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NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream is a velvety smooth lip cream with a matte finish. It goes on silky smooth, has a sweet scent and moisturises the lips despite its matte finish.

Available in 11 shades


NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream


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Great colour selection, delicious scents, non drying texture but poor longevity.  If you want to wear this longer than half an hour then you need to prime your lips with various products.  Unless you want to touch up all the time! Great price but should be cheaper due to lack of longevity.
I really love the NYX matte lip creams as they are so easy to use and have great high quality pigment that lasts and gorgeous colour. The formula is really creamy and glides on easily, it does dry fairly quickly to a nice matte finish and lasts for ages. It comes in 11 great shades, I particularly love the nude shade stockholm, the formula is quite hydrating and the creams smell lovely, a little like vanilla. The best part of these great lip pencils is the price, I can afford to buy several at a time. Overall a winner for me, I would highly recommend these.
I actually love this lip product so much.  I have about 6 of the shades and they never disappoint with the colours, they smell so good but I do find them a little drying but not to bad,  and they are so great and affordable so they are prefect to add to your kit or collection. 
I had gotten an NYX lip set that had the soft matte lip cream in several different colours and they were amazing! First of all the product is so soft and creamy and it applies to easily.  It's also pigmented and the colour really pops out when you put it on. It's also scented as well and smells delicious!  Matte lip products tend to dry out my lips but my lips were perfectly fine after using this. It's not liquidy and it stays in place so I didn't have to worry about it bleeding.
I have these in a few colours - you really can't stop at one because the colour range is amazing! While not the best matte lippy around, the colour payoff of these is really good. They are also quite moisturising which is nice as that's not too common with matte products.  I'd reccomend a lip primer underneath as the longevity of the product isn't great. I get around 3 hours of wear before needing to retouch even with primer, and without it is a lot less. The applicator is quite effective and I love the vanilla scent. The packaging is simple and sleek and for the price I definately say stock up!
These lip creams last all day while remaining pigmented and comfortable. The shade range is impressive with colours for all skin tones. The size of the bottle matches the price and makes it easy for me to keep in my purse. The applicator allows me to evenly spread the product without it being too thin or thick.
NYX is probably one of the best affordable makeup brands we have in Australia. Their products quality is consistent and their priceses very affordable with them also being available on sale quite often.  Their lip products are one of the standout options, in my opinion, with the matte lip cream living up to the hype completely. The packaging is nothing to write home about but it is simple and small which makes it perfect to carry around with you (which is a must for lip products a lot of the time). The applicator is a standard doe foot which perfectly seems to hug the curs of your lips and get a very nice defined line on the edges.  The formula is not a dry matte which makes you feel like your lips have had the life sucked out of them. It is a comfortable satin matte that doesn't crack, bleed or settle into your lip lines (In my experience). The colour payoff is great and pigmented but can easily be sheered down with no issue, I even actually managed to use some of these as a very nice cheek colour - just mix a small bit with your foundation and apply! If you're someone who wants to get into lip colours and try a few fun ones, these are a great way to dip your toe into it. 
I love this lip cream by Nyx as a product that I could use on a day-to-day basis, preferably for work. It does dry down which cracks and cakes my lips, but I do enjoy the scent and initial creaminess of the product. I love its wand and its super affordable! Leaves a stain and lasts quite well.
Super pigmented, great price & (for a matte lipstick) they aren't super drying! I have 4 -5 of these and I am absolutely in love! I cannot fault the lighter shades (nudes, light pinks) they stay on for so long & smell amazing. The only thing is with the darker shades because they are so pigmented there is no room for error, if you accidentally get some on your skin its tricky to remove and worse if you already have a full face of make up on. You also need to be 100% sure you want to wear that shade for the darker ones because it does stain your lips a little. Nothing too crazy though just if you change your mind with a shade takes a little extra effort/time to get it off.
I have two shades - a nude and bright pink - and both work wonderfully! They last quite well and fade nicely as well. The only con is that you can notice very quickly if your lips are dry. I like to use it as a base and then put a gloss over the top. For the price it is really good and one of the only mattes that does not dry my lips.
I have been really getting into matte lip products lately and I am always on the look for the ones that are not too drying, which find many matte lippies can be. The Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX is a fabulous little lippie! It glides easily onto my lips, smells yummy, does not feel drying, looks smooth once applied and does not crease much as the day wears on. I do have to say that the lasting power is not the best out there, but I just love giving my lips a new coat of this lip cream, so this is absolutely fine with me. Pros: - great selection of shades (and I love the quirky names of the shades too!) - so affordable - not drying - looks and feels great on the lips Cons: - you do need to re-apply it after eating/drinking throughout the day
I really don't like how drying this product is on my lips.  The packaging is handy for carrying around in my purse- it's not easily breakable and it's also small. There is a nice colour range as well. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply the product on the lips. The product itself has a sweet scent and a fast drying formula. As soon as I apply it to my lips it dries almost instantly, making it hard to spread on evenly. The formula is very very drying on my lips also. My lips just don't agree with it.  Bottom-line: I would recommend other matte lipsticks over these, for example The Body Shop one in Windsor Rose.
