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Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer is a lightweight matte bronzer. It adds a warm sun-kissed glow to face and doesn’t dry skin out. Vitamin E, jojoba and avocado oils, Australian native Kakadu plum and cehami extract help keep skin moisturised throughout wear.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer


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This colour.... well, let's just say it wasn't for me! My skin tone is very yellow and although I loved the matte formula, the colour was so red-based that instead of giving me a sun-kissed warmth, I looked like I had been scorched by the sun... not cute.  But if you're less yellow-toned than me I could see this really working and the formula was quite good. I just wish there had been other colour options.
Excellently packaged, this matches in with all the other Nude By Nature products that have that neutral and classic brown good-quality plastic which opens easily and closes effortlessly with a delightful 'click' letting me know it's closed securely until next use.  There is a good big round mirror in the lid - of the same expected great Nude By Nature quality so it's a very usable mirror indeed.  No other mirror is needed to apply this bronzer and it can double up as a mirror for looking at the back of your head/side of your head to check your hair too! Formula-wise, this product gives me a wonderful sheer matte bronze colour with a warm edge to it's tone.  Yes it has a golden slant to it's colour instead of the usual deep bronze hue a lot of bronzers have.  It can be layered for a stronger look or applied very lightly with a couple of quick strokes of the bronzer brush.  The Nude By Nature Bronzer Brush (which doesn't come with this compact but is sold separately or in Nude By Nature brush packs) picks up the compacted powder easily but if you want lots on your brush then my tip is to use the plastic tail-end of the brush and give the product a very gentle 'scraping', then swing the brush around to pick up all the loosened powder.   By the way, the Nude By Nature Bronzer Brush doesn't come with this compact but is sold separately or in Nude By Nature brush packs. I have a very warm, strong medium tone in my skin so personally I like to add more rather than less of this product so that it's more noticeable - I usually do a few layers of this so I can see it well.  For pale to medium skin this product would show very well I think.   For medium to dark skin tones, this could still be used to give some warm dimension to the face I think but a few layers might be needed.   I personally love to use this across my cheeks and also in random vertical strokes down my neck so that my make-up looks connected to my body as I have quite a pale neck.   I find it perfect for my paler coloured neck as it shows really easily.  When using it as a bronzer on my face, I stroke this across my upper cheeks about an inch below my eyes in a fairly straight line - that's just how I apply it as I find it suits me best but I have heard there is a method of applying bronzer in a '3' shape in a single stroke of the brush starting at the forehead, coming down across the cheeks and then back out towards the sides of the face and continuing down along the jawline.  I personally rarely do the jawline with this but I do use it across the top of my forehead near my hairline. There is no scent that I can detect in this compact bronzer.  It lasts well on the face especially if I use a make-up primer under my foundation.  I like to use my Nude By Nature Primer when I use this bronzer so that I feel all matchy-matchy!  I also love to spritz my finished make-up efforts in place with a quality make-up setting spray and then I find this bronzer stays on really well. On the back of the product is the ingredients list beginning with Kaolin and also including Jojoba and Avocado Oils right up in some of the first ingredients.  I love that there is Kakadu Plum also in this, though it is further down the ingredients list.  
This bronzer isn't for those who prefer a more natural look.  I've  had it for more than a year now and have hardly made a dent on the surface.  The pigment is quite dark and bit too much on orange side. Definitely not a daytime wear for those with lighter skin tones. Beauties with olive or wheatish (like mine) tone might be able to pull off a light application - with an emphasis on light. The quality of powder in itself is great though - really fine, sticks well and the amount of glimmer is just perfect. Doesn't stay quite in pressed form and tends to fall a little while applying so better wear a dressing gown. 
This Pressed Matte Bronzer from Nude By Nature is fabulous! In general I am not a huge user of bronzer as it tends to look muddy in my skin, but I absolutely love this one. It is so highly pigmented and it blends to well. I love to sweep it over my forehead, around the edges of my face and on my neck. It also works great as a cheek contour. The colour is beautifully warm and gives my skin a sunkissed look. The compact it comes in has a mirror, which is very handy. The pan is very large and as it is so pigmented, the compact will last you for ages, so it's great value for money.
I love Nude by Nature products because they usually work really well with my skin type and they are gentle on my skin. The Nude By Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer is a mineral bronzer that have been using for a while and I love it.   It comes in a compact with a puff, but I find using a brush gives the best results for applying this bronzer. The compact has a mirror, so it makes it very easy to apply touch ups throughout the day if needed.   Coverage wise this is a really nice matte bronzer that gives my skin tone (light to medium) and all over sun-kissed glow, you can build the product up on your skin for darker look if needed.   I love how when I use this bronzer is very natural looking on the skin, it doesn’t look too orange or cakey at all. It is super gentle on the skin, and when I am wearing this bronzer it doesn’t feel like I am wearing any make up at all.   Pros: -good bronzer shade, not too dark, not too light -natural looking -affordable -all over glow   Cons: - none for me If you are looking for a natural looking mineral bronzer this is definitely one to try.
