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Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick is a creamy lipstick with a shiny finish. It contains antioxidant-rich Australian Kakadu plum and vitamin E to nourish the lips, as well as HA microspheres, shea butter and joboba to hydrate. Formulated with 100 per cent natural ingredients, this product contains no carmine, petroleum waxes, parabens, silicones, coal tar dyes or synthetic ingredients. 

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.

Available in six shades.

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Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick


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Natural Lipstick of the year award goes to...

Amazing product! First bought this product back in 2019 and it instantly became my everyday go-to lipstick. My favourite colour in the range is '05 Pale Coral'. Formula is pretty darn good! Naturally made and free from nasties too which is a plus. The lipstick has a satin finish that goes on like butter and feels very moisturising on the lips throughout general wear. Colour payoff is intense and so is the shine! really lives up to its name. Also the packaging feels very high end and love how the lid magnetically clips. The colour range in this line also is gorgeous. There are afew nude colours, pinks and some vampy colours to choose from. Only minor thing that I would have to say about this product is that I wish it was more longwearing, but I can't really fault it.

Formulas go off fast.

Great formula. Loved the shade in plum I got. So nourishing on the lips. Lightweight. Opaque and did not settle into lip lines. No bleeding out of the lip line either. Stays put. Beautiful case (as all NBN packaging is, just beautiful and luxe looking). But....the lipstick did not last long. It went bad in just 5-6 months since having it. I got since another shade (gifted) in nude. Since nudes (based on beige pigment) do not suit my colouring, I wore it only to try couple of times. Since them left it in my cupboard. Dark cool place and never goes above 30 degrees C. Mostly about 18-25C). This lippy went bad as well so quickly! Without using it at all. Goes sticky, and smells rancid. As oils get bad.
I am a secret fan of nude by nature products and specially their lips products. I am a  lipstick hoarder so couldn't contain to get myself a nude by nature lipstick in shade dusty rose. And this lipstick fulfilled all my expectations. It is very creamy and glides smoothly on the lips. The shade looks very pretty on the lips too. It may not last for too long but it doesn't matter much. I love the fact that these are all natural products so eating them with my meal don't bother me much.
A lovely lipstick for everyday use. Smooth, easy application, great pigment and very hydrating. I have dry lips and enjoy wearing this lipstick as it is moisturising, light-weight and comfortable. I find the scent to be a little off-putting, like an old fashioned lipstick, but for the price point I don't mind. The packaging is chic and glamorous, and I love the magnetic closure.
I adore this lipstick, just like I do with all of Nude by Natures products.  It has fast become one of my favourite beauty brands as their products are natural, cruelty free and high quality.  Plus I don't have to spend a fortune on it either.  The packaging is so luxurious and pretty, it makes it look expensive.  The lipstick itself is amazing.  For a lipstick it's probably the creamiest one I have tried.  It glides on so smoothly and it provides a nice wash of colour.  One to two coats is fine depending on how pigmented you want it to be.  It's not sticky and it feels so lightweight on your lips.  It's also incredibly hydrating you'll almost feel like you're wearing lip balm.  It's affordable, cruelty free and comes in a great range of colours, what more could you want?
The Nude By Nature Moisture Shine lipsticks are enriched with moisturising ingredients that nourish the lips and provide a sheen. Although rich in hydrating formulation, these lipsticks are lightweight on the lips. The lipsticks are packaged in a gorgeous rose gold tube. They come complete with a metallic closure that I am obsessed with playing with. I just love that pull of the lid to the base and the metallic click is so satisfying! The Dusky Nude shade is a pink toned neutral. A "my lips but better" colour on me. It gives my lips a wash of colour that is so creamy and comfortable that it almost feels like a balm. It's a touch more pigmented than a tinted balm, but has a similar glossy look to one. Surprisingly this lipstick lasts well and doesn't bleed into my lip lines or smudge, things that I often experience with lip products of this nature. The Moisture Shine is the first lipstick that I have tried from Nude By Nature and I am so glad to have it in my collection.
