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Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss is a tinted lip gloss formulated with 100 per cent natural ingredients. It contains antioxidant-rich Australian Kakadu plum and vitamin E to nourish the lips, as well as HA microspheres, shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate. This product contains no carmine, petroleum waxes, parabens, silicones, coal tar dyes or synthetic ingredients. 

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

 Available in six shades.

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Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss


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Formula does not last long time.

Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss has very hydrating formula. Looks great on the lips. Does not last long and transfers, but it is easy to reapply. Natural based ingredients and so comfortable on lips. My biggest problem, and reason why I never purchased another shade or used up the tube I have, is that the lipgloss went bad within 5 months of having it first used. And I didn't use it often (maybe 1 time per week the most, or less). Formula separated in the tube and did not smell right . I had to declutter it.
I was gifted the Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in Peach Nude. This is a peach-beige nude with a warm undertone. This is not a shade that I would have chosen for myself, but I made it work for me. I have pale skin and dark brown hair, and the lipgloss only provided a subtle shine. Someone with a different complexion might find that this shade looks more visible on them.   Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss is housed in a clear tube and its applicator is firm enough to make the application process easy. The product has an orange-chocolate scent, and after I applied it, my lips tingled. I usually do not like products that make my lips tingle, but the tingling was not uncomfortable and it quickly dissipated.
I have the Nude By Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in the 07 Dusk shade. The colour is a sheer pink gloss which adds a touch of colour and shine to my lips. Great for everyday use.   The lipgloss casing has a gold lid and a see-through bottom, enabling the colour of the lipgloss to be easily seen. This design feature makes it very handy when trying to find it in the bottom of your handbag or makeup bag.  I think the design of the product is very classy.   The lipgloss is very easy to apply with the applicator wand.  My lips feel moisturised, soft and shiny. Just what my lips need for the coming  winter.  If desired the lipgloss can also be worn over lipstick to add a touch of class, moisture and shine.    The product is all natural, containing shea butter, vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu plum. The lipgloss has also been dermatologist tested.   Apply the lipgloss as required particularly after eating and drinking.
Such a creamy, luscious lip gloss which is definitely a new everyday favourite for my makeup use. If you're a beginner to makeup or just want something simple for a look, go for this because it's so beautiful. I recommend I literally love it so much and the fact that Nude by Nature is cruelty-free makes it so much more amazing :)
i usually dont use lipgloss, but when i got it as gift from my friend, i had to try it as the color looked so classy. It's a nude that still has a bit of colour so it won't make you look washed out.  It's a your lips but better look that I just adore.  The lip gloss formula is great.  It's super hydrating as it contains vitamin E, shea butter and almond oil so your lips will never dry out!  It glides on easily and it doesn't feel sticky either which is why lip gloss tends to turn most people off, myself included.  I am in love with this now. In winter its a must try gloss.
I am obsessed with this lipgloss! it’s light, non sticky and lasts for ages on my lips. I just use the colour Bare which is perfect on its own for a subtle glossy look or over the top of a lipstick to give it a bit more moisture. I literally reach for this in this in my handbag everyday and would repeat purchase. I’ve tried quite a few high end lipgloss brands and this one absolutely stacks up, plus it’s very affordable! I love the luxe packaging with the rose gold lid and feel like you get a really decent amount of product in the bottle. There are some really pretty shades in the range as well so I’ll definitely be trying some other colours!
Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion lip gloss is a a definite must-have for me in all seasons.. its luscious. .sexy and lasts unlike many other lip glosses ive bought. And its not sticky on my lips.. just gives me that sexy pout thats all natural.. i really really love this product
Being a HUGE fan of Nude By Nature products, as son as the moisture infused lipgloss hit the market I was super excited to try them out. I purchased both shades Violet Pink and Blush Beige. WOW, I was certainly not disappointed! The glamorous rose gold packaging already makes you feel lush before applying. The formula goes on super smooth and evenly given the slightly angled applicator. The pigment is just right allowing for buildable colour or a swash of colour. The gloss also has a sweet scent which is not overpowering at all.  I’m pleased that the gloss is not tacky at all. Lips feel hydrated right away and I have found even after eating and drinking etc, although the gloss has come off - my lips are still nice and smooth.  I like to wear mine on its own for work or a great tip is to layer it over the Moisture Shine Lipstick just in the center of the bottom and top lip for a full lip look. I’m loving the Violet Pink and Dusky Nude combo at the moment.  For months it has been my go to product and has never let me down. I absolutely recommend this product to anyone who loves a natural product without skimping on quality. Definitely a re purchase for me.
