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OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray is a spray that has five benefits in one product. It helps strengthen hair, improve flexibility, protect against humidity, tame frizz and reveal shiny hair-all in just one bottle. With hints of tropical orange, island pineapple and golden amber, it'll make your strands smell as good as they feel.

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OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray


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Great de-frizzer

Having very dry hair especially on the ends I always need to put something through my hair after I wash it to tame the frizz and also to make it feel smooth and soft. I gave this oil spray a go and loved it from the first use. I have been using it for around a month or so now and will continue to purchase this as it has really helped my hair. It helps to tame frizz and dryness. It nourished my lengths and ends and makes my hair more manageable and shiny. It smells so good too. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy at all and it doesn't make my hair look dirty like it hasn't been washed in 2 weeks.
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Satisfactory spray

I have been using this product consistently after every shower on my damp hair. The first thing I noticed was how aggressively it sprays out of the bottle, it’s not like a fine mist. So spaying it directly onto your hair you’ll find it comes out in short bursts. I have noticed the product works really well with my thin hair. It’s definitely smoother and sits nicely after being styled. I do find that sometimes I’ve needed to add a bit of extra product to the ends of my hair the following day, just to keep it looking healthy. After using a variety of OGX sprays and products I would definitely recommend using this product if you were after a spray which nourishes and leaves your hair looking nice a smooth. The fragrance is not overpowering which is good when using a variety of products.
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Use sparingly

This was a decent smoothing spray but it did not blow my mind. It could weigh down hair if you are not careful with the application as the spray is not a fine mist. I would use it sparingly and only as needed on selected parts. I also occasionally applied it by spraying it into my hands and then running it through my hair. This was the best form of application if you are worried about it weighing down your hair. For an alternative I would recommend Wella SP Systen oil. It never weighs down your hair!
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Nice oil spray. Can get heavy if you are not careful. If you are worried about that, I recommend spraying into your hands and then evenly applying it to your ends. The spray could have a much finer mist. That would really change my opinion about this product. Need to have longer period of use to determine if it helps to hydrate hair in the long term but it def does assist with frizzy hair. OGX is reliable so I am sure I'll continue to use it. Thought it is not replacing my Wella SP System Oil anytime soon...nothing compares to that. If you have oily hair, then this is not the smoothing treatment for you as it can weigh your hair down quite quickly.
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Nice hair spray..

I haven't used many OGX products before, so I was excited to give this smoothing oil spray a go. The packing is functional and delivers the product well. I just wish it was a little more aesthetically pleasing, as I find it to be a bit of an eyesore in my bathroom. (A very minor con, but a con nonetheless.) The spray applies well, and absorbs into the hair fairly quickly. I apply the spray from my mids to ends after washing, where my hair does get dry. After application, my hair does look noticeably smoother and more hydrated, as well as seeming to tangle a little less. It gives the hair a nice shine which glistens in the sun. Although it is an oil, the spray doesn't make my hair look 'oily'. I think this is a great spray for those with drier hair, and if the packaging was a little nicer it would have holy grail product potential..
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A good product

I have very long, thick and coloured hair. It's naturally wavey and I often struggling with keeping the frizz managed especially if I let it dry naturally. I felt this product worked better than other similar ones of the market, especially using it before using heat on my hair. It really kept the frizz at bay, although not completely but I would definitely use it again over other products. It also smells amazing. My advice would be to use minimally however as using too much can leave your hair feeling oily. It helped smoothe dry ends as well, and when it used it after washing my hair and then let it dry naturally it helped keep my curls smoother and less frizzy.
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Smoothing and fragranced