I adore the magnetic click of a quality lipstick and Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick has ticked that box and many more. Just one swipe of 02 Nude leaves my lips a silkier version of your- lips-but-better! The luxe rose gold packaging rivals expensive brands at a fraction of the cost so you can stash one in every handbag. The formula is ultra-moisturising, it has the shine of a lip gloss but with more grunt. This lipstick performs so well that no one would believe that I paid so little. So pucker up!  Pros: CRUELTY-FREE  PETA CERTIFIED Cute colours Feels Luxurious  Moisture plus Soothing formula  Cons: None……love it! I would recommend Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick to family, friends, hairdresser and anyone else that wants soft shiny kissy lips! ☺ 
Lipstick is something that instantly changes your look and with so many brands and shades available it can be hard to choose where to spend your money.  It's very important to me that my lipstick is one that is hydrating, is easy to apply, feels smooth on the lips, and will continue to look good for a reasonable length of time.  Nude by Nature tick all these boxes and more with their Moisture Shine Lipstick range.  Out of the 10 shades available I have 05 Pale Coral but I have to say that all 10 of the shades are really lovely and I would happily wear each and every one of them. The packaging is very luxe with the beautiful rose gold lipstick case that has a magnetic closure.  As you slide the lid back on it clips back in place very firmly and you are left without any concern that they lid could pop off.  This gives you peace of mind if you wish to pop your lippy into your handbag.  No one likes the nightmare of finding that your lipstick has popped open and has now coloured the entire contents of your makeup bag or worse your handbag. Another big tick is of course the fact the Nude by Nature affords you the knowledge and confidence that they done use any nasty cancer causing chemicals in their products.  They are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Premium lipstick that is very hydrating.  Reasonable price and all very wearable colours.
Nude By Nature make a lot of brilliant, natural products, but i think they excel at lip products. I love the moisture shine range, particularly the shade Dusty Rose. It's the perfect 'my lips but better' colour and i find myself reaching for it daily. Firstly, the formula is great! It isn't too hard or too soft, and applies beautifully to the lips without any tugging. The staying powder is pretty good ( i re-apply every few hours), and it wears off evenly.  Secondly, the packaging is gorgeous! It has a lovely rose gold tube with a magnetic closure. I really appreciate a magnetic close on lipsticks- it makes them incredibly easy to chuck in your handbag and you don't need to worry about the lid coming off and having lipstick smear throughout your bag.  The price is great at $22.95, and you can often find them on sale somewhere. The only downside i can think of is the limited shade range ( there is only 6). Hopefully they extend the range.  Highly recommend these lippies!
I was so excited when Nude By Nature released lip products and the Moisture Shine Lipstick has never let me down. 10 lovely shades are available.  I currently have both the 03 Dusty Rose and 06 Dusky Nude and love using them on their own for a simple no fuss look, especially when Im running late for work.  It goes on nice and creamy and leaves natural shine. On a night out I like to line and fill the lip with the Defining Lip Pencil and then add a little Moisture Infusion Lip Gloss to the centre of both top and bottom lip.  As usual Nude By Nature package their products in very lux rose gold packaging and I feel that for the price point, this is a really nice luxurious lippie without the high end price tag. The only downside is that if you are wearing it on its own, you will need to re apply throughout the day, however, not really an issue for me so I will be repurchasing for sure. 
The lipstick comes in an attractive shiny rose gold case with a magnetic closure. The nudebynature brand is written along one side of the case. It looks very classy.   The nudebynature products contain no harmful chemicals, only natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are jojoba oil, shea butter,vitamin E and the Australian native Kakadu Plum.   I have two of these lipsticks. The 08 Garnet shade and the 06 Dusky Nude shade. The lipsticks are very moist, shiny and easy to wear. The Garnet shade is a red/orange colour and the Dusky Nude is a darkish pink shade. After applying the lipstick, the colour is not a dark as it appears in the case. The lipstick provides a more sheer and moist lighter shade coverage to your lips.    This is a great lipstick for everyday use.   This lipstick needs to be frequently reapplied, especially after eating and drinking.
