Nude by Nature

Nude by Nature Ultimate Perfecting Brush

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Nude by Nature Ultimate Perfecting Brush is an ultra-soft makeup brush designed to be used with the Contour and Highlight Collection. The perfecting brush works to create seamless coverage, leaving skin smoothed with an even finish.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Ultimate Perfecting Brush


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I have bought NBN's entire brush sets because their brushes are very good quality at an affordable price. This Ultimate Perfecting Brush is definitely another good brush that I recommend the bristles are soft but dense which can be used for sculpting, contouring and highlighting. I love to do contouring with this brush because it gives me a very natural finish without leaving any harsh lines.
This is such an easy brush to use for a perfect flawless finish. I use this with my contour, bronze and highlight products and it blends product beautifully for a natural finish. The wide brush means in one clean sweep I can contour and highlight evenly. The design makes the wide brush easy to hold and it's really top quality from bristles to design. I love nude by nature and this brush works really well with their products. This really highlights cheekbones well which is why it's one of my favourite brushes for bronzer, it gives a sunkissed glow and blends bronzer to look natural, no hard lines. It's really soft so it won't irritate even the most sensitive skin and feels lovely when using it. It's reasonably priced considering the quality, a great bonus. This brush gives a really professional finish and is a great size for makeup bags, it doesn't take up much room. Absolutely awesome, I highly recommend this.
I rediscovered this brush when I found it in the back of my makeup drawer the other day, and I am so glad I found it! I forgot what a joy this brush was to use, i use it predominately for cheek products (bronzer, highlight, contour etc.). I find that it gives a more precise and defined look when used with a contour powder to help carve out the cheekbones. However, the unique thing about this brush in particular is that is still rather densely packed with bristles which means that it not only places the product in the exact place you want it but you can also blend it out! I did this helps save time in the morning as well (always a good thing!) as you don't have to reach for multiple brushes. I also find this works well for highlighter along the tops of the cheekbones as well! I love the nude by nature brushes because the bristles are so lovely and soft so they don't scratch your face when your blending, I really believe these feel like higher end brushes! Positively I also find that these brushes do not shed, on your face or when you are consign them, which I find with other drugstore brushes. I would recommend nude by nature brushes but if your in the market for a new sculpting brush this may be a good one to check out!
If you use a lot of highlighting and contouring products, I would definitely recommend getting the Nude by Nature perfecting brush.  It is a small, compact brush with soft bristles that won't irritate your skin.  The design of the brush is very convenient as I can hold onto it comfortably without losing my grip.  It is dense so it holds onto the powder very well, almost too well! That's why I always tap the excess off and then I gently press the brush into my face back and forth. It goes on smoothly and blends the product seamlessly into your skin without causing any lines are streaks. Because the bristles are close together, they create precision so wherever you place the brush is where the colour is going to be.  This is why it is perfect for highlighting and contouring.  I sweep a bit of my strobing powder across my cheekbones and on the bridge of my nose for a beautiful glow.  Then I place a bit of my matte bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks to create a sculpted look.  I also take a bit of the matte bronzer and go along the outer edges of my forehead and jawline to add more definition.  The brush is of the highest quality without costing a fortune, the bristles do not shed and they are cruelty free!  Tip: You do not have to limit it for just contouring and highlighting.  Sometimes I powder my face with the brush when my T zone is looking a bit shiny.  It's precise so I apply it over my nose, forehead and chin.
The perfecting brush is the best brush to help with highlighting and contouring.  It's compact and uniform making the application precise and controlled, exactly what you need when you want to create natural definition.  I love the softness of the bristles.  There is no scratchy feeling and it blends seamlessly onto the skin.  It's also cruelty free! The brush is short, easy enough to hold and picks up a good amount of product.  Just tap the brush gently if you happen to pick up too much!  I apply my highlighting powder on my cheekbones to give it that natural glow while also using it on the bridge of my nose.  I take my bronzer or contouring powder and use it in the hollows of my cheeks giving that high cheekbone look.  I also apply the powder on the edges of my forehead and along my jawline.  There's hardly any shedding and it's great quality! A must have for every makeup kit
My oh my do I love this product! Soft yet dense brush make up ensures that every stroke covers all the grounds with a consistent brush. At the same time the softness of the brush makes it so gentle and pleasant on the skin  My fave part is that it's so versatile I can apply mineral powder across the t zone and at the same time use it with a light bronzer. I've even used it for highlighting my cheekbones. Love love love! 
Very soft and thick brush that gives great coverage even with one horizontal sweep. I love the handle design and it helps me grip the brush efficiently when sweeping it across my cheek bones.
This is a great brush for conturing and blending out precise areas that need some attention. The bristles are really tight packed and dense so its perfect for picking up however much product you desire. I wouldnt recommend it for a full face of foundation application because nude already have a brush that is specifically for this. Just use it for the needs i have listed previously. Its relatively inexpensive compared to other high end brands and is fantastic for the price. Enjoy!
The ultra-soft, and high quality synthetic fibres and are shaped horizontally, allowing effortless and even coverage on all areas of my face. The brush is thick which helps create a smooth and seamless application every time. I really like the short handle, makes  it easy to hold in the palm of my hand.
Nude By Nature really knows how to make a good brush. I have never found myself not liking a brush they offer and this is no exception. The softest brush i have ever used, and as a result it just glides across your face giving you that Photoshop finish. Love it.
I love these brushes! Beautiful large coverage in one quick sweep of the brush. Great for using on your cheek bones and I also use them to sweep across my eyelids. Soft brushes and great when you are short of time.