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Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush is an ultra-soft, synthetic fibre kabuki brush for applying makeup. The brush is ergonomically designed with soft edged, fine tapered bristle tips to create a smooth, blended finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush


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Again another great brush from Nude by Nature! This is so easy to use and makes the application of the loose powder so easy! The coverage is even and find that the brush is still soft whilst being dense enough to provide decent coverage. Works perfectly with their loose mineral foundation powder. This brush is definitely worth the purchase!
My Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush came in a set, and it is about 6.5 centimetres long. Some people may use the kabuki brush for applying blusher and bronzer, but I have only used it for applying mineral powder foundation. It took me a few applications for me to get used to the short size of the brush, but then I found it easy to use.   Some brushes for powders only apply a light coverage which means I don’t always get the coverage that I prefer. However, the Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush has dense bristles that apply a decent amount of powder.   Although the bristles of the brush feel soft and they do not scratch the skin, they do not feel as soft compared to a few other kabuki brushes that I have used. I have had my Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush for a while and its bristles have not shed.
This Kabuki Brush is such good quality at an affordable price. The bristle is soft and holds the right amount of powder which brush onto my face evenly. The round shape of this brush is perfect for applying loose powder, bronzer and blush and the short handle is easy and comfortable to hold and control.
I love the Nude By Nature Kabuki brush! I find having a kabuki brush such an essential when on the go, especially when carrying face powders or setting powder, which I usually do in my makeup bag! It blends it beautifully. My skin is extremely sensitive and I love how this feels on the face! The bristles are of high quality and I barely see my kabuki brush shedding. The brush is so durable, lasting 3 years already after numerous washes. I also love the luxe look of the brush, with the shiny rose gold handle. The price point is perfect the the product.
For me a good kabuki brush is an absolutely must in my makeup kit - it is just so versatile! I really like this kabuki brush from Nude By Nature for so many reasons - the design is chic and sleek, the bristles are soft and it provides a fabulous finish to my makeup base. I tend to use it mostly to apply loose finishing powder, but when I am travelling I always take this kabuki with me over other brushes and will use it to apply such things as bronzer and even blush.
I use this brush nearly every day.  It’s small enough to travel. It’s comfortable in the hand.  It’s soft on the skin and really does a great job of evenly spreading mineral powder for a really natural but also polished finish.  I use it with bronzer and blusher too.  I love that it’s cruelty free bristles (but still soft and high quality - it feels lovely on my older, sensitive skin and doesn’t drag or irritate), that the lovely rose gold base matches the rest of my Nude by Nature products so it looks nice, and how easy it is to clean in a little shampoo.  It also dries super fast. I’m not one for fancy brushes - this is actually the only one I use aside from my eye makeup brush, and it’s great.  I’ve now had mine for about 6 months and it looks new.  This is a great, mid-range, super high quality brush that is perfect for mineral makeup uses like me.
I absolutely love this brush by nude by nature, it is so so soft, I use this brush for everything, from setting powers to foundation to just dust my face over after applying everything, I’ve had my brush for a while now with nearly every day use and washing and it hasn’t changed the softness of the brush, great value for money and an all round great brush for all your makeup needs, it’s definitely a kit favourite.
I love love love this brush. It’s soft, fluffy, easy to clean and use. It holds the perfect amount of product and blends powder over liquid foundation seamlessly. It’s so affordable compared to other high end brushes but does just as good (if not better) a job. Nude by nature are my go-to for makeup brushes
This is one of my favourite make up brushes. It is SO soft to touch and applies product so perfectly. It is so versatile, you can use it normally to apply foundation powder or shape the bristles in your hand and use it for contouring. When I am lazy or travelling I will often just use this brush for applying all my powder make up.
This kabuki brush by nude by nature absolutely smashes it. This blends so beautifully and easily my makeup looks like it has been done in a salon. The design is awesome, the tapered synthetic bristles are so soft it makes applying product and blending a breeze. This also won't irritate skin so is great on sensitive skin. It looks gorgeous, like a luxe high end brand and actually will do the same result. For $25.00 this brush is amazing value for money. I love the full rounded shape of the brush, this means it picks up product with ease and deposits just the right amount for blending quickly and effectively. The brush is great to use with mineral foundations, bronzes, bludgers and loose powder, it gives an even, flawless professional finish that I love. No negatives for me. I highly recommend this brush.