This lipstick provides excellent color and pigmentation. It is easy to provide and this is product is also available in many amazing shades. The lipstick gives off a natural but shiny/glossy look. The packaging is a cute rose gold tube within which is the lipstick. And a bonus is that it is 100% natural!
Nude by Nature have really upped their game in the makeup department! I've only ever used their brushes and mineral foundation but when I got my hands on their moisture shine lipstick, I was amazed at this product. I have the deep plum colour which is a beautiful colour great for the colder season, especially as it is hydrating for my lips. The box it came in had a luxe feel, like it was a matte smooth kind of box. Inside was a lovely rose gold coloured lip stick and the best bit was that the lip was magnetic so you wouldn't be able to lose it! I think the downside to this product, although it was hydrating, the colour came off straight away. I would like a lippie that I wouldn't need to reapply throughout the day. Other than that - I am happy with this lippie, I take it everywhere with me!
The Nude by Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick is packaged in a rose gold case that has a magnetic closure. The lipstick has a moisturising, lightweight and smooth formula. The lipstick felt comfortable to wear and it had good colour payoff. I thought that the lipstick had an orange-chocolate scent, but I’ve read other reviews where the scent was described differently.   The lipstick did not have the best longevity for me, especially if I sipped a drink or I had a snack. I tried the lipstick in the shade Dusky Nude, so it is possible that other shades could have better longevity.
Hiya I just love Nude by Nature products, particularly the lipstick which contains vitamin E and Shea butter which is a must for me. The cold weather is setting in and these lipsticks do the job of protection with gorgeous colours. My favourite  is Deep Plum - such a cool colour and perfectly priced too. I'm a mum with a growing family and a bit of lippy helps to brighten my day. I don't have too much make up as it is quite pricey but Nude by Nature is not only good for your lips, cruelty free (a big passion of mine) but well priced. Keep up the good work! Pam Steer
This lipstick is so good for it's price range and so many shades to choose from. . I bought two shades from this range both are perfect for everydat wear. I hardly ever have to use a lipliner while wearing this lipstick. It's richly pigmented, applies smoothly because of how creamy it is More often than not, just one coat is enough to get the right color and lasts for hours or until I have a meal. Super easy to touch up without any fuss of looking for a liner. It doesn't have any particular smell which is so great. I also love using this lipstick for layering. With my wheatish skin tone, a lip color that is too pink or has cool tones doesn't go well, so this one works well for adding a touch of warmth to all those shades. While the packing is modest and simple, the finish can definitely give even a luxe lipcolor run for it's money.highly recommended
Moisture Shine is definitely one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment and I have purchased three shades in recent months after purchasing just one initially! I have shades Dusty Rose, Deep Plum, Rosewood and Mulberry and each shade looks and feels natural and beautiful! The lipstick itself has a beautiful rose-gold case that opens and closes quickly and easily because of the magnetic lid. When I first used one of these lipsticks I was pleasantly surprised at how even, smooth and pigmented the colour was. I initially thought the texture and finish would be more sheer, given that it's called "Moisture Shine" lipstick, however I would say the finish is more of a satin to semi-matte. It lasts surprisingly well for most of the day and feels comfortable on my lips without feeling heavy, sticky or dry. The lipstick applies smoothly and evenly and feels hydrating and nourishing, and doesn't feather or dry out my lips like many other lipsticks I've used over the years. This product has lots of positives, but the thing that impresses me the most is that it contains mainly natural ingredients, yet still provides full, pigmented colour and coverage, and it leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. The one thing I dislike is that I find the vanilla-caramel scent a bit too strong for my nose and it can linger for a while. But apart from that, this lipstick is perfect for me; it moisturises, hydrates, stays on well and gives me smooth, even colour. I have recently switched mainly to mineral and/or natural cosmetics and it's great that Nude by Nature contains so many plant-based ingredients, is cruelty free, contains native Australian ingredients and is affordable too. I would recommend this lipstick to anyone and everyone who wants beautiful, natural lip colour that has great skincare benefits too. There are 10 natural looking shades to choose from including pale nudes, corals, reds and deep berry and wine shades.  I highly recommend these lipsticks and will probably purchase even more shades soon. 
