OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist

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OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist is a hair mist made witha high performance blend with vitamin B7 biotin, collagen, and hydrolyzed wheat protein, infuses nutrients into every strand and creates the appearance of thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair. Formulated without Parabens.

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OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist


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Great for more thickness

I recently discovered the OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist, and I am absolutely in love with it! This product has become a staple in my haircare routine. Not only does it smell great, but it also adds volume and shine to my hair without weighing it down. The lightweight formula makes it easy to distribute throughout my hair, and it doesn't leave any greasy or sticky residue. I've noticed a significant improvement in the overall health and strength of my hair since using this mist, thanks to the biotin and collagen. It also helps to control frizz and flyaways, leaving my hair looking smooth and sleek. I highly recommend the OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist for anyone looking to add volume and shine to their hair while keeping it lightweight and healthy.
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Great product more suitable for thick hair

The product smelled beautiful and the packaging was stylish. The bottle size is generous and it’s easy to use. I sprayed it on my ends as directed but found it much easier to distribute throughout my hair with my hands as it felt quite heavy and weighed my (fine) hair down. It made my hair feel hydrated for a few hours, I did re apply once throughout the day. Although it was moisturizing and added a gorgeous sheen, this wouldn’t be my go to; I think it’s more suitable for curls or thick hair, rather than fine/straight hair due to the ‘weighed down’ feeling.
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A lightweight finishing oil

I found this oil to be very nourishing and quick to absorb, and it left my hair nice and shiny. However it was quite lightweight and "loose" so to speak and I normally prefer a thicker hair oil. It works well as a finishing oil for shine, but not so much for sealing ends or scrunching out curls. I also found the packaging to make for messy application. If you love the oil but hate the bottle, what I ended up doing was just unscrewing the cap and using it as an applicator on my hands rather than using the spritzer.
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Great product!

I have been using the OGX Biotin and Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist for quite some time now. I was interested to give this product a go as it contains Vitamin B7 Biotin & Collagen. Generally, I wash my hair every 3-4 days and I did not find this product to make my hair any oily or greasy. However, I didn’t apply it too close to my roots - I focused on the mid to end lengths of my hair as my hair tends to get oily easily. It has a subtle fragrance and it is easy to use / apply. The downside is the packaging - it can get a little messy to use. Nevertheless, I like that the formula is lightweight and doesn’t feel too heavy on the strands. I would recommend to family and friends.
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Super Soft and Shiny Hair

My hair is extremely brittle and looks dry from the amount of heat tools I have used. I was looking for hair products that would boost the health of my hair and make my hair look less damaged. I absolutely loved the OGX Oil Mist - I used the product religiously on wet hair after I showered (I don’t like using product on dry hair as it makes my hair look oily and greasy) and thought it worked wonders. Over a period of a few weeks, there appeared to be less split ends or at the very least my hair looked and felt a lot stronger. My hair also has a lot of kinks and I found that after using the product, my hair felt much softer and looked a lot shinier. I could run my fingers through my hair without it getting tangled which is what usually happened before using this product. Highly recommend the product and would purchase again!
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stronger and healthier

I received the OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist as part of the Beauty Crew trial. Ive used a few different hair oils in the past and this is by are the best smelling one ive used. it has a really soft nutty scent that is very appealing and lasts in the hair for a good few hours. It is very light weight and almost has the feeling of a dry oil that used to be all the rage about 10 years back. it feels really light in the hair which I must say can be dangerous as it is very easy to over oil. 2-3 sprays is generally plenty for shoulder length hair. My hair sits halfway down my back so I used 4-5 sprays to cover my lengths and ends. I have blonde hair so its hard to find a product that leaves it looking shiny. I do however, feel that the OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist does leave my hair feeling overall stronger and healthier. Id be keen to continue using this and seeing long term results.
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Great for long hair with dry ends

Beautifully scented mist that works really well on long dry hair. In the past I have used the Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil by Kérastase on wet hair prior to blow-drying and I found that using this OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist the same way produced very similar results with the benefit of a beautiful scent. Since using this mist my hair feels softer and more hydrated for a few days after washing, and is easier to brush out after blow-drying. I don't use this on my scalp as it is quite oily, but found it works wonders on long hair from beneath the jawline downwards. I also love that the bottle is a spray and lightweight so good for travelling or putting in a gym bag.
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Leaves hair with a shine

This oil is average, doesn't weigh hair down, adds instant shine and softness. The spraying nozzle is hard to use so I spray the mist on my hand as opposed to directly spraying it on my hair. The bottle is extremely slippery which makes it hard to hold onto while spraying. A little goes a long way. It gives your hair a nice grippy texture and is great on either wet or dry hair (post styling). This oil seems to tame my fly away hair, but if you spray too much, your hair gets limp and oily as expected.
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Nice smell but too oily

This product does have some good qualities. Firstly, the bottle is a great handy little size, and has a nice look. The product also has a nice sweet vanilla smell which I really liked. Unfortunately it wasn't great for my hair, and I found it left parts of my hair looking and feeling too oily along the ends, and once it was oily it was hard to brush it out. I also didn't notice any improvements in the volume of my hair. That said, it didn't leave it feeling heavy which is a positive, and you don't need to use much of it so it's likely to last quite a long time. Not my favourite product but for people with drier ends I think it would be a great product to help restore hair and help it look shiny.
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Okay but not great