This oil works well on my thick, curly and frizzy hair. After a shower (as it tends to be a little knotty for me then normally) simply I just sprayed it on random area’s on my hair then used my hands to spread it down through my hair, and this helped me get through it nicely. Mainly I would use it in between washes on my dry hair to mostly smooth and tame my hair, but also to get through the knots. When I put it through dry hair I had to brush it through as I had some knots and it helps loose them. It actually worked either way and I was happy with the amount of frizz reduced. The oil even made my hair soft, was irresistible smelling nice and feeling soft and refreshed once dried. The fragrance was very nice it reminded me of the smell of liquorice in the best way possible, the smell lasted until my next wash so 2-3 days which is good as not even the smell of shampoo/conditioner lasts in my hair. The reason for my rating being close to peer is I have to fault the fact it’s called a spray however really it just pumps out and I had to spread it through a lot, I’d find it better to actually spray over like a mist like my impression of what it would be and I’d just smooth it over as it would be more evenly distributed first go this way. This won't stop me from using it but I’d use it more often if it was like this. The bottle looks elegant and as do the colours. The size is good as I didn’t feel as though I was getting through too quickly. One time I put it through my freshly straightened hair and it got rid of the frizz and it stayed really perfect until my next wash even when the curls started coming back, was like wavy smooth, perfumed hair. I’d recommend to my curly haired friends and family who want to ease the their frizz and get through those knots. But even if I didn’t have those issues with my hair I’d use it just purely for the beautiful smelling, soft hair. I’d even recommend to who style their hair with heat based appliances. I overall was satisfied and surprised how well it worked for me, I’ve tried products before and none ever work but this one I was happy with. It didn’t banish all my frizz but it was enough for me to be impressed. I also was so happy with how it made it more manageable as I was struggling with finding something to get through the knots and this product did it for me. I wouldn’t change anything besides making it into a actual spray bottle as it will then be the perfect product. I am also thankful to get to try this product and even happier that it will be my new must have product for my hair.
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I Absolutely!!!! LOVE the OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray it is an absolute must have in my bathroom after trying it. Don't let oil in the name scare you its so silky but doesn't leave my hair oily at all. I Apply this to my mids to ends and straight after my hair is looking so so smooth. I get compliments on my hair every time I wash it now. after I wash my hair slighlty dry my hair either with a towel or blow dryer. then I spray this product on the mids then put some on my hands and rub it through the ends. I continue blow drying and the shine I get after is unmatched. my hair feels and looks so smooth after too I can run my finger through without them getting caught.
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Amazing product!

I absolutely adore the OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Hair Spray! It's become my go-to hair product for achieving that sleek and polished look. This spray not only tames my frizz but also adds a beautiful shine to my hair that lasts all day. The keratin-infused formula feels lightweight and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. I love how easy it is to apply and how it holds my style in place without making my hair feel stiff or crunchy. Plus, the scent is soooooo good and leaves me smelling great all day. If you're looking for a hair spray that delivers on both smoothing and styling, this one is definitely a winner! But sometimes the bottle was a little difficult to spray, especially in the beginning
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Great product!

I recently tried the keratin hair smoothing spray and I'm very impressed with the results.Not only does it provide a sleek and smooth finish, but it also effectively tames frizz, leaving my hair looking polished and manageable. The product also has a beautiful scent and has super easy to incorporate into my haircare routine. I’ll definitely be purchasing again! If you're looking for a reliable product that delivers on its promises of smoother, more manageable hair, I highly recommend giving this spray a try.
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Frizz be gone

With severe postpartum baby hairs and frizz I have been searching for the perfect product that providing the right amount of smoothness without leaving a greasy film. Love the application of this - I wish the spray nozzle was a little more gentle and targeted a wider area though - but once the product was in it was like an instant smoothing serum. It detangled my hair and I love love love the smell! Once dry I did notice my hair was noticeably smoother however my frizz wasn’t I really tamed. BUT! I applied a little to my problem area and styled my hair as usual and found this was the perfect trick! Smoothing and controlling those pesky pp baby hairs without leaving a greasy slick! LOVE! I did carry this is in my bag and applied once or twice throughout the day but. However after a month I can confidently say my hair is silky smooth and I no longer have to slick my frizz multiple times a day! Would recommend to fellow mums.
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Keeps My Hair Managaeable

My hair is long and has average thickness. This product works well to keep my hair manageable throughout the day. It's not sticky, unlike other hair products. The only con for me is that the scent is not too ideal for me. I always had to spray on a fragrance mist to diminish the scent this product gives off. This may not be the case for others. Overall, I would recommend this product to those who are having a hard time managing their hair. If they offer this in another scent that is more pleasing to me, I would definitely try it.
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Creates nice natural curls

