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Nude by Nature Retractable Travel Brush is a compact makeup brush that contains mineral powder makeup. Turn the base of the brush to dispense powder and use the brush to sweep and buff powder into skin. A removable lid keeps bristles clean while you’re on the go.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Retractable Travel Brush


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This is the perfect little travel companion! It's compact and retractable, and is such a great handbag item. I throw it in my carry on bag for quick touch ups throughout the day and never have to worry about it getting powder or colour over everything in my bag. The bristles are so incredibly soft and feel amazing on my face! I also love that they don't shed or fall out - for me that's a sign of good quality. You open it by twisting the base, and it's really easy to use. It picks up powder nicely and blends it effortlessly on the face.  Pros: - Compact - Soft bristles that don't fall out - Picks up product nicely Cons: - None
Perfect for travel, I love how innovative and easy to use this brush is! No more fussing with powders that leak into your handbag, you simply twist the base of the brush to dispense the right amount of product and blend and buff away! Voila and you are done, perfect for touch ups on the go, it is convenient and portable, housed in a travel friendly lid to protect the bristles. The brush feels soft and luxe on the skin and doesn't scratch, shed or go out of shape. It is great quality, not to mention cruelty free which is a big plus and at an affordable price point! A standout product from Nude by Nature that I would repurchase.
Soft, fluffy and great for travelling, this brush is wonderful.  First things first, it's affordable so there's no need to spend too much money on a good quality brush.  Second, the brush is super soft.  I have tried makeup brushes that have left my skin feeling itchy and sensitive due to the bristles being rough and abrasive.  These bristles are soft and they won't cause any irritation.  The third thing is that you can use it for lots of different things.  You can use it for all types of powder based products including face powder, blush and bronzer.  It's retractable and the lid helps to protect it so your brush won't get damaged when you're travelling. It's also cruelty free which makes it even better.
Every lady needs a good travel brush and I love to take this with me when I go overseas or travel interstate because it's retractable and I can use it for several different things.  I have used it for apply powder, blush and bronzer without having to bring several other brushes.  It's super soft and dense and it will pick up a lot of product as well.  It doesn't really shed nor does it irritate my skin.  It's really affordable and it will last you quite a long time.
I do love a good kabuki brush especially when you first get it, it's so soft. Sometime it can become brittle and damaged when putting the lid on. Thankfully this little touch up applicator's bristles remain soft and don't snap off whilst applying your powder. I would recommend this brush to anyone especially those who don't like to carry a lot around in their handbags.
I love this brush... the price, the feel & ease of use. It is a very reasonable price & very convenient to just throw in your bag & go. I actually found this by accident & so glad I did. I have never used this brand of brush & was surprised how soft it was. I have it in my travel make up bag too, so compact & has the function of a normal sized brush you keep at home but NUDE have it disguised as a great compact package!!!!
The perfect travel brush to throw in your make up bag! Bristles are soft, albeit, not the softest I have used, the size is just right and can be used for any powder. Love using this to multitask while I’m on the go. The price point for the brush is also so affordable!
Excellent travel brush particularly with the retractable case which keeps the bristles from getting damaged. It is soft and easy to use, great for powder but also blush. Nude by Nature brushes are excellent value for money and this is one I never travel without. It is very light in weight, very easy to hold and does an excellent job.
This has always been my 'go to' brush for applying my mineral make up. It is the softest and sturdiest brush that  I've ever used. It never loses bristles, blends so beautifully and is easy to clean. I've tried to other brushes and none compare to this. Love it!
This is the brush bomb and great to keep in the travel bag.   It saves on space having the powder and brush all in one.   It dispenses really well and the brush is soft and fluffy and feels lovely on the skin.    It is also great to keep in work bag for quick and convenient touch ups if going out from work to dinner.    Love the nude products and this one is simply a must have.
Love love love Nude by nature, I seriously haven’t come across a product on the range that I’ve hated or given away. In fact I’m greedy I don’t share and this brush is no exception, it’s my take anywhere brush that I can’t live without
Although this Nude by Nature Retractable Travel Brush is compact and fits in my handbag, I have found that it does not really work for me at all. Perhaps its because I had to put the Virgin Mineral Blush in there and its not as coarse as the face powder? It does not come out at all, I have to shake it vigorously for even a tiny bit to come out of the bristles.  Not sure what else to do, as I had to put the blush in there as the container that comes in goes everywhere.
