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A beauty oil that can be used on face, body and hair, Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse absorbs easily without leaving a greasy feeling and is formulated with six precious plant oils: macadamia, hazelnut, borage, almond, camellia and St. John’s wort. Use as a face oil before moisturiser, mix into foundation for a dewy finish, add a few drops to the bath for a luxurious soak, or massage through lengths as a hair mask before shampooing and conditioning.

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Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse


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i love this product! very hydrating and moisturising and I got addicted to the scent.  I love the bottle also.  Well worth it for your hair skin and body care arsenal.  There is also a sparkle version that is fragrance free.  The product is housed in a glass bottle with a cap and small hole for the product to be accessed.  It might be better with a pump to avoid wastage. 
This is an absolutely beautiful oil that goes on easily, doesn't take long to dry and smells amazingly beautiful. I wear support stockings daily and I am able to use this on my legs which are often dry in the winter, without needing to wait ages before the oil dries to put my stockings on. It dries sufficiently quickly so never interferes with my stockings - there is nothing worse than greasy legs plus support stockings! I've not used it on my face but have used it frequently on my legs and at times on other parts of my body. It lasts really well as only a small amount is needed. It really is a beautiful, well labelled, DRY oil.
A miracle multitasker! I keep a spare bottle so I never run out. I use it all over! A spritz my hands before running through my hair to hydrate and tame flyaways. I spray it over my body after showering and it absorbs almost instantly with no residue. I mix it with serums and vitamin C power every night for my face. It’s cheap and literally has no cons!!
This Nuxe body oil has been my ride or die for about 5 years now....the scent is intoxicating (sort of a vanilla floral scent). It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a subtle dewy glow. It is extremely hydrating. What I love about it most is how versatile it is- you can use it from top to toe. I use it in my hair before blow drying for smoothing and de-frizzing, and it leaves such a nice lingering scent. I cannot recommend this body oil enough!
No wonder this multitasker has a cult following!! And deservedly so. A great body oil. Leaves the skin hydrated and luminous. And can we talk about the scent!!?So luxe. I have tried both this and the Tom Ford Soleil oil. And Nuxe wins for me. And a quarter of the price!! I love this as a cuticle oil. It’s equally as good as solar oil. This product goes head to head with any other product I put against it.  PROS: Affordable The scent  A multitasker  CONS:  Can be difficult to get hold of WOULD I REPURCHASE: I already have a back up ready to go and the Gold version which gives such an amazing shimmer! 
This is such an interesting product - a 'dry' oil!  When this came out onto the market it was such an innovative product - now there are a few 'dry' oils on the market but I still believe Nuxe's to be the best. This dry oil is the best of both worlds - hydration from an oil, but no sticky or greasy texture. Applying just a small 20c amount, my legs are fully covered in the oil. It sinks right into my dry skin - leaving no residue, just hydration! After about an hour, the oil has had time to work it's magic and my legs feel silky smooth! This silkiness lasts even after my nighttime shower, so I know i get long lasting effects from this. The other thing I love about this dry oil is that it doesn't leave any residue on my clothes. Typically, oil ruins clothes, but I can wear any outfit I like with this dry oil without worrying about ruining it. It is such a luxurious oil inside and outside the bottle. It has gold shimmer suspended throughout the oil and it looks phenomenal! Sitting upon my vanity in a glass bottle, it glows and sparkles in the sunlight - truly mesmerising. Upon dispensing the oil into my palm, the shimmer is as vibrant as ever. However, upon rubbing it into my skin the shimmer disperses evenly to look like a glow. It makes my skin look so healthy, and slightly tanned because it is gold. It makes me feel like JLo! My favourite season to wear this is in summer, because my skin looks so healthy and glowy in the sunlight. This dry oil is multi-purpose, I've used it as a body oil, hair oil, and cuticle oil! It really is a truly wonderful multipurpose product that eliminates the need for buying many other products.  The scent is also gorgeous! It can double as perfume. I love wearing it in my hair as I get the 2 effects of a hair oil and hair perfume. So clever! Overall, I really love this Nuxe dry oil. It is a solid product that has a place in every person's routine.
Oh, how I love a product that can be used in a multutude of ways! The dry oil by Nuxe is so incredibly beautiful and just emanates luxury, from the gorgeous square bottle to the dreamy, creamy floral scent. The oil glides on the skin beautifully, and absorbs instantly leaving a healthy looking sheen in its wake. My skin feels so wonderfully soft after application and I love that I can get dressed right away without any stickiness or greasy feeling. This oil can also be used to help tame fly aways and to nourish hair in need.  This oil is quite fragranced, and the scent does dissipate a little, but it smells that good that I am happy for this to also become my signature scent.  I was so glad to find this in a beauty subscription box, that is now sadly discontinues, as it is a staple that goes with me everywhere.
