undertone. I tried to use this multiple times with no luck, I tried using a wet, damp and dry beauty blender and a brush to blend this foundation out, but it was always streaky and patchy no matter what I did. Now I occasionally use it mixed into a foundation that is too dark for me, or in a foundation that is a little too dewy to mattify it a bit.
I generally quite like Nude by Nature cosmetics and of course love that they are mineral-based and contain so many natural ingredients. I decided to purchase a bottle of this foundation without really testing it on my skin in store, and unfortunately it just doesn't seem to blend on my skin at all. There is a decent amount of shades available to suit most skin tones, and the pump packaging makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product. The formula doesn't irritate my skin at all and doesn't have a noticeable scent. However I find it sits on my skin or just settles into my dry patches and won't blend easily, even when I use a slightly damp makeup sponge. The only way I can use it is by mixing a few pumps with my moisturiser and this of course makes the coverage too sheer for me. Overall I am not too pleased with the texture or coverage of this foundation, and wouldn't say it's too cheap either. I would recommend this particular foundation for more oily skin types as I just found it too drying for my already dry skin.
This is an average foundation. It's full coverage and the shade range is pretty decent unless you have darker skin. However, it dries almost as soon as you apply it and is impossible to blend. It comes up streaky and can look really cakey around the nose. I also don't like the packaging- it doesn't stand up on a flat surface easily and the lid is hard to remove. It also gets fingerprint smudges all over it. I wouldn't recommend this. I wanted to love it but it just didn't work for me.
The Nude By Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation didn't work well with my dry skin. I apply my daily skincare routine and primer before applying this foundation but my skin still looked a bit dry. The foundation sat better on my skin throughout the day but not enough to the point I was happy. I have tried to prep my skin with a hydrating primer which helped but I did not repurchase this foundation.
I do not know why but I hardly ever look at Nude by Nature make up when shopping. I just find myself I am not interested in the brand. However, I had a sample of this foundation and decided to give it a go. I must say it is not a bad product. My sample was in W4 Soft Sand and I must say that the shade is just perfect for me. It is light enough and it has a yellow tone. It looks really natural. The formula is pretty thick and creamy but it applied well onto my regular silicone based primer. It might accentuate dry flaky skin, as I noticed it did sit in my eyebrows a little, but other than that it looked really well. The coverage is medium. The finish is healthy and glowy, but throughout the day it got too shiny for me. My skin started to look a bit greasy and I was not a fan. I would not recommend this foundation for those with combination or oily skin, but I have an impression that those with dry skin will like it.
Now i usually don't like foundation...mask like formulas,suffocating feel and triple cleansing to remove....NO THANKS,but this was a bit of a game changer for me.Firstly,the is luxe on steroids.Heavy weighted,frosted glass,topped with a golden hued cap that almost encases the entire bottle (vanity friendly indeed),makes it a joy to look at...but pretty packaging doesn't mean a magnificent product.Indeed,this IS as much a joy to use as it is to behold.As with all Nude By Nature products (i have tried a few,including the brilliant BB cream,and do prefer that on the days i wear any colour correcting / skin tone evening product on my skin),it both gives build-able coverage (i prefer it really light and natural,but if heavy duty coverage is your thing,you will get that too) that leaves you with a matte,"softly lit from within" glow . I love the fact that,rather than slathering my skin with "peptide" this and "bioavailable" that,i am applying a more "natural ingredients" infusion, ( jojoba oil, vitamins C & E, green tea, hyaluronic acid and native Australian botanicals including Baobab Fruit Extract, and the antioxidant rich Australian native Kakadu Plum and Lilly Pilly) to benefit my skin...and it shows. The formula is very fluid like in texture (so great for oilier skinned beauties,but also moisturising enough for us drier epidermed girls...THANK YOU hyalauronic Acid),is easily applied and feels weightless,yet protective whilst wearing (and it really wears well...10 hours and it still comes up flawless (but i do work indoors,with aircon,so how well it would go outside of this i carn't say,i also don't expect miracles to have it last that long in an outdoor,humid summer day environment).Best part though,was the skin match ability.I am a fairest of the fair ivory skinned girl,and getting a good match is hard at the best of times....this seemed to blend well for me,and left me looking " my skin only better" in appearance. TIP:Mix with a gel / cream moisturiser to get a "tinted moisturiser" effect rather than a heavy foundation feel.
I would have to say that I found Nude By Nature Flawless Liquid Foundation to be a bit disappointing. I love the packaging; the frosted glass bottle with a pump top and a shiny gold lid looks really impressive. The matte finish foundation sits lightly on my skin and I could hardly tell I was wearing anything, which was a bonus. But unless you have a top-notch serum underneath I did find it hard to get the perfect finish because it dries really fast which is a big negative for me. I like a foundation I can rely on and this isn’t it. 
I Love the Nude by Nature Foundation, found the perfect colour, as I normally find it hard to find the right shade for my skin.  I always use a primer which makes it easier to apply the foundation.  This was a win, win for me. This is the best so far.
I really wanted to love this Nude By Nature foundation as I was excited to find a mineral based foundation that would possibly replace my regular foundations. Unfortunately this product didn’t deliver in terms of available shades, quality or coverage. I found it difficult to find the correct shade for my skin but managed to find a shade close enough to my skin tone, which is probably still a bit too yellow based. This product does come in a sleek bottle and has a pump top to dispense the foundation easily. The texture is not too thick or runny, but I find it quite difficult to apply and blend this foundation. I have tried using a beauty blender sponge, a foundation brush, a buffing brush as recommended by Nude by Nature and my fingertips but I don’t find it sits well on my face at all. It seems to accentuate my dry patches and doesn’t really cover my imperfections, as I find it difficult to blend on my face. If you can manage to get this product to actually blend and sit well on your face then it’s a lovely, natural foundation but unfortunately it doesn’t do much for my complexion.  I was definitely expecting a better result, especially considering I love Nude By Nature makeup, primer  and brushes. But I won’t be repurchasing this foundation, and will stick to the loose mineral foundation which gives me flawless coverage. I think this foundation is quite expensive, but it might suit people who just want very sheer or light coverage and would like to use a natural, mineral based foundation.