This is a beautiful bronzer for every day use. It applies easily and is almost creamy on my skin. It is medium in pigmentation and I find that I can over apply this bronzer so less is definitely more. The bronzer gives a beautiful glow to my skin and makes my skin look sun kissed. It's as if I've been on a tropical holiday! I use my fingers or my brush to apply, and both ways work for me. Since it comes in an easy to carry compact, I can take this bronzer away with me for any time touch ups throughout the day. The bronzer is hydrating on my skin and it contains natural oils which do not clog my pores or make my fine lines more prominent. It is buildable so I start lightly across my forehead, cheeks, sides of my nose and my jawline. It is also perfect to use as a blush and a warm neutral eyeshadow.  Pros: Affordable  Travel friendly Natural ingredients  Cons: Apply less and build up if needed  Tip:  Apply to your jawline to give your face a more defined look
I've never been a fan of bronzers and have never been interested in using them, as I'm always terrified of that hideous orange look! However, when I received this bronzer from Nude by Nature (in a rose gold compact, no less!), I decided to give it a shot as I've always loved their products. My goodness this is awesome! You need a light hand, but the beautiful golden brown shade perfectly complemented my medium/olive skin tone. It has minimal shimmer, and is very easily bended. I apply it over my cheekbones and around the edges of my temples for a natural glow, and then softly bend it out.  My only complaint is that (due to my clumsiness) I dropped my compact two days after first use and smashed it everywhere! I can still use the bronzer but it's rather...smooshed. Thanks Nude by Nature for this excellent, faith restoring bronzer!My only tip is that you should apply with a light hand and blend. I definitely reccomend for light-medium skin tone. Not suited to pale tones.
My love for bronzer started ever since I was young!  I always had an obsession with having that beautiful, straight from the beach, sun kissed glow like the models used to have in the magazines.  When I was old enough to wear makeup the first product my mum bought for me was bronzer.  In my quest to have that gorgeous, bronzed look I would go a bit overboard with it.  As I got older I learned the importance of bronzer and the correct way to use it.  I also realised it was very important to get the right type of bronzer for your skin.  The ones I had used in the past weren't suitable for me which is why it never looked as good as how I wanted it to be.  They were either too dark, too orange or too shimmery.  I was hunting for a good quality bronzer to not only give my skin a nice glow but to use for contouring as well.  I came across the Nude by Nature bronzer and picked it up from Priceline while there was a promotion.  I liked that the bronzer came in a compact as I have had a hard time with loose bronzing powder in the past.  It would be really messy, a lot of it would also go to waste and I could never seem to get the right amount on my brush, which is why I wanted something in a compact form.  It would also be a lot easier when I wanted to travel or keep it in my purse for touching up.  When I first tried it out I didn't know how pigmented it would be so I started off with a light brush across the bronzer and gently blended it in the hollows of my cheeks as a contour.  The bronzer had a nice, matte colour that wasn't too pigmented which was perfect because I didn't want the colour to be overpowering.  I could always add more of the bronzer for a more bold contour but for everyday one gentle dusting of the brush was more than enough.  As my skin is light I didn't want a bronzer that was orange or too dark as the contrast would be very strong and would look fake.   The matte shade made it perfect for contouring and the colour wasn't orange at all so there was no risk of looking like an Oompa Loompa.  It was nice to know that the product was natural and contained some wonderful ingredients so I could feel good about putting it on my face.  Besides just using it for contouring I would also lightly dust it on my face for a healthy glow by adding a bit to my forehead, nose and my jaw line.  It looked natural when I put it on and it gave me that gorgeous glow that I had wanted.  I would even use the bronzer as eyeshadow because a) it was super convenient b) the bronze colour complimented my brown eyes perfectly c) it looked really nice! I know some concerns people have with bronzer is that the powder can be drying but this powder wasn't like that at all.  It wouldn't make skin flaky or settle into fine lines or wrinkles.  In fact because it was matte and without shimmer, it made my skin look much better because it was more subtle and natural, as if I had been in the sun for 15 minutes or so.  That's the key to great looking makeup, where it looks so effortless and natural.  Overall I have been very impressed with the bronzer and find it to be my go to when I feel as though my skin is looking a bit pale or I want to contour my face for that chiseled and defined look.  
I simply cannot recommend this product enough, Its long lasting and has amazing coverage as well as looking on fleek. As I have pale skin this product can be used as a blush and bronzer and according to my tanned skinned friends its perfect for them too! I love how to formula is lightweight and seems to ease onto my skin perfectly with the nude by nature powder brush and or the angled blush brush. I love how long it lasts on the skin as well, for me up to 8 hours which is a miracle for me as many other bronzers don't last more than maximum 5 hours! As I have sensitive skin this product is perfect and I love how it contains natural ingredients and is cruelty free (great for me as I don't use products tested on animals). So overall this is an amazing product and definitely worth buying!