This has to be my favourite dry oil of all-time and can totally understand it's high praise among the beauty community. This scent to me is the ultimate definition of timeless luxury. It's both floral and slightly 'nutty', but with such a creamy and smooth texture. It's quite hard to describe, but I liken it to the Dolce & Gabbana 'The One' fragrance as I see similarities in the powdery sensual fragrance. It's moderately-to-fully heady, and I love the elegance and class I instantly feel when I smell the scent. It's just super beautiful and I think everyone from all ages and olfactory experiences will appreciate the scent. It's my favourite thing about this oil. Being a dry oil, it's immediately attractive to those who do not particularly desire any creams, lotions or body oils on their skin since it can feel heavy or leave a residue. Dry oils are famous for their fast absorbance into the skin, leaving no trace of product (except the alluring scent) and the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse complies with this definition. Yet this dry oil still applies like velvet on the skin and glides in beautifully for even coverage. I was have this with the convenient spray nozzle so applying it is super easy, just remember to work in smaller patches since it sinks into the skin super quickly. In my extremely busy work schedule, sometimes I do not have the time nor patience to attend to my beauty routine with so many different products. So multi-purpose, simple products are a real winner for me these days which is another reason this oil is so damn good. I can use it for a variety of functions including polishing my hair, hydrating dry patches on my skin and using it as an all-round body conditioner and fragrance. Another awesome way it can be used is by adding it to you bath for one of the most gorgeously scented baths you'll ever have. Another tip, the oil with gold shimmer particles gives the most subtle, heavenly glow to your skin, it's a must-try! I think when you consider the high quality fragrance and multi-purpose properties of this oil, it's one of the most affordable products around in terms of value for money. I'd be happy to replace my perfume collection with this one product.
I bought this for myself and my mum, and we both really enjoy using this product- my mum probably more than me. This is a lovely dry oil which is multipurpose but I mainly use it all over the body to nourish my skin- especially lovely in the winter months. I use it after the shower and rub it all over and by morning my skin is supple and it’s absorbed completely. I would say it has an almost baby powdery scent, I think more mature people would appreciate the scent more than I do (ie my mum). My mum also uses it on her face as a moisturiser as well. It’s lovely because it’s not too heavy like a body butter but more delicate and has the lingering fragrance.
There is a reason the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse oil has a cult following - it is a multi-use product that not only feels amazing on the skin, but has a beautiful fragrance that lingers without interfering with your perfume. I will admit to being one of the most lazy people when it comes to moisturising my body. I have good intentions, but as I hate the feeling of heavy creams and oils on my body I often cannot be bothered due to having to wait to dress. Who has got time for that? My skin has been especially dry and scaly after recent surgery so I finally decided to put my bottle of Huile Podigieuse on my bedside table so I would see an then hopefully use it every day.  I am so glad I did. Not only is my skin looking the best it has in months, but I have become addicted to the fragrance and will be purchasing the complimentary perfume which is finally available in Australia.  I love the subtle sheen on my skin and I am a firm believer that moisturised skin makes your skin look younger - and who doesn't want that?! From someone who could go months without using a body moisturiser, I have now found myself using it morning and night. Nothing feels more decadent than applying this beautiful oil at night prior to retiring and surprisingly I can still smell the oil in my skin upon waking. I already have 2 back up bottles as this is now a staple in my beauty routine. If you haven't tried it, please put in on your list to try - you won't regret it.
To be honest, I really have no idea exactly what this product was supposed to do. I tried it on my face, but I already use a moisturiser that works so much better. I tried it on my legs, but again my body lotion works and feels better. I also tried it on the ends of my hair but my hair serum is a much better product for dry styled ends. This product is obviously multi-purpose, but there are so many better products to hydrate the face, body and hair. This product did not convert me to multi-purpose dry oil usage. As the saying goes 'Jack of all trades, master of nothing', and this reflects my opinion on Nuxe multi-purpose dry oil.