I love the entire Nude by Nature range of products and this little refillable travel brush is just perfect for my handbag. Great for all day touch ups and love that I can take just the right amount of powder product away for a week or two. Using the same quality soft kabuki applicator with the big bonus I can now customise my blends.
This Refillable Travel Brush is super convenient for travelling or touch-up throughout the day because this compact travel brush holds loose powder which allows me to re-apply loose powder anywhere. The size of the travel brush fits in my makeup bag without taking up too much room and the bristle of the brush is very fine and of good quality like other NBN brushes. Highly recommend.
This brush is fantastic idea.  I just had a trip away and my usual kabuki was a bit too big, too soft, and I was worried the bristles would be crushed in my packed makeup bag, so I picked this little beauty up.  Because you put the powder into the hollow base, you don’t need to bring powder with you, so less products - always a bonus when travelling.  The brush itself is compact, with dense soft bristles that feel great on the skin - just as good as my big kabuki.  The cover keeps the bristles in good order and dry, and the link between the powder and the brush is perfect, delivering exactly the right amount to my face and blending everything together to look natural, which is great when you’re on the go and need to makeup quickly.  The fact that the bristles retract means this is easy to put in the handbag, and is always available.  I also like that you can put in any powder so you can custom mix a blend that works for you - for example, I like to add a very small amount of bronzer into my powder to lift the colour, but you could mix different shades to come up with a blend that is perfect for your own skin tone and voila - custom mix ready to use.  In fact, I liked the way it worked so well, I have continued to use this now I’m home - the compact shape feels good in my hands and it seems to provide more precise blending.  Though they feel as soft as boar hair and are clearly high quality, the bristles are cruelty free synthetic.  It’s easy to clean them by washing them with a little shampoo and water - dry time is just overnight.  I also love the whole look of this range - the gold bronze casing now matches my whole makeup range and looks very luxe on the counter top. Of course the fact that Nude by Nature is an ethical, Australian based company makes me feel good buying and using it.  Oh, and it’s not too expensive either.  Nude by Nature goes on sale a lot (Priceline sometimes has 1/2 price sales), which actually makes this brush competitive with the cheapest range.  But even at full price, it’s a great buy.
Fantastic little travel brush. Portable and convenient I use it for applying my loose setting powder all over my face after everything is done. The bristles feel wonderful and retractable functionality make it even more compact. I take it with my everywhere as it is a must-have handbag staple. I wish they would release a few more other travel makeup brushes like this... I would definitely get some more.
I absolutely love the Nude by Nature On-The-Go Refillable Travel Brush. Compact and great for travelling, I take this withe me everywhere. The refillable brush is great for applying loose powders as it is less messy and more consistent than usual forms of application (and makes less mess in my bathroom and on my clothes). If you are looking for a great brush for travelling or for applying loose powders - then look no farther than the Nude by Nature On-The-Go Refillable Travel Brush.
I have had this compact re-fillable travel brush since it’s release years ago! I still have it! I use it with my nude loose powder foundation. I don’t use the foundations original compact because the powder goes everywhere!  This is neat, tidy and clean! The soft bristles are kept in great condition because of the twist up lid system. It releases the right amount of powder and is an alround great product!
I adore nude by nature products and this brush is just awesome. Its super compact so is ideal for travel. Its really high quality with soft bristles that dont irritate my sensitive skin yet pick up product with ease. It doesnt shed and deposits just the right amount of product by twisting open the powder compartment in the base. It blends product really easily and gives a professional finish. This brush has become a staple in my makeup bag, the packaging looks luxe and the powder keeps shine at bay, perfect for touch ups throughout the day. I love the handy lid for hygiene and at under $20.00 its a great bargain buy that delivers great results. I highly recommend this product
This is a great staple brush! It is great because no residue escapes because the brush slides down and you can place the lid on top making it great for travelling. This also doesn't allow the brush fibres to be ruined. I use it with the Nude By Nature loose powder and find that it applies the foundation evenly without being too harsh on the skin. Great brush!