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NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil

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NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil is a radiance enhancing eyeliner that also doubles as an eyeshadow. Made with a blend of mineral oil and powder, the creamy formula glides on effortlessly without tugging or pulling at the delicate eye area. To sharpen the eye pencil, use a large pencil sharpener. 

Available in 14 shades.


NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil


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Love it. I’ve been using this for sometime now. The texture is quite creamy and it’s very well pigmented. It’s great if you like the Smokey eye look. Love the colour and love how affordable the product is. It’s a must have for every makeup lover.
I loved this jumbo eye pencil, so easy to use and so creamy and at under $10.00 what a great price, awesome value. This pencil glides on so easily for a lovely Smokey eye, is easy to smudge for a natural look and doesn’t drag across my eyes roughly like other pencils iv used do. The pigment is high quality and the product lasts all day really well. It’s also a great creamy eye shadow and comes in 14 shades, it’s easy to blend, gives a great pop of colour, my niece steals mine for stage makeup for her dance concerts. It’s easy to sharpen with a wide sharpener. Overall a great budget friendly product I would recommend
Love the jumbo pencil, I use it more like an eye shadow and I have a gold shade which I use in the inner corner of my eyes when I am going out or in the mornings when I look a little tired. You definitely need to pop this in your purse to reapply but its still a pretty good product.
NYX is my favourite affordable brand and, after two years of constantly trying to find this product in the shade 'Milk' at my local target, I finally got my hands on it. I had heard it's a great base to make your coloured eyeshadow POP, and it certainly works. I use this over an eye primer and then put bright shadows over the top to make them stand out. The texture is creamy and easy to blend, but its size can make it difficult if you want to use it as a liner.  I also use it for Halloween looks that require large patches of colour. I use it as a base and then layer colours on top. Like on the eyes, it really helps the colours achieve their full vibrancy.  Pros: -Easy to blend -Great price -Long lasting -Large range of colours Cons:  -Difficult to use as a liner With an abundance of colours, NYX's jumbo pencil is great for those who need an easy to use, cheap eyeshadow. 
First off, NYX is an amazing brand and it never leaves me wanting to return any purchases- it's fantastic! I've purchased their products many times over and this bad boy was one of my first. I remember watching a Halloween tutorial on youtube where they recommended the colour milk on the waterline to create brighter and wider appearing eyes, it definitely worked sadly not but a few weeks onwards I lost it! That was a truly heartbreaking moment for myself but I couldn't resist and so I went out and purchased another- in even more shades, some personal favourites include purple,  black bean, pure gold and peacock and I can't wait to try even more! PROS -easy to apply -well designed packaging -affordable  -easy to take off but long-lasting and durable -EXTRA- it can survive a night of Halloween CONS -Not a fan of the plastic lid, it breaks quite easily  -needs to come with a sharpener I can't find one that goes with it for the life of me 10000/10 recommend to all :)
I really like this product for when I'm using glittery eyeshadows or ones I want to 'pop'. I use the colour 'Milk', a white colour, and pat it on my lids after using an eyeshadow primer. It's slightly tacky, which means glitter sticks to it, and metallic eyeshadows become amazingly vibrant and foiled over it. The white base is great because it doesn't have a colour which interferes with the colour of the eyeshadow - the shadow stays true to colour. With this, the eyeshadow stays vibrant all day long!
The pigment in the NYX jumbo eye pencils are next level. The white one is great for lining the water line or using it in the inner corner of the eye to brighten the eyes. Only one con and that is the challenge to sharpen it without it breaking. Great product and so inexpensive.
This large size chunky eye pencil is prefect for using as eyeliner or for use as an eye shadow. It is creamy and glides smoothly across my eye lid. I have been using it as an eye liner and have tried it as a shadow as well. For shadow, I gently blend with my fingers and it has a nice soft intensity of colour. Since it is a chunky pencil, I have been using this pencil as an eye liner more often, and the colour lasts for the entire day without smudging or transferring onto my lids. It also does not pull or irritate my skin.  Pros: -glides on creamy with little effort, lasting colour Cons: -due to larger tip size, works slightly better as eye shadow than eye liner  Tips: -blend with your finger for a more natural and less rigid look Recommendation: -this is a jumbo size creamy eye liner pencil which comes in a range of colours and is easy to apply for daily use and would suit anyone who wants to try a jumbo eye liner and eye shadow pencil in one.