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Nude by Nature Smudge Brush 16

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Nude by Nature Smudge Brush 16 is an eyeshadow brush that helps soften and blur eye makeup lines for added definition. It features soft, dense synthetic bristles in a shallow dome shape for ease of colour application onto eyelids. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Smudge Brush 16


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This is one of my favourite smudge brushes! Nude by Nature honestly never disappoints with their products! I personally tend to gravitate towards less intense eye looks and prefer a more muted, natural look. If I'm going out for the night, I prefer a softer, more smoky eye. This brush is absolutely perfect for blending out harsh makeup and shadows, and creating a soft and dreamy effect. The bristles are soft so they don't feel harsh on your eyelids. They are super easy to use and are small and delicate enough to use around the top and bottom lash lines. I love adding a hint of sparkly shadow around the corners of my eyes and a little under my bottom lash line, and this brush is absolutely perfect for that. Pros: - Smudges and blends shadows beautifully - Helps to create a soft, dreamy effect - Easy to use and non-abrasive Cons: - None
I must say Nude by Nature brushes are such good quality at a very affordable price. This smudge brush blends out my eyeshadows nicely without making patches and delivers the desired smokey eye I wanted. The bristle is easy to clean and maintain, I have used this brush for a while now and have not spotted any hair fallout.
Another great brush from Nude by Nature, it is an affordable range and good quality. The bristles are soft which means no scratching or tugging the sensitive eye area and the construction of the brush is sturdy and looks luxurious. The smudge brush is one of my favourites due to the well constructed shape of the bristles, they are dense in a dome shape, yet very soft and perfect for blending colour under the lash line. I like to use this brush for a smokey eye as it blends shadow beautifully and effortlessly for a professional finish every time. A unique brush that is a must-have in my makeup collection.
This is a gorgeous brush for smudging my eyeshadow for a lovely natural professional looking finish. The brush itself is gentle yet firm and dense enough to smudge and blend colour for a softer look. Easy to use and I love the luxe gold finish and for the price it's great value for money. This smudge brush gives the same result as a much more expensive brand. I adore the shape of this brush for blurring shadow so there are no harsh lines. Love it and highly recommend it