The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is an incredibly luxurious oil that works for just about every part of your body. For those that may not be familiar with it, it is described as being a dry oil. I wasn't sure what that meant as I felt as though all oils had the same consistency and would leave the same feeling.  However, this is great for those that don't like the feeling of oils as it has all the benefits without any of the negatives.  When you first put it on, you can feel how lightweight the oil is.  Even though it's nourishing and hydrating, it dries fairly quickly and doesn't leave any oiliness or residue behind, making it a dry oil.  The first thing I noticed when I opened the bottle, besides the beautiful packaging, was the beautiful fragrance.  It was floral and sweet with just the right amount of warmth without overpowering my senses.  The oil itself is all plant based with high calibre ingredients including macadamia and almond oil.  Being such a versatile product, I wasn't sure exactly how to use it at first.  I started off by using it on my body after a shower to keep my skin hydrated.  I loved using it on my legs because not only did it keep it hydrated, but it added a nice sheen so I would always make sure to put it on if I knew I was going to be wearing a skirt or a dress.  It's also a great alternative to perfume (for those with sensitivities or allergies) as a couple of dabs on my neck and wrists and the scent would last for hours.  After a shower I would also use a couple of drops of the oil on my hair, focusing on the ends to help keep my tresses smooth and frizz free.  I've been using this oil for years to help with split ends and damage from all the heat styling that I do.  It helps protect the hair against breakage and I find that my hair looks and feels much healthier.  It isn't as brittle and the oils provide a protective shield without weighing my hair down.  You could also use a bit of the oil after blow drying your hair for extra shine and taming frizz.  I also like to use the oil on my lips.  It gives my lips a glossy look, minus the colour, but I find that I prefer using this more than my actual lip gloss because it keeps my lips hydrated all day.   Plus, somedays I just want to give my face a rest with all the makeup products and go for a more natural look. However, the days when I do wear lipstick I put the oil on first then the lipstick on top so my lips won't dry out and flake throughout the day.  Given the versatility and quality of the product, I found it to be well worth the price.  I have found so many uses for it and it didn't leave my skin feeling uncomfortable.  If you have never tried a multipurpose oil or want to try an oil but don't want the greasy feeling that comes with it than I would highly recommend the Nuxe oil.   Tip: Mix the oil with a bit of sugar and lemon juice for your own homemade body scrub! 
Multipurpose classic, Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse does it all: conditions hair (tiny bit needed to smooth flyaways), great as a body oil (apply on wet skin for better spreadability and absorption without greasiness), oil perfume (as it has beautiful summery scent)... I did give this oil 4 stars as the scent will linger for too long and I am not use to the perfumes being on me all day long. I do prefer lighter scents that dissipate with time. That being said, the scent reminds me of Mediterranean , beaches, summer and makes me nostalgic at the same time.  I can not use it on the face (because of the perfume), but all over the body and lightly on the hair, yes. When applied on wet skin after shower, it spreads easy and absorbs fast. Plus it does not leave skin greasy this way and only tiny amount is opposed to applying it on dry skin.  Use it sparingly on the hair, tiny tiny amount on the ends...or even if wanted as a pre-wash conditioning pack.
This oil is a little miracle in a bottle. I adore it. I was a little apprehensive purchasing at first because of the price and the size of the bottle but a little really does go a long way. The aroma of the oil is magnificent. I used it throughout winter and could smell nothing but Spring! Gorgeous! The oil is also dry. Once I sprayed it onto my skin it instantly felt nourished and not greasy. Not one single bit. It really does feel like a very luxurious product to apply. It also looks like a luxurious product. The glass bottle with the glowing golden oil. It's a fabulously stylish addition to the beauty cabinet. This oil kept my skin moisturised, soft and nourished throughout winter without using copious amounts. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a body oil that is non-greasy, highly nourishing and just all round DELICIOUS to apply. 5/5 from me.
I adore beauty oil and I love using oil everywhere – face, body and hair. I have heard nothing but good reviews on this Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse so I was excited to try this product (I have even bought two large bottles before testing it). While I really want to like this product, I found that it may not be suitable for my skin type, especially in winter. The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is packaged in a stunning square-shaped glass bottle. It looks very luxe and it is a good item to have on the shelf just for the look! The oil does not leak, and the spray mechanism works very well even when the product level gets low in the container. I have separate face and body oil so I have only used the Nuxe oil on my body. I have very dry skin, especially on my legs and during winter. My skin can be so dry that it becomes itchy. I never skip using a moisturising product on my body after shower, and I found that a good oil will keep my skin hydrated until the next shower. I have a few favourites, but I found that sweet almond oil and macadamia oil seem to work the best on my fussy skin. The first impression I have is that the Nuxe oil is quite heavily fragranced. I like the floral fragrance so I do not mind it, but I can see that it may not be suitable for people who are more sensitive to strong scents. The oil has a rather “dry” feel to it, as oppose to the other 100% plant oil which I have used –those feel a bit more “wet”. I apply a generous amount on my body(approximately 4 sprays on each leg and arm). The oil is very quickly absorbed and there is no greasy feeling afterwards. I can get dressed immediately. However, after a few hours my skin would feel itchy again. I do not feel that this oil provides the level of hydration that I need. On a closer inspection, apart from plant oils, this Nuxe oil’s major components are Isopropyl Isostearate and Coco Caprylate/caprate. These ingredients provide a base for the plant oils (macadamia oil, almond oil and camellia seed oil, etc.) – it is also these ingredients which give a “dry” feeling and the quick absorbing property to the oil.  While I have no issue using these ingredients on my skin, the plant oils in the Nuxe oil are too diluted that they are no longer effective on my skin. That said, I think that this oil can still be very effective on most people whose skin is not as dry as mine. I will be saving the rest of the product and I will come back to use it again in summer!