I really love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. I have it in three shades - Copenhagen, Transylvania and Monte Carlo.  It is a cream that you apply to your lips and it comes out a really nice matte finish. It doesn't really have a smell, which is great, and it is light weight so I don't even know it's on.  I wasn't really into lip stick before these lip creams, I found it frustrating to keep applying. I find the lip cream lasts a long time and is quite resistant to wear.  The applicator in the tube is easy to use, though you do need to make sure you don't have too much cream on it and steady hands. You can also use a lip brush, this works well.  I highly recommend this product for anyone that likes gorgeous lip colours that last! 
Awesome, affordable, matte liquid lipstick! Colour reviewing: Addis Ababa I bought these at the peak of the matte liquid lip trend as I was highly interested but couldn't get ahold of the popular US brands (i.e. Jeffree Star and Colorpop). Now, having had US brands to compare to and I still think it is one of the best on the market. The tube may be small but it packs a large amount of product. I actually find the reduced packaging makes it really easy to carry around in my pocket or wallet for touch ups when I need it. It's super sturdy and the text hasn't rubbed - I'm super impressed as it was an inexpensive purchase! The colour itself is a gorgeous vibrant pink - super flattering for my yellow toned pale skin! The doe foot applicator picks up the perfect amount of product and helps with precise application and clean lines - I don't need a lip brush to even it out or get straight lines. It also doesn't go on patchily. It feels like a super lightweight mousse, that takes a few minutes to dry down into a lightweight powder matte.  It stays on all day, but doesn't last through eating and drinking - it does need reapplication after lunch and coffee. However, I find reapplication really easy - just swipe on and go! It doesn't ball up or cake on the areas I reapply to like some other liquid matte lipsticks do. It also doesn't dry out my lips awfully like a lot of matte lipsticks do - I think this is because it's lightweight. The scent of it is quite subdued - a soft vanilla. I really like this because it's pleasant when you're applying it but it doesn't hang around all day and make you feel sick. I find taking it off really seamless - I just apply an oil based cleanser and it comes completely off with no scrubbing. Overall this is a fabulous lipstick at a fabulous price point - I really recommend it if you're a seasoned matte lipstick wearer or a newbie to them!
This is probably one of my top choices when it comes to liquid matte lipsticks. Unlike many other liquid lips it has a very creamy texture which doesn’t dry down and leaves the lips feeling very moisturised and you are able to rub your lips together without causing the pigment to ball up. Unfortunately because it doesn’t dry down it means that it’s not as long wearing as other liquid lips, but I’m happy with that trade off. An issue I found with other liquid lips is that they don’t allow you to reapply them without completely removing all product as it ‘balls up’ and gives the lips a weird texture, whereas with the soft matte lip cream you can reapply after eating and drinking with no problem. It stains the lips a little but I don’t mind this as it makes it look a bit more natural when it starts to wear off. But otherwise you really only need to reapply this every couple of hours. It also smells really nice as well and you have a pretty good selection of colours to choose from in the range.
I have the soft matte lip cream in Istanbul and it is the most flattering light pink colour with just the perfect amount of cool and warm tones. I have been on the hunt for the perfect light pink colour, and this it it! I have light skin but I have seen this colour on dark olive skin, and it looks stunning. It’s an expensive looking pink, and not too light to make you look as if you have zinc on your lips. The texture is great as it doesn’t dry out your lips.
This is my favourite lip product. Feels like you have nothing on your lips! I always disliked the feeling of having lipstick on. The is something I have always looked for, matte, light and super pigmented! The colour choices is great, I love the dark red, peach, and nude pink. tip: Lightly blot with a tissue and your have a natural looking lip colour.
I think this was one of the lip cream/ liquid lipsticks I've tried and it still remains my favourite until this day. The formula is so nice, just exactly like the name suggested 'soft' and 'matte'. The doe foot applicator helps the product glides on so smoothly. The texture is very creamy. It gives a velvet finish so it's more comfortable to wear than those liquid lipsticks that dry down super matte.It doesn't dry out my lips or cling onto any dry patches (but if you go for light nude shades I would recommend to exfoliate before application because nude shades tend to emphasis dry patches). The pigmentation is also good, for colours like red, dusty rose, pink I only need to use 1 dip to get the full opaque colour, however for colours like nude & burgundy I would recommend to use 2 coats to get an even finish. The lip cream just 'fit' onto my lips and because it's so light-weight I don't feel like I'm having a lip product on at all. This lip cream last about 6 hours on me with light meals and water in between which is good enough for me. There are so many shades to choose from nudes, pink, red to super vampy colours like dark burgundy. And because the price is very affordable so I don't feel too bad getting multiple colours. Oh, sometimes I even use it as cream blush, just dot around 3 dots on your cheeks and use a finger to blend it out then voila, you have a matching lip and cheek colour. Pros:  -affordable -pigmented -not drying  -very comfortable on the lips -wide colour choice  -can even use as blusher Cons: can't really think of any Overall, I think this is one of the best drugstore liquid lip cream/ liquid lipsticks out there. I've got 5 colours and absolutely love all of them. Definitely a must try product from NYX!
I really like the colours and these inexpensive lip creams feel great you when you first apply them - nice and creamy, drying to a long lasting matte, but I do find that after a while they  tend to dry the lips and also become a bit bitsy if you talk and eat a lot (both of which I do!).  I also have pretty mature lips so it may be the case that younger lips won’t have the cracking problem that I have.  Also I like a dark lip (I use Vancouver) which is gorgeous, but tends to be a little quicker to crack than lighter shades.  What I find helps is to exfoliate regularly and apply only one coat.  If you let it dry thoroughly first, you can put a balm or little gloss on top to revive it and keep it going longer.  I found the scent a little bit sweet for my tastes, but it does fade quickly.
I have a few different colours of this matte lip cream, my favourite by far however is the red colour! It is so vibrant, the colour is even when spread across your lips, and it doesn't come off easily when you're eating food. It generally stays on for a few hours before having to think about re-applying it. It last longer and stays vibrant longer than some of my more expensive lipsticks. I definitely would recommend this product if you are on a budget.