Nuxe Merveillance® Visible Expression Lines Enriched Cream

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Nuxe Merveillance® Visible Expression Lines Enriched Cream is a moisturiser for very dry skin that reducse the appearance and depth of fine lines. The combination of inca, inchi, marula and hazelnut oils work to comfort the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Paraben free and non comedogenic.


Nuxe Merveillance® Visible Expression Lines Enriched Cream


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Nuxe is a brand i have loved and used for years now....the dry oil started it all off for me,and my love for it has grown with each new product i have discovered,so how did this cream stand up to other products i have used ? Nuxe Merveillance Visible Expression Lines Enriched Cream is a super rich,nourishing cream that contains  Very moisturising and calming. The texture is somewhat thicker than some creams i have on rotation (which in winter,i love), which means it doesn't spread as easily, but it does help skin look and feel more visibly plump and lush after using it,(in a way that stands up against creams costing double this),as well as being a sensory pleasure to use (the feel / the scent / the look and the whole French beauty vibe).And i know,that at around $60 for a 50mls jar is a little exxy,but it does last a decent amount of time,and it really does visibly smooth those lines thta come with age and simply being a tired human (my skin wakes looking a good few years younger,and a heck of a lot more rested after use). As i said,this was absorbed in quickly and the soft glowing effect was complexion looked radiant and when I put make up on, it glided on and looked perfect,my skin was so smooth and plump (and that radiant effect lasted all day) The scent is mild and pleasant (a floral / herbal hybrid) that is lovely throughout use,but dissipates quickly after,leaving behind a beautiful,plump and hydrated visage that is cared for with gorgeous natural ingredients such as inca, inchi, marula and hazelnut oils.I use this cream during the day as well as at night during winter,but would find it a bit much during the winter (anyone there reading this with an oilier skin would be best to give this a miss,as the cream is far too rich for that skin type),and hubby loves this post shave to give his skin a calming,moisturising lift.He says he adores how it makes his skin "shiny" and "soft as a baby's bot"....what more can you ask for ? Well,it seems that either too few share my feelings towards this OR Nuxe has gone and "upskilled" the range,as this is,sadly no more here in Oz,and i have to get the stuff online from OS in some hidden corners of the net....but it is worth it.
I have been using this cream for 6 months now. Perfect for night time  as a base for serums etc. The scent is lovely and the cream melts into the skin evenly. The packaging is easy to use. The price point is on par with other products like it on the market
Merveillance has a pleasant cooling effect and the texture is not too runny; it also has a nice brightening effect, and I like applying it before my day-time makeup routine for a healthier, dewy look. It gives very lightweight hydration and has a strong herbal/floral fragrance (in contrast to Huile Prodigieuse) that lingers on the skin. I would also have preferred that the packaging came in a tube rather than a pot.
Lovely cream that provides beautiful hydration without seeming thick and greasy. The fresh botanical scent is pleasing, and the cream is beautiful and light in texture that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. I use this day and night and find it non irritating providing just the right amount of hydration. I would prefer a squeeze tube instead of a pot which is why it get 4 stars but the product is fantastic!