My mum asked me to find her a hydrating and moisturising lipstick as she was not a fan of the dry matte look. I had my eye on the Moisture Shine range from Nude by Nature and absolutely loved the look and feel of the packing as well as their colour range. I picked out the colour Dusty Rose and it was a perfect match for my mum's skin tone, a pink nude. I had to borrow it and it did not disappoint, the application was smooth and creamy and their was enough colour and pigment but still light and subtle. It was not heavy or sticky on my lips and felt very pleasant to apply and wear. It does not stay on during lunch but re-application is easy and it looks great. I am going to get my own as I cannot keep "borrowing" mum's.  Great product, mum and I would highly recommend!
I have the Dusky Nude in this lip stick and absolutely love this colour - its a nice touch without being too much. It's silky smooth to apply and makes my lips feel super soft which makes me believe the moisture part of this product is spot on. I have also found this lipstick to be long wearing.
I purchased the Nude by Nature lipstick in the shade Dusty Rose and these are my thoughts: Product: The product is called moisture shine lipstick so that is exactly what I was expecting and that is exactly what I got! The colour that I picked out was Dusty Rose which is a pinkish nude colour with hints of brown making a great colour that's not a true nude and won't make me look washed out.   Packaging: I find that I am drawn to aesthetically pleasing packaging and the shiny rose gold coloured packaging really gave it that luxurious look and that's a good thing! It makes you feel good about using it before you even put it on.  The lid stays on without falling and it's small enough to carry in your handbag.   Ingredients: First and foremost, the lipstick is cruelty free, 100% natural and free of parabens and synthetic ingredients.  This is the perfect excuse to pick up more nude by nature products as they're committed to using quality ingredients without using harsh chemicals that can be toxic.  The formula is amazing and you'll realise it right away with one swipe.  It glides like a dream and is as soft as butter.  It's overflowing with an abundance of nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and jojoba oil to hydrate your lips and keep them soft while also retaining moisture, shea butter which hydrates and protects the lips and Kakadu plum which contains high amounts of vitamin C.  It's got the hydrating qualities of a lip balm and the pigmentation of a lipstick so you never have to choose about wearing one or the other! You can kiss dry lips goodbye because when you put this on your lips feel so moisturised, you can't help but smack your lips together.   Likes: There is so much to like about this product! The price is affordable and I had purchased this when there was a promotion so it was even more affordable! Considering it's all natural I would've thought it would be more expensive but I like that the prices are in a range where most people can afford to purchase them.  The lipstick is incredibly hydrating as the ingredient list lets you know right away that your lips will be moisturised and protected.  Second, the colour is very good. Shiny lipsticks can be a hit or miss with colour payoff and I found that the pigmentation was great.  The colour came out so nicely and the shine from the lipstick made my lips appear bigger.  You can swipe it on for full coverage or you can gently dab it onto your lips straight from the tube or with your fingers if you're after more subtle colour. Even after wearing it for several hours I had no issues with it drying out my lips so rest assured you won't have to deal with that uncomfortable dryness that you would get with some other lipsticks.  It swipes on easily, doesn't bleed nor does it feel sticky or heavy.  In fact it feels incredibly light that you'll forget that you're even wearing it.  The colour I chose is versatile so I can pretty much wear it anywhere: work, parties, casual events.  So even if you're not a huge lipstick fan, this is one that has colours that are suitable for any occasion.  The formula is forgiving so even if you mess up putting it on, you can wipe it off easily.   Dislikes: There wasn't anything that I disliked but one thing I'll say is that because it's a moisturising lipstick it can come off fairly easily but I found that it didn't affect the look too much.  There wasn't any colour fading but you would have to apply it at least every two hours or so.   Final thoughts: Overall this is a great product and I'm really happy with my purchase.  I would happily get more colours from the range and whether you're after a light or dark colour, the colour will look great and it will keep your lips hydrated.  Even if you're not a fan of lipsticks, I would definitely recommend giving this a try!