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Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is a hydrating and anti-ageing eye treatment. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the under-eye area; cucumber extract to improve the appearance of tired eyes and reduce lines; witch hazel to reduce inflammation to the skin; niacinamide to hydrate and improve skin softness and elasticity; and added peptides that provide significant anti-wrinkle benefits. 


Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel


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Beautifully hydrating

For a change this doesn't smell like soap, doesn't sting eyes and actually made in USA (at least my jar said so). Although, I noticed the manufacturing country later, I wasn't as surprised because the product itself has already got me wondering how different it is from the usual stuff by this brand. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Olay is a bad brand but I also don't consider it as anything great. It's a good drugstore brand that I'd consider buying when on sale only. It's their soapy strong fragrances and chemical loaded ingredient lists that usually put me off a little. But this one certainly stands out - the smell is much milder and water like actually. The ingredient list looks great and also delivers the same promise. Didn't sting my sensitive eyes and reduced the puffiness noticeably. Would I buy this again? - Not sure about that but yes for now I'm certainly enjoying it.
The Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is such a beautiful cooling eye treatment gel that hydrates and fixes tired eyes.  This is a really swift absorbing gel formula which helps fight the ageing process and under eye circles. It is assured to be  clinically tested as it out performs some of the top performing eye gels available.    It  brightens and tightens my fragile tissue like skin under the eye, where fine lines and circles always appear. It contains a fast acting formula supplied with hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract and pro-vitamin B5 helps the dark bags under my eyes and those finer deeper wrinkles.  I highly recommend you try this quality cooling eye gel from OLAY so you can see the big difference too. 
The bouncy pale blue eye get is fragrance free and lightweight. It has niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, peptides and cucumber extract to nourish and hydrate the eye area. I only need a tiny amount to apply to my eye area and the eye gel feels cooling and soothing on contact. It sinks in and absorbs beautifully, without leaving any residue and doesn't ball or pill when I apply makeup over the eye area.  I've used up an entire pot of this and can happily say that the eye gel depuffs, soothes and hydrates the eye area quite well. It doesn't irritate or feel uncomfortable being applied so close to my overly sensitive eyes and a tiny pot lasts ages as you only need a tiny amount for the eye area. I think this eye gel is great for teens, for people in their early 20's and for anyone who cannot tolerate irritating actives in their skincare. 
Olay is a brand that has been in my life for around 47 years, and a brand I am happy to consider when looking for a new product.    I was drawn to the Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel because the formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a favourite ingredient of mine in skincare products.  This eye gel also contains cucumber extract, witch hazel, pro-vitamin B5 and peptides which all work together to fight the visible signs of fatigue.    I use an eye product every morning and night so the skin around my eyes is in fairly good condition.  However, some mornings I can still wake up with that dreaded lack of sleep look – crinkly skin, dark circles and the whole eye area needing a boost of hydration.    Patting on a small amount of the eye gel gives a lovely cooling effect and instantly makes my eyes look more refreshed and awake.   Although the lightweight formula absorbs fairly quickly leaving my skin feeling nourished there is a slight tackiness until the gel dries completely, but once this happens I am left with a nice smooth base without any residue.  I use this eye gel during my morning routine and keep my eye creams for night time.    The Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is packaged in a small 15ml pot with a screw on lid. The pale blue gel has a subtle fragrance.  It took me a while to judge how much of the gel to use because I was dipping my fingers into the jar whereas I’m used to using a small tube which dispenses only a very small amount of product.    The Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is very hydrating and is a lovely soothing eye treatment but I’m not sure about it making any visible difference to the fine lines around my eyes.  I’m happy to use this eye gel during the day in warmer weather when richer creams are not always necessary.  I think it is still worth recommending the Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel to anyone wanting a lightweight, hydrating eye product and for the radiant wake-up look it gives.  