I purchased the Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion lipgloss in the shade 01 Bare, which is a translucent pale peachy/pink with shimmery gold particles. Its a very wearable shade suitable for all skin tones.  The lip gloss is shiny and glossy, but not sticky. The formula is lightweight and gives my lips a full, plump look. I liked the angled tip of the doe foot applicator, it allowed for precise application. The gloss has a rose gold lid which I thought look very stylish and luxurious!  The gloss has a sweet taste that reminds me of Jaffa lollies, which is yummy and quite pleasant. What I do love about this gloss, is that it contains lots of natural ingredients including kakadu plum, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil and shea butter to both treat my lips whilst giving it a beautiful gloss finish. The bare shade is very versatile, I can wear it on its own for a very sheer pretty look or layer it on top of any lipstick to add that luminous glossy shine. I found the lipgloss super comfortable to wear, my lips felt soft and hydrated, as with most glosses, you need to reapply after eating or drinking. A really lovely product, that I would recommend and repurchase again.
The shade I bought was the Dusk shade and due to the colour, it looked like a nice nude lippie on me. The gloss itself isn't sticky, and it definitely lives up to its moisture reputation. It certainly kept my lips soft for a long period of time. The good thing about it is I don't need a mirror to apply this shade, which would be a very different situation if the lip gloss was a bolder colour. Overall i am big fan of it and i will purpache again un future
extremely pleased with Nude by Nature moisture infusion lip gloss,i often get dry lips even when applying lip moisture but now i use this product it gives me a pop of colour and keeps my lips feeling soft and hydrated.Bye Bye lip balm hello nude by nature lip gloss!
I don't normally wear lip glosses as I find they're too tacky and shiny for my liking - but I couldn't go past this lip gloss'  beautiful and classy packaging. I was quite surprised with the finish. It wasn't tacky at all - it was actually very smooth and comfortable to apply and wear and was surprisingly hydrating. I bought shade Blush Beige and it was a beautiful soft colour - a your lips but better type shade. I'm really impressed with this moisture-infused lip gloss. I can't wait to try some of the other shades! Well done NBN!
When I bought this product, I was not sure if I would use it regularly or not. As winter is coming, I was looking for some long lasting hydrating lipsticks. Doesn't it sound like a oxymoron? 'Long lasting' doesn't usually go with 'hydrating' with regard to lipsticks and lipglosses. Anyways, I finally went with this lipgloss after doing a crazy research on affordable lipglosses in OZ. Thanks to Beautycrew, I am happy with my purchase. I bought "Violet pink" which is perfect kinda nude for my NC42 yellow undertoned skin! YaY!! It does all the job what the brand claims. It is nonsticky and doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything on my lips! That's kinda a good deal for me! Most of the lipglosses are sticky and it's pretty annoying! I also loved the packaging!! It looks like a high-end brand packaging to me! Staying power is good as well. It stayed around 2/3 hours on my lips. Well, reapplication is a downside of any lipgloss! Isn't it? Overall, I'm happy and would recommend others.
It’s all about the lips with Nude by Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in 05 Blush Beige. It’s a better version of my own lip colour so it is being ‘natural’ while bringing my A game.  It is cased in a clear tube so you can see the colour (no more duds!) with a shiny rose gold lid and doe-foot applicator.  There are 10 shades in this range offering a variety of lights and darks/brights. The formula isn’t tacky and is loaded with Vitamin E, shea butter and sweet almond oil to hydrate and give long-lasting glossiness.  Pros: *Easy to apply *100 % natural ingredients so no eating nasties when you have your lunch. * oils to nourish dryness *Great variety of shades Cons:  *Like any other lipgloss you need to reapply.  I would recommend this lipgloss.
I don’t usually go for lip glosses, but I tried this product and it is super hydrating and smells gorgeous. I don’t usually go for lip glosses because of their stickiness but this lip gloss is not sticky! If I ever want that extra shine over of my Nude by Nature lip sticks I just put the lipgloss over and it’s perfect. Highly recommend this product to anyone even if lipstick is not for them. You will not regret it
I'm not normally a fan of lip gloss but I absolutely love this one. I have it in the shades Peach Nude and Blush Beige, and both are fantastic.  They are quite pigmented while being extremely moisturizing. They don't feel sticky on my lips, and last hours if I don't eat or drink anything.  I'm definitely keen to try more shades as this has been my go-to lip gloss lately. I'd absolutely recommend it, it's a great product and is very affordable for the quality. 
Another great product from Nude by Nature! I have the shade blush beige and it’s a perfect everyday nude pink for my skin tone! I love the texture as it’s not too sticky and feels very comfortable to wear on the lips! The applicator is your normal doe foot and quite easy to use! Definitely will purchase again!
Finally a gloss that ticks all the right boxes!  I have tried and disliked so many glosses due to being too sticky, no pigment and packaging issues.  This one product has solved all those problems and I am glad I tried.  Comes in a lovely clear tube (so you can see the colour) with a pretty rose gold cap and standard doe foot applicator.  I have shade 09 Crimson Pink which is shade or two darker than my natural lips.  I love how versatile it is, I can pop it on alone for a true MLBB look, add it over my matte liquid lipsticks to give them some life or put it on over a lip pencil for a natural makeup look.  It works so well with everything, doesn't undermine the product under it and leaves my lips feeling and looking plump and juicy.  Great product, will be purchasing more shades.
A gorgeous lip gloss that has the benefit of being 100% natural. I have the colour Bare and it adds a beautiful natural shine to the lips and I like to use it over lipstick to give lips a more voluminous look. Overall the texture of the product is great, not too sticky but delivering the right amount of shine to the lips. It wears quite comfortably and feels moisturising. It does have a slight scent / aftertaste which I have deducted one star, however it is a nice gloss which makes lips look very lush.
I have the Nude by Nature lip gloss in the shade Tea Rose and it's the perfect 'you lips but better' colour. It's applies easily to the lips (thanks to a nicely shaped applicator), has a mild, sweet scent and isn't sticky at all.  The rose gold packaging is great, too! Highly recommend this gloss!