This oil has a lovely subtly sweet fragrance and its very lightweight. I do notice it hydrates my hair and the shine it imparts is quite amazing. It also helps keep my hair detangled and soft which i like.
I was very lucky to receive a bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse as part of a Christmas present, as was instantly impressed with this fabulous oil! To start with, the packing itself is beautiful, as the oil comes in a fragrance-like glass bottle with a spray applicator and golden lid. I am super lazy when it comes to following any beauty routines, so I absolutely love any product that claims to be "multi-tasking" and this product definitely is! The oil itself is lightweight and is easily absorbed into the skin and hair. Although it specifies you can use it as a facial oil, as the fragrance is quite strong I find it a little irritating to use this product as a facial oil because it can sting my eyes. It is however a lovely, light body oil that can be sprayed directly onto arms, shoulders, legs and the chest and neck areas without leaving a greasy residue or heavy feel. I especially recommend using it after a fake tan as it really enhances your skin's natural glow and adds extra radiance too. The fragrance is a delicate floral based scent, that lasts quite well and I would just describe it as being very feminine! I like to lightly spray some of this oil through my hair, as not only does it add a natural glossy, shine it adds a delicate scent that lasts for a couple hours and helps control any frizz too.  It's also the perfect body treatment to use on legs after shaving, as it adds nourishment, moisture and a gorgeous, natural glow to the skin. After recently using this product for the first time ever I now realise why it is a best-seller, as there a very few products available that can be used as a light fragrance, and a face, hair and body treatment oil too.  As this formula is a dry oil I recommend using it on dry (not damp) skin so that it absorbs into the skin a lot quicker, without leaving a heavy residue. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a luxurious, multi-tasking treatment oil that also smells amazing! I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this product as there are so many uses for it and it really does leave the skin and hair feeling very soft, supple and silky. The product is quite concentrated so just a few sprays of the oil is needed, and although the large bottle is only 100ml  it lasts for a fairly long time. I regret not using this product sooner and will definitely purchase it in the future!
What can be said about this iconic oil by Nuxe that hasn’t been said in many, MANY reviews before it? If you’ve tried this product before then I’m no doubt preaching to the converted. If by chance you’ve not had the pleasure then hopefully this review will fill you in on what all the fuss is about. It’s a cult favourite for good reason. This is a multi purpose oil by French skincare company Nuxe. It comes in a 50ml and 100ml sized glass bottle with a spray top for easy application. A word of warning, handle with care as this bottle can become a bit slippery and you don’t want to drop this one on the bathroom tiles! This oil can be used in three ways – as a body oil, hair oil and face oil. I personally found it a bit heavy as a hair oil and a bit strongly scented for a face oil. Your mileage may vary though due to different hair type etc. Where this product really shines for me is as a body oil. It’s so lovely and light and easily absorbed. My skin feels silky soft after applying without it being greasy. I prefer body oils to body lotion in the Summer as they don’t feel as heavy on the skin and the Huile Prodigieuse is the perfect oil for this. I apply this most days after showering while my skin is still slightly damp for greater absorption. I also love to spritz some on before bed on warm Summer nights for sweetly scented dreams. Bliss! Speaking of Summer, that’s the one word that, to me, sums up the scent of this oil perfectly. It’s a very hard scent to describe (aside from being heavenly!) but it captures the warm scent of sun, sand and surf with a bit of a luxe spin on it. I also have the perfume in the same scent and I love to layer it with this oil to make the perfume last even longer throughout the day. I like to change my skincare and body care products all the time to try new things. However, this is one of the few products that I always have on hand (with a backup in the drawer). It’s that good! If you haven’t already then please give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.  
I love this. I put a squirt through the ends of my hair after a shower.. amazing!
I love this versatile oil. As others have said, it is super nourishing on skin and hair and it is such a luxe product with gorgeous packaging. I mainly use it on my legs as they can get quite dry and itchy, especially after being in the sun. I find this oil to be great at hydrating and soothing irritated, sore skin. One of the unique reasons I love this product is for it's scent. I am allergic to perfume and so I never wear any fragrance. I absolutely love that I can apply a bit of this oil to my shoulders and decolletage and it does not give me a headache. It's a very welcome side effect and now this oil has become my signature fragrance. I recently picked up a bottle with a spray dispenser which makes it even more convenient to use. If you have never tried this, definitely get your hands on it, it's great.