I'm always on the lookout for new eye treatments to try and as a big fan of Olay skincare, I decided to try this Deep Hydrating Eye Gel several months ago. Olay make really great moisturisers and I have used their skincare since my teens, I haven't always had much luck with their eye treatments/creams in the past, but I'd say this one is pretty good. This product comes in a small 15 ml sized pot and the blue coloured gel has a light texture that instantly melts into the skin. There is a slight sticky residue, however this does disappear fairly quickly. It has a refreshing, cooling texture that instantly hydrates and wakes up my eye area. I wouldn't say it adds any significant nourishment or moisture, it just adds hydration which surprisingly lasts the whole day. My eye area feels smoother and this eye gel also creates a very smooth base for my concealer and makeup. I don't think this gel provides enough moisture for my eye area as I do like a bit more than just hydration to help smooth out my dry skin and fine lines. Having said that, it contains a mix of vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid, a peptide and cucumber extract, and it works well as a good eye gel when you need a quick hydrating, cooling treatment. I have tried putting my pot in the fridge overnight and using it after a big night and it works well to help make the eye area feel awake, and reduce puffiness and congestion to some extent. It also works well as a quick 5 minute eye mask when you need that instant cooling effect too. It does contain witch hazel, which may irritate some skin types, but so far I have experienced no irritation and also like that this eye gel is fragrance free.  I think this is a great eye gel for younger skin, or anyone who just wants hydration and doesn't need a rich, heavy eye treatment. It's not too cheap and there are plenty of less expensive eye gels that deliver the same effects and results. However I do like the lightweight gel texture that absorbs well to add instant hydration to my tired, puffy eyes. I have repurchased this eye gel and will continue to do so, as it a I do like the light texture and hydrating properties.
Great product which delivers every time. Perfect to reduce the puffiness with easy application.  Absorbs easily leaving no sticky residue. Hydrating leaving your under eyes feeling refreshed and renewed.  If I leave it in the fridge and apply, it has a nice cooling affect which feel wonderful if you haven't had any sleep or just not feeling well. 
Fast, firming, fabulous! Loving this Olay hydrating eye gel. Well priced for the quantity and quality. It’s a cool and lightly scented gel. Hydrates the delicate eye area and great for both me and the hubby! The chic jar is lovely on our bathroom bench, very sophisticated! Would be buying again!
A very hydrating and cooling eye gel that instantly absorbs and leaves virtually no residue. I think the Olay brand generally makes great moisturisers and I have used their skincare for many years. I have only started using their eye treatments in recent years and I am quite happy with this eye gel. The gel comes in a 15 ml sized jar and it has a light blue shade.  I have visible dark circles, puffiness and lines around my eyes. This eye gel does seem to help reduce some puffiness and also adds instant hydration to help make my eyes feel refreshed. My favourite thing about this eye gel is definitely the light gel texture that absorbs really well and my makeup doesn’t crease when I use this eye gel.  I would say this product doesn’t provide enough moisture for me as the skin around my eyes is a bit dry and crepey. Therefore I’m not sure this is a long term solution to treat my dryness and wrinkles, however it helps soothe the eye area and  feels very refreshing. I think this eye gel is best for anyone who is lucky enough not to have major wrinkles around their eyes and just wants some hydration. It’s a pretty good product and definitely does what it claims but I’m not sure it’s doing much for my dryness or wrinkles. It’s also not cheap and I think there are some more moisturising eye treatments for under $50 that are better for mature skin like mine. 
For years I have loved Olay eye gels because they are dual purpose for me. They go all over my eye socket and hydrate the skin but also act as primer to help my shadow and liners stay longer and keep my eyebrows shaped without additional product.It's very light weight but hydrating. It sinks into the skin and leaves them feeling soft and smooth. It also has a cooling effect which feels great after cleansing.
Decided to try this eye gel after reading so many positive feedback. My eye areas are very dry with dark circles and fine lines. I use this eye gel twice a day and see results after a month. This eye gel has extremely lightweight texture and gentle on my under eye areas. I apply the eye gel as eye primer before applying foundation and it keeps my eye areas super hydrated reducing the appearance of fine lines.
The Olay Deep Hydrating Eye Gel really does hydrate the under eye area and at age 58, I want a positive morning experience to enhance my day.  If anyone has used cucumber under the eyes, you would know it's portable.  Applying this gel enables the application to be absorbed throughout the day.