Pleasantly surprised with this Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush, as I wasn't expecting it to be such a high quality product or for it to work so well at such a low price. The brush itself is extremely soft, has a full round shaped head and is very easy to hold with its thick, short handle. The things I love most about this brush are that it picks up just the right amount of powder, bronzer or blush so you can't go wrong with your makeup application. Some of the kabuki brushes I have used in the past tend to pick up way too much product and you end up applying excessive amounts of powder or bronzer, so your makeup just looks unnatural and caked on. However as this product's bristles are super soft I find that it picks up just the right amount of powder to give you a very natural, airbrushed finish. I also really like the fact that the bristles do not fall out at all, which is a major issue I've had with so many of the brushes I've had in the past, including the very expensive and high-end brands that just end up leaving little brush hairs on your face. I have had my Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush for over a year now and I have never had any of the bristles falling out, even after excessive washing and scrubbing. This brush is also very gentle and doesn't irritate or scratch my skin. I have sensitive skin and I am very pleased with how soft and delicate the bristles are on my face and neck. I highly recommend this brush to anyone who has sensitive skin or if you want a product to help you apply your powders naturally, quickly and effectively. This brush is a great buy as it lasts a very long time and costs less than $30. Will definitely repurchase another one if and when I need to!
Makeup is only as good as the canvas to which it is applied first and foremost....the next most essential ingredient is pro quality tools...and the Nude By Nature Kabuki Brush is a must have investment if natural,professional results are what you want to obtain (all of us right ?). This brush is a large, domed shape that adds a polish to all powder, bronzer and blush deposits a perfect amount,in a well "thought out" manner that makes giving your skin that beautiful,almost airbrushed finish we see in magazines,and try to emulate in real life.When used to buff in a circular motion, this multitasking tool leaves behind that very beautiful, airbrushed finish the pros seem to achieve effortlessly. Nude by Nature Kabuki Brush has a short handle that makes it easy to hold in the palm of the hand for perfect control and it is made of ultra-soft high quality synthetic fibers that feel like a kitten's tail dancing on your face.Perfect to use with Mineral Powders,and bronzers,loose or pressed blushes and of course,the ever popular highlighting powders (just be careful about the precision is a large brush,so think baby steps when doing a strobing session,otherwise you will look more disco ball than JLo ethereal). A huge plus for me,is that these brushes are made from super soft, high quality synthetic fibres which are cruelty free (i am not worth an animal suffering in order for me to prevent shine,apply a powder SPF or pretend i just returned from The Barrier Reef  with a bronzer) and this kabuki brush will give a smooth, flawless and professional finish to your make up application every time. If we are to be totally honest here,aesthetics are a contributing factor when we get a new tool... and I must say that the look of these brushes definitely look chic,luxurious and very modern looking with the brand signature chocolate brown handles two-toned bristles and elongated ferrules with an on trend,rose gold hue to them....SO-DARN-PRETTY.This,and indeed all the Nude By Nature brushes are named, so that when you reach for a certain brush, it's easily convenient for you to recognise among your other make up tools and products. Anothe great selling point...., the brushes are ergonomically designed for the ultimate precision and control and ease of use. They are so lightweight and don't feel heavy at all which is perfect when you're wanting to use it for your make up application (without any hassles). So,final thoughts....Overall, if you're looking for good quality brushes that fit within the affordable price range, I would highly recommend the Professional Brush collection by Nude by Nature.They are the perfect brushes to use on a daily basis and feel very durable,giving other,more expensive tools a run for their money.I am going to try the other brushes shortly,as soon as my others have "bit the dust" so to speak. TIP:This kabuki brush can be used for other areas...not just the face and the application of powders ETC.Try it to blend down an overly excited eye makeup attempt...the size will ensure you only have to blend over once to get the job done with flawless results.Also,grab this when you want to add subtle "candlelight" sheen to your decolletage area..swirl brush in either your sexiest,glowiest highlighter OR a shimmer infused body powder to apply a perfect amount to this larger surface area.
I got this brush as part of a package deal and originally used it for only the loose mineral powder,  I tried it once with my liquid foundation and i was hooked, Depending on how fast you work  your foundation application should be done within a couple of minutes, and your face will look it has just been airbrushed. I usually use the same kabuki brush to apply powder afterwards to set my foundation then i use a PH wash to clean the brush.
The Nude by Nature Kabuki brush is so easy to use! It is so soft and works so well with the mineral foundation. I sometimes use it to blend my bronzer/blush as well which I think does a great job. It washes really well and lasts a long time. I recently bought this brush for my friend and she loves it as well!
I felt this brush in the store and it was incredibly soft and dense so I instantly bought it. I use it for setting powder ever day and it's a really amazing addition to my brush collection. It holds the powder so well and I just love using it on my face, by far the softest brush I have ever used. Even after a few washes I found the brush doesn't deteriorate or go hard like some others, it's like the day I bought it.