I trialed this product for the past few weeks as advised. I have wavy hair that is thick hair at the roots, but the ends are thin. I found this product to be okay, nothing to get too excited or rave about. I used it on both dry and wet hair, and whilst it did give a nourishing boost, I found it just added oil to my hair without really doing much. I preferred to give a few sprays into my hands, 2-3 sprays MAX, and distribute throughout my hair. I found I had better control distributing the product this way and it helped minimise the oiliness. All in all, an okay product but there are so much more better similar products out there. Wouldn't recommend purchasing this.
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Not for fine, thin or oilier hair types

The oil has a fine mist spray and the gives a "wet look" to the hair which was unfortunately not suitable for my thin, oily hair type. The mist was tested on freshly washed hair from root to tip, however left my roots very greasy and I needed to use dry shampoo to tone down the greasiness. When applying the mist to the ends of the hair, I needed to be mindful of only doing one spritz or else the ends would be extremely oily and looked stringy. The mist was tested on dry, styled hair to tame frizz however felt too heavy. This mist would be suitable for someone with very course/dry hair that can hold heavier product.
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Average hair mist

This is a lightweight hair mist infused with nutrients and a nice fragrance. The smell was subtle but nice and felt a little bit luxurious, but I would say that’s all it did for my hair. I have dark wavy hair on the dryer side currently with some highlights. I felt that the mist made my highlights look shiny in an unnatural way and a bit copper-y. It wasn’t anything bad but I felt like it was super great either. I think if I didn’t have highlights, I would like this product a lot more as it did feel light and weightless. Overall the hair mist was good but didn’t stand out in particular
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Love it!

Leaves my hair nice and soft and has a nice smell to it. I love it after I shower and add it to my damp curly hair to add some moisture and calm frizz. I have fine and curly, but very dry hair and oil products usually weight it down too much, but this one is great. It makes my hair so soft and manageable. This is definitely on my list of hair care products. It even gives it a great shine. The bottle can get quite slippery which makes it hard to hold onto while spraying. I had to put a washcloth around it to hold it.
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Definitely recommend

I started using this 4 weeks ago first on dry hair it wasn’t doing much making my hair more oily, so I started on at hair after washing it and it was amazing making my hair feel soft full and like I had just been to the hairdresser definitely recommend to anyone who wants to feel new again or is feeling that their hair is lacking volume. It may take a few tries to find out wants right for you, wet or dry it’s great if you have course or fine hair it will make it look like you have more when it’s tied up. Don’t brush it in scrunch it as you would a mousse in your hair, let dry naturally. I believe that when you spray in and just don’t touch it, it will not dry properly and will be left like unwashed conditioner
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Good for lightweight hydration

The OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist is good for lightweight hydration, leaving my hair soft, smooth and shiny. On my hair -- long, straight, average thickness, with past colour treatment) -- I got the best results when using it just on the ends of the hair when dry and letting it soak in. When used on wet hair or from mid-length to the ends, the product was too heavy for my hair and left it looking greasy feel. The strong vanilla scent was somewhat heady and did not dissipate, lingering until it was washed out. I would've preferred a fresher scent, but otherwise the product did it's job.
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Nice hair oil

This product is a decent hair oil. I liked the spray application and found it was a lot easier to use than pump bottles, it was nice not having to get the oil all over my hands. The texture is like a thin oil. I found that the oil was not too oily, it was a good amount of hydration without being heavy and weighing my fine hair down too much. Having said that my hair is very dry and damaged so it can handle quite a bit of oil despite being quite fine. The oil helped with taming frizz and making my hair look a lot shinier and neater. I found that a couple of sprays was enough and it could look a bit too oily if you overuse it by doing too many sprays. The smell was pleasant.
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Lovely product

I've been using OGX BIotin and COllagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist for the past couple of weeks - I tend to use it on mostly dry, towel-dried hair and mostly on the ends of my hair. I love that it made my hair feel hydrated and held my waves and curls naturally. When I scrunched the lengths of my hair I feel it added some volume as well. I only needed a small amount of product in each use, so hopefully it would be something that lasts. While it is oil-based, it didn't make my hair feel too greasy - although I tend to wash my hair often so it wasn't a problem for me either way. I also loved the fragrance of the product!
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Use sparingly for shiny and smooth hair!

I have been using this for a few weeks on wet and dry hair. A couple of sprays is all you need to brush through the ends of your hair for a really shiny and smooth finish. The lovely smell of the product is also a huge bonus!! I found it worked particularly well on damp hair to help brush through and detangle. If I use more than a few sprays, it does leave my hair feeling a bit greasy and clumpy. Definitely would recommend but use sparingly. I also didn't notice much change in volume but would recommend for the silky smooth effects.
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Good for thin/faine hair.

I was very excited to use this product. It had great ingredients that are proven to think hair over time. I have been using it every day for 4 weeks and found it good enough to use daily as it has a lightweight formula. However, it does not give that silky feel that argan oil tends to give. I found that I need a bit heavier oil because I have thick wavy hair. So I would recommend this product to those with thin/fine hair and to those that want more volume in their hair over time. It's a good product but maybe not for me.
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Great for shine

I was excited to try the OGX Biotin & Collagen Volumising Weightless Oil Mist as I have fine hair that tends to fall flat. While I did notice a slight improvement in the overall health of my hair (thanks to the biotin and collagen), I didn't really see much difference in the volume department. However, I did notice that this mist added a beautiful shine to my hair that lasted throughout the day. Even though the name implies volume, this product might be better suited for those looking for a shine-enhancing mist rather than a volumizing one. Overall, the mist is lightweight and doesn't weigh down my hair, which is a plus.