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Nude by Nature Virgin Blush is a high mineral pigment blush that adjusts to skin tone to add a healthy colour and glow to the face. The formula can be used to contour on cheeks, as an eyeshadow or mixed with gloss and used on lips. 


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and preservatives, 100% natural ingredients, cruelty-free and PETA certified.


Nude by Nature Virgin Blush


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A beautiful and highly pigmented blush, the Nude by Nature virgin blush is the perfect colour to give my skin a bit of colour that's natural yet still noticeable. It's a mineral powder blush that has quite a lot of product in it and yet you only need a small amount to give your cheeks that flushed look to counteract any sallowness.  I apply the blush very minimal to the apples of my cheeks and then slightly higher, similar to contouring but not in the hollows of your cheeks so your face looks more sculpted and lifted but not as drastic as contouring. The pinkish brown colour is well suited for my skin tone which is light with yellow undertones and I love the shimmer in it as well.  It doesn't hurt to add a bit of the blush onto your eyelids for a pretty and shimmery eye that will match your cheeks and keep your look understated yet sophisticated.
This blush is honestly so gorgeous! It gives my cheeks this lovely, healthy glow without looking like I've gone overboard! I love how natural it looks on my cheeks, almost like it's mimicking a natural blush exactly. It has a hint of sparkle, which I absolutely love for the summertime, but am not such a fan of for winter. In summer, I feel like the sun really brings out the glitter and the glow, and highlights my face nicely! The best thing is how versatile this blush is. Sometimes when I'm travelling, I'll just bring this along and use it as eyeshadow as well. It's easily blendable and quite pigmented too.  Pros: - Gorgeous colour - Light and natural - Quite pigmented - Blends quite well - Can use it as an eyeshadow as well Cons: - Not the best packaging (product tends to go everywhere upon opening if you're not careful - I always try to apply it over a sink where possible)
I bought this blush for a natural flush of colour on my face. I find that I need to lightly tap the brush on the lid otherwise pigmintation is a little too intense for my fair skin. I really love the shade and the healthy tint it provides! I’ve been using this daily for about 6 months and don’t think I’m even close to half way. Definitely lasts a while! Only thing I would change is the inside of the container, the powder tends to fall out when I open the lid it so wish it had the same twist cover like the mineral cover loose powder- may just be my preference. I do recommend giving this a try!
You only need the smallest amount of this product as it's highly pigmented. Once on the skin it is difficult to blend so proper placement is essential. Great colour for all tones. The container is very small and it takes a little effort to bring the product out from the little holes. Having the small container does make it difficult to get a brush to the powder.
Nude by Nature blush is awesome but needs a patient and gentle hand to apply. The shade is quite intense, it works best on darker skin shades, for a fair skin you need very little product. I'm an ex makeup artist, love to mix different products together, so I will tone down this blush shade with transculent powder or sparkle it up with a powder highligher before applying. Skin must be dry, as it will streak and go on uneven and it works well over powder foundation, not so much liquid unless properly powdered. I've used this powder also as an eyeshadow.
Love this product !  Very pigmented so take it easy, great colour pinky brown perfect for creating a sun kissed look for summer and spring, easy to apply I like to use a brush snd gently sweep upwards. The slight shimmer ans sparkle adds an extra pop to your make up look - which I love and saves the need for a highlighter   as well. 
This is the only blush I've ever owned! I absolutely love it. You hardly need to use any and I've the same pot for over 3 years and wear it most days and its still going strong! It's also a really nice natural colour. Will definitely repurchase.
This is one of my favourite blushes ever. It has just the right amount of pigment to make my olive skin tone look beautiful. It comes in a nice sturdy jar and it is a loose powder. Thus, it can get messy at times. This blush is so worth the price because only a little is required to achieve a strong colour.
This blush is a lovely colour that suits my natural pale skin tone, as well as when I have a tan. I personally like the loose powder as I can easily get as much product as I like on the brush and if I pick up to much I can tap of any excess.
Loving the colour! The rosy cheeks colour didn’t look too much in me! But, it looks natural as it gives natural popped up on my face! The packaging is convenient and I’m very surprised with the pigmentation. Super pigmented! Although I’m not having a high e expectation before trying this because of its powder form. I don’t mind the powder cause my priority obviously the product quality and I’m very happy with quality! Overall, highly recommended
I had a very low expectation for this blush at first. Lo and behold, it surprised me in a good way. It is super pigmented and only tiniest bit is needed. One container could last literally forever. However, since it is in a loose packaging, it can get a lil bit messy. Minus one star for the packaging otherwise the colour is beautiful and complements different skin tones. My friend wears it as well during our trip to Korea and she loves it
This blush is a such a beautiful colour. It works great for day and night. It is easy to apply. It looks great on a variety of different skin tones. I love that it’s a natural, mineral makeup so it doesn’t feel thick or gluggy. My blush of choice.
I enjoyed using this powder blush for many reasons. Firstly the powder is super fine and doesn't exaggerate my pores and the powder is well pigment so a little goes a long way. The colour is suitable for my everyday work look. However, the packaging can be improved as it can get messy and product get wasted.
This Nude By Nature blush is a fine powder blush in a pretty pink. It is very pigmented, so I suggest using a very light touch for application. Since it's a powder blush, it transfers easily and there's a lot of spillage. So, open the container carefully and slowly. Otherwise, it's a beautiful everyday blush.
I have been a loyal customer of Nude by Nature for 10 years and the Virgin Blush was the first blush I ever tried... and still to this day its the best one I've had! The colour is perfect for my pale to olive skin tone, while the loose power allows full control over how much you use. I hope they never discontinue this!!
This blush is the perfect colour for everyday use. It’s not too pink or too peach or too anything, just the perfect flush to your cheeks! It wears well throughout the day and applies evenly and smoothly. It’s quite pigmented so a little goes a long way and so it’s also great value for money. The only con of the product is the packaging. I don’t mind loose products but they need to have a slider over the holes so when you travel t doesn’t go everywhere. Nonetheless it’s a great first blush if you’re starting out with makeup!
This blush is the perfect shade for giving a bit of colour to the cheeks (especially if you have a light to medium skin tone). It is highly pigmented so you need a very light hand and a brush with less dense bristles. The powder also has a bit of a sheen to it so it gives my cheeks a lovely, healthy looking glow. I really love how this looks on my skin.The packaging is the only downfall for me. I find it can be very messy unfortunately- the loose powder gets everywhere. The packaging also feels cheaply made.
This blush is a very beautiful, natural colour on my fair skin. It has a quite unique earthy tone, but doesn't look muddy. It can be a little intense, due to the loose powder formulation. I apply with a Real Techniques duofiber brush to make the effect more subtle and the product easier to blend.
This blush gives a beautiful flush of colour to the cheeks. I find it blends in well with my medium to tan skin tone for a natural looking youthful glow. The product is highly pigmented and has a bit of shimmer in it, but nothing crazy. I love using this as a blusher and as an eyeshadow for a monochromatic look. The one thing I don't like about this though is the packaging. It's a loose powder so you have to tap the product out onto the lid first, then pick it up with a brush. I find this wastes a lot of product as it just kicks up into the air. Other than that, I would highly recommend it. It's also well worth the price as you get a lot of product in it. Ive been using the same one regularly for over a year.
The 'Virgin Blush' is a beautiful and natural looking blush, that I use everyday to make my skin look warm and healthy. It is pigmented and has a little shimmer, giving more radiance to your face. When I don't feel like wearing much make up I apply some 'liquid mineral concealer' by nude by nature to any blemishes or dark spots and obviously applying the blush making my skin look more alive and healthier. Isn't that all we want?