This is my absolute favourite Bronzer by Nude By Nature, the shade is perfect!! There is nothing to fault about this beauty, I love it the way it looks on, it just has the perfect balance of matt and shimmer which is exactly what you want in a bronzer. I will keep buying this
I absolutely love the products that Nude by Nature create, and this one was no exception. This great matte powder is perfect for summer, but also for all year round. It adds a noticeable shine to my skin, without drying it out, as many other bronzers can do. I feel that when I wear this it gives me a healthy looking moisturized glow and matches my skin colour perfectly. This bronzer is easy to blend in and the small and compact design means this has become my go-to purse bronzer. I would highly recommend this cute product to anyone who wants glowing skin this summer!
I am loving this nude by nature pressed bronzer at the moment, it's my current obsession. I adore all their products, and Iv tried many with great results. The big plus for me is that this is a pressed bronzer rather than a loose powder which eliminates mess. So easy to use, I just sweep it across cheekbones or anywhere I want to highlight and it gives a gorgeous natural sunkissed glow. This bronzer is very highly pigmented so I don't need to use much which makes it great value for money. I love the gorgeous compact, so easy to use and a perfect size for my makeup bag, the scent is pleasant and it is not at all drying, in fact with the addition of vitamin E, jojoba and avocado oils it's actually quite hydrating and soft on skin. I have olive skin and find this product complements it perfectly and it lasts all day or night without wearing off which is great. Sometimes I will even use just a little of this over a bn cream with no foundation at all for a casual natural appeal as it acts like a blush on my skin tone. This blends with ease and I just love it. I highly recommend this product.
I love all of Nude products, including this one!!! It is VERY pigmented and a little goes a long way. Great colour for all skin tones. As I have olive skin I use this as a blush and it looks great and natural on the skin! This product will last for a long time and great price point. Would definitely be repurchasing.
I bought this pressed powder bronzer the other day after being recommended it by another makeup-obsessed friend of mine. I love Nude By Nature as a brand and have tried many of their products in the past (it was actually the first 'real makeup' I tried!). However their original Mineral Bronzer which was a loose powder I was not such a fan of unfortunately (I found it messy and hard to blend) so was interested to try this pressed version. Now overall I was rather happy with this product and definitely enjoy it more than it's unpressed cousin, but as always there is pros as well as cons, but let's start off on a high note.... PRO'S: - BLENDABILITY: I find that the formula of these bronzers  is very finely milled and soft to the touch which makes them much easier to blend on the skin. For the best application I would recommend using a soft, fluffy bronzing brush to deposit the product onto the skin (usually around the perimeters of the face to help add dimension and colour) so that your not depositing too much colour on the face and then blend it out with a slightly denser face brush. You could also layer it for a more a more intense finish as I've found this product works fine when layered. - PIGMENTATION: I was impressed with the pigmentation of this pressed powder. It's not the most pigmented but for a bronzer I see that as a good thing because it gives you some room to move, especially if you're new to makeup or just want it to be easy to apply and avoid the risk of looking like an orange mess....believe me sadly I have been there! - FORMULA: I find the formula to be quite lightweight on my skin and also not too drying (as I do have dry/sensitive skin) and I don't find it emphasises or clings to the ocassional dry areas like some products do. - INGREDIENTS: I have quite sensitive skin as I mentioned and I have no problems with this product at all! Nude by nature say it contains natural ingredients such as avacodo oil and vitamin E (which are both terrific for your skin!) which I find very comforting. - PACKAGING: another reason I prefer this bronzer to NBN loose powder version is that it is way less messy and also the packaging is more more slim and compact. I find it's a great one for travel and even just chucking in your bag if you need to do some last minute makeup on the bus/car ( been there done that...). CON'S: - COLOUR RANGE: I always find myself rambling on about brands needing to extend their colour ranges and unfortunately (even though I love Nude by nature!!) they are a prime example of this. They only have one shade of this bronzer. I am of a light/medium skin tone so it works fine for me but for those with very pale or darker skin tones this colour may not work on your complexion. Hopefully NBN extends their colour range in the future!  - LONGEVITY: the only other con I see with this product is the longevity of the powder. As I mentioned I have dry skin so I am not sure how those with oiler skin tones will fare (I always recommend trying before buying!) but I find it doesn't last overly long on me...I've been working it out and I reckon at most this bronzer lasts on my skin for around 6-7 hours which I mean it really isn't terrible and reapplying honestly is a breeze but I would like a little more wear time.... But I can overlook it's longevity (and also slightly high price point for a bronzer!) because there's a lot more I like about this product than what I don't! Overall, I really do think it is a fantastic product .