I’m struggling to find a fault with this eye gel.  The texture is light and glides on the eye area. It feels quite cool and helps to refresh and revive my tired, dark puffy eyes.  Olay is such an iconic brand. That you would be hard pushed to find someone that hasn’t heard of it.  A little bit of this product goes a long way which is great considering the $49 price tag.  I’ve been using this morning and night for the last few weeks and the delicate skin around my eyes has never looked brighter or felt more hydrated.
I got to trial this and I have to say I actually really loved it! I am a bit of a skeptic on eye creams. I find they never really get rid of the dark circles under my eyes.....this one actually didn't either but I noticed a huge reduction in puffiness, fine lines and just general tightness around my eye area. It is pleasant to apply. When you out it on there is a lovely cooling effect. It absorbs very fast into your skin and doesn't leave an oily residue. It's quite a small tub of eye cream though, not sure if that was a sample size or the full sized product, for the price. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to refresh their under eye area with a lovely cooling lotion that does help fine lines and puffiness....probably not so much dark circles.
This is a lovely gel eye cream, which I really enjoyed using. It’s a slightly thick gel consistency, that glides on effortlessly and absorbed into the skin like a dream. The gel formula seemed to be very hydrating and plumped the fine lines around my eyes as well.  It was super cooling and invigorating when used, and especially after night shift it seemed to really relax the area and depuff any under eye circles, so anyone that is super sleep deprived like I am at times- this one is totally for you! If you put it in the fridge as well, oh my goodness it feels amazing as it so cooling and refreshing.  I would probably prefer to use this one for summer over winter, as I have dry skin and prefer a more nourishing heavier eye cream over the colder months, but in summer when my skin is producing a bit more oil this one is going to be great.  I would definitely repurchase this, and with the tiny amount that you need to use to have great results, one little tub is going to last awhile as well, so great bang for your buck there!
I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and although it's a beautiful gel, very cooling, and lasts a long time. I have seen results and I feel great applying it as there is no irritating and my eyes feel healthy and it helps me when I have puffy bags to get rid of the redness. I use this after a serum and then moisturiser on top before bed.
I love Olay and have consistently used moisturizing products from this brand in the past. I tried the Olay eye gel as part of the superCrew crewkit. This is a gel formula which comes in quite a small glass with screw on lid. It contains witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber extract. It is a light blue in colour with an aroma that I can only describe as "clean. You only need to apply a small pea sized amount around and under the eye area. It’s fast absorbing and doesnt leave any sticky residue. I find it is quite appropriate to use with sensitive skin as it wont cause redness or irritation. I love using it of a night after cleansing as it give a feeling of hydration and awakening with softer, smoother skin. I think the coolness does reduce the signs of puffiness temporarily. Long term permanent results I have my doubts about   This is perfect if you are looking for something to help fix the sign of too many hours at the computer or just long days in general. Personally for myself I don't feel this is something I would require as part of my daily routine therefore I probable wont be purchasing in the future.
This is the first Olay eye product I've tried, and it has been a real delight discovering this gem of a product.  I've noticed an improvement in the fine lines and puffiness under my eyes with just a fortnight of regular use. Choc full of active, proven skincare ingredients, this is an eye care product that delivers what it promises.  Definitely worth the almost $50 pricetag. The product comes in a cute little glass jar with a silver lid.  Being a gel formula, this packaging makes sense, as I expect a gel would be a challenge to dispense via a tube. The formula is truly delightful to use, and also very economical - I find a tiny amount on my ring finger is enough to pat underneath both eyes & also my pesky crowsfeet. This jar is going to last meonths!  The Eye Gel is the perfect density, and not at all tacky once applied.  It dries quickly and is the perfect under makeup base too. I imagine this gel would be even better when used in summer, as it could be refrigerated and applied cold - that would really help reduce puffiness. I have nothing but praise for this Eye Gel & will definitely be buying it in the future. 5 stars all the way!
The OlayEyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is an anti-ageing eye treatment. This eye gel is designed to help improve tired eyes and reduce lines. I generally find that Olay products are great quality so I was excited to try this eye gel.   This Olay eye gel comes in a small compact jar that is travel friendly and it has 15ml of product. It has a barely noticeable scent, so this would be a great eye gel for those that like products with no scents.   The directions for this gel said to use morning and evening on cleansed skin. The gel is a pale blue-ish colour has a gