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NYX Professional Makeup Super Skinny Eye Marker

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NYX Professional Makeup Super Skinny Eye Marker is a multi-purpose black eyeliner with a micro-fine felt tip, whichallows for easy, flawless application. It can be usedto create a number of different looks, including lining the eyes and subtle winged eyes.


NYX Professional Makeup Super Skinny Eye Marker


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This is a fabulous felt tipped eyeliner that I will be buying again. It’s super easy to use as it’s so fine so it’s easy to get a precise line, it doesn’t run or drag across my eye, I get a smooth steady line. The black pigment is really good quality and at under $15.00 it’s awesome value for money. It removes with ease, I like to use a makeup remover wipe and yet it lasts well all day without smudging this is a great product for anyone who like a nice precise line and it’s great for beginners. I would recommend this product.
This is a great low cost eyeliner as it is truely black, it applies super easy and it does last for majority of the day. It comes off effortlessly  with a normal makeup wipe which is great but this also effects the longevity of the product. It’s not waterproof (the packaging doesn’t claim to be so it’s not a fault from their end) which means it can at some times budge, I had minor leakage but nothing major.
The most precise and skinny eyeliner I've ever used that creates dramatic eye looks like no other! I was a little skeptical to use this product at first because I've had a lot of bad luck with felt tipped eyeliners as they always turn blunt and stubby for me, creating really thick, blurry lines. Well, I've used this product for a couple of months now and honestly it is just as thin and perfectly sharp as the day I bought it!  A great feature of this eyeliner is how easy it is to apply! Like wow, I can press quite lightly and the eyeliner comes out perfectly bold and matte, never flimsy and see through looking. I'm so sick of eyeliner that I have to press on hardly and really irritate my eyelids. This eyeliner will just slither on so softly, perfect for sensitive eyes. I think this eyeliner can look so simply and pretty, you can really tone down your eye make up and just wear eyeliner and mascara and you will look so dolled up and gorgeous! Alternatively this eyeliner can be great to really dress up for evenings out paired with some dramatic eyeshadow.  A little tip I can give which I've found out from personal use, is that this eyeliner isn't super waterproof (as a pro it can be easy to remove at least), I think it can be handy to take this eyeliner around with you incase of rain, heavy sweating or even tears. You honestly won't need to touch up unless you get it wet though!  Another awesome feature is that this eyeliner is super clean and won't smudge onto your face, the tip is so thin that the eyeliner will go exactly where you want it to. The product last really well too, I think because it goes on quick and thin, it dries really fast which is amazing. No matter how many hours I wear it for, I never see cracks or smudges. It's absolutely amazing for drawing on a great cat eye too, I was never great at flicking my eyeliner before I found this product. Now it is just super easy to do, I can really get into every corner and nook of my eye. never had a more close look.  In terms of value this eyeliner is amazing, Its super affordable which I love. It's great to find an eyeliner that is budget friendly but also of great value. I certainly recommend this product to everyone, even total beginners will love it! If you love a precise and skinny eyeliner this is the perfect product for you, it won't go blunt and it will last and last. A smooth, beautiful consistency that looks bold in colour on the eye yet always terrific and thin.