As someone with really curly dry hair I know how hard it is to find the right product to tame the frizz. While this one does not make the hair entirely frizz free, it certainly makes it nice and soft and not so wirey. It tames the frizz enough but also gives the curls a nice soft look, so the hair looks nice and natural like there is no product in it. No scrunching, oilness or where the curls clump together to make a few thick curls. They actually look really nice! I also feel like there has been less breakage using it too and I absolutely LOVE that it is in a spray bottle! Ive never come across an oil as a spray before, but it is genius! This ensures it delivers a nice amount all over the hair evenly. Rather than pouring it out of the bottle which usually gives me too much oil on some parts of my hair and none on others. The spary bottle is perfect! The only downside I have is that the product builds up very quickly where it looks like dandruff. As someone with such dry hair, I only wash it properly once a week. So I can't really use this product every day. Having said that, the effects of it definitely last a couple of days though. It probably wouldn't need more until about day 3. But overall not a bad product and definitely the best oil I've ever used!
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I have not tried any of the OGX products so I was excited to try the OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray. I tried this product two different ways – first time I tried it was on towel dried hair and left to air dry and the second time was on towel dried hair before blow drying and straightening. I didn’t think it was that great using it on my hair before air drying, I just didn’t notice a big difference and my hair didn’t feel any nicer. I prefer to use it before after washing my hair and before blow drying. It definitely made my blow dried hair smoother! Usually I look like Hagrid after I blow dry my hair but I didn’t after using this product. It smells nice and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily or anything.
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Hair feels silkier after consistent use

The texture of this product wasn’t what I initially expected! It was almost like a lightweight gel cross serum hybrid that wasn’t “oily” at all. Did not weigh down my hair or make my hair feel clogged with product which is a plus! The smell is pleasant and it also has a spray nozzle which I wasn’t really sure made any difference to the application as it kinda squirts out into one spot anyway and I just combed it through my hair to spread it out. I have bleached /coloured hair that is prone to feeling a little dry and frizzy after washing, and after using it for a number of weeks I have actually noticed my hair feeling smoother and silkier. I will say that I didn’t notice results instantly and this is a product you really have to stick with consistently to see it’s full potential!
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Good product, as described!

This product is as it is described. I have naturally curly and at times fluffy/frizzy hair and I found it helpful to use straight after my shower when letting my hair dry naturally as the only product. Smells great and definitely limits frizz. I did trial the product after I had washed and then blow dried and straightened my hair however I found it made my hair feel more oily. Important to note that it’s not meant to be used after blow drying however as I was impressed with it on wet hair I thought I might aswell try!
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Nice product

I liked this product a lot. It has a nice, but not overpowering fragrance, and the texture of the product is not too slimy or sticky. After applying to wet hair, and then drying, I notice that my hair looks shinier, smoother and has less flyaways. My only real criticism of the product is that the spray mechanism doesn't distribute product very well, and sprays more in a direct jet than a fine mist. I overcome this by spraying into my hands first, and then dispensing the product through my hair with my hands, which is fine, but not ideal. My hair is already fairly straight and smooth, so I'm not sure how well this would work for someone with more unruly hair, but it does the job for me.
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Perfect Frizz Eliminating Spray!

Coloring caused a lot of tangles and damaged my hair making it look dull and weak. After using the OGX keratin smoothing spray for a few weeks, I noticed that I got the shine and the gloss back. This spray keeps my hair glossy and bouncy and doesn't make the hair weigh down. Just to note that it does not have any detangling properties. However, it is able to control the frizz and repair the dry ends of the hair, making it look healthier. My dry hair has really improved a lot after a few weeks of daily application. The bonus point about this product is its amazing fragrance which stays all day long. I would recommend this product to all!
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Smooth Experience

The OGX Frizz-Free + Keratin Smoothing Oil Miracle Gloss Spray aims to be a true multitasker, promising to strengthen hair, improve flexibility, protect against humidity, tame frizz and reveal shiny hair-all in just one bottle. It certainly helped with smoothness and shine, but as far as the other promises go, I'll have to use it a little longer to find out. It was pleasantly fragranced with delicious hints of orange and pineapple too. I do have quite thin, but frizzy hair and this spray definitely helped with smoothing things out. Less is more with this product (especially for thin hair). I found that I only needed a couple of sprays for my hair. If I used more, it just left a greasy look and feel behind.
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Amazing for my hair!

I've had the pleasure of trying out the OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray, and I must say, it's been a game changer for my hair. Dealing with frizz has always been a struggle, but this spray came to the rescue. After just a few spritzes, my hair felt noticeably smoother and more manageable. What's even better is that it didn't make my hair feel heavy or greasy, which is a common concern with hair oils. The keratin infusion seemed to work wonders, as my hair not only looked sleeker but also felt stronger. The added bonus of a subtle shine was the cherry on top. I've found that the spray mechanism ensures an even distribution, catering to different hair types. While individual results might vary, I found the OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil Spray to be a reliable go-to when I need to quickly transform my hair from unruly to polished.