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Nude by Nature Pressed Eyeshadow is a richly pigmented eyeshadow that blends easily onto the lid for a smooth and even application. The shadows come in matte, satin and sheen finishes.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Pressed Eyeshadow


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Classy eyeshadow with a subtle tone (Palm)

I used this Natural Pressed Eyeshadow in 08 Palm tone. Loved the compact packaging of it, fits perfectly in my palm, has a mirror (always handy) is easy to carry around in a makeup bag and easy to blend. I applied the shadow with an eyeshadow brush pencil to the edges of the eyelids, just to give my eyes some more depth, and it worked. The eyeshadow stayed on the whole day, had a beautiful colour and was easy to apply. The tone Palm was definitely a mat tone and not a shiny one, good to use when going to work and not out partying (I would use more intense colours then).
First thing is first. This eye shadow will last you for ever!  A great sized product for its price range.   All of the Nude By Nature eye shadows are soft and buttery making them real easy to blend and smoke out for an edgy look.    I also like to pick just the one shade and use it on its own. I'm loving the shade 10 Coral at the moment, it has just the right amount of shimmer without an over the top glitter look. There is no fall out when you apply and because each compact comes complete with a mirror, they make a staple item in my clutch when going out. Not to mention the beautifully toned rose gold packaging!!
These eyeshadows have no fall out when applying and aren’t too pigmented so you can build up the product which I love! The colours are so natural and not over the top so if you’re not that experienced with eyeshadow these are perfect for beginners. Nude by nature is the only makeup brand I have used for over a year and can’t fault.
I'm a big fan of the Nude. Have reviewed heaps of this I can't get enough of it brand. Along these love lines, I so love Nude by Nature's eyeshadows. I'm a sensitive girl in the skin department and the super thin skin around the eyes needs special care. I find that Nude's eyeshadow is not irritating, it goes on super soft so no dragging, is long lasting and easy to remove. The pigments are intense so a little goes a long way and it blends like a dream. Love that Nude dude.
Sunrise shade: metallic shimmering bronze. I use it as a all over lid and only one shade everyday look. So flattering to accentuate grey,  and blue eyes! Greatly pigmented.  Sunset shade: Reddish / plumish brown nude, satin/natural finish. Well pigmented, packs a punch! I use it to give dimension to the eye (crease, out corner, under eye, as an eyeliner). Great for those with grey eyes, adore this shade.  They work so perfectly together too.  The compacts for eyeshadows are so luxe! All  cased in metallic rose gold compact with the mirror. I do not use primer and on me shades stay all day. Love that they are natural based formulas without nasties as I get makeup into my eyes when applying and have zero issues with these!
Very simple but beautiful gold packaging and the eyeshadow colour selections are my style so I had my hopes up. The eyeshadow sits nicely on my eyelids without too much fall outs which is good but the colours are not as pigmented as I hoped. The colours blends out OK but definitely not the most smooth texture I have tried. Overall, I find this eyeshadow to be average quality.
I usually like Nude by Nature products, however I find these eyeshadows are a bit average in performance and quality for me. I have two shades; Quartz which is shimmery everyday taupe/brown and Seashell a frosted peachy-pink shade. The eyeshadows look and sound promising, especially after I read the description online which said they are richly pigmented. However I have found that they are not very pigmented and therefore you need to layer the colours to get coverage and colour. I find the overall finish looks too sheer, patchy and dry on my eyelids. I really wanted to love this product especially the Quartz shadow as it looks like a beautiful colour but just does not show up on my eyes. I would recommend these eyeshadows to anyone who just wants very subtle looking colour with a touch of shimmer.
I received the shade 'Sunrise' as a gift from my family, as they know how much I appreciate cosmetics as close to harmless as possible. This little offering by Nude by Nature was a surprise package indeed. The attractive gold casing flips open easily, and contains a mirror in the top compartment, whilst the bottom revealed a generous amount of powdered eye shadow in a glimmering, sunny golden neutral shade. I'm not one usually for a nude palette, preferring cooler colours, but this one blends well within all colour spectrums, without clashing. The powder itself is quite pigmented, and adds a wonderful glow to the mobile eyelid, staying put for the day when applied over an eye primer, and creasing was at a minimum:BONUS! I found it applied better when applied with a brush, rather than a sponge applicator, however, there was a little bit of fall when applying it this way, so beware. There is no discernable smell to the product, which is great, and sensitivity is kept at a minimum as my eyes didn't react with any stinging or redness. Just a little tip for the upcoming warmer weather, it applies like a dream when used as a highlighter, giving a subtle bronzing glow to the highpoints of the face. You'll feel like you've been lazing on a beach for a week!
I have been able to trial almost all of the shadows that Nude has released and I have to be honest, they are a complete let down. In this day and age when the market is so competitive you simply cannot ask for a $20+ price tag on a product that does not preform. The formula is dry, patchy, lacking pigment and hard to apply. The price is extremely high in comparison to its counter parts when you can pay $8 for single shadows are that fantastic quality or you can pick up a professional grade palette for the price of two of these shadows. The only client who I believe will enjoy these are a mature customer with an older eyelid as they will add a sheen with ease and not be overwhelming.
Another great product from Nude! There are so many shades! From nude to glittery I love the range. The formula is buttery and so easy to blend! I have a few colours now and can't wait to build my collection. The packaging is beautiful and I love how each eyeshadow comes with it's own mirror, it makes travelling so easy!
I loved this eyeshadow, the pigment is really good and it leaves just enough shimmer to highlight eyes without looking overdone, the matt shadows are lovely and natural with great colour. I love that this product is mineral and natural. The colour lasted really well and feels really light on, not heavy and cakey, the shadow did not settle in creases and lasted really well without sliding off, a great product. The packaging is also classy and is so easy to apply. Love this product
I bought the shade Palm which is a dark green.  It is a shimmer shade from the texture.  This shadow is appalling.  Maybe the other colours redeem themselves but this shadow is really bad.  There is next to no pigment, very patchy and it does not play nicely with primers or shadow used to set the primer.  Being nearly $20 this is highway robbery.  I threw mine out after giving it many tries in many different ways.  The range has three types of shadow finishes and this was a shimmer.  I think that there might be a sheer formula and by chance that this was sheer then its more than sheer, its so diluted it turned into a homeopathic treatment. So non existent.  I hope the other shades are so much better.  Don't play the customer.
Nude by nature eyeshadows go on smooth and gives you that sparkle on your eyes that just wakes up your face and it is good to know it is mineral makeup natural products that you are putting on your skin. And not much is needed to be applied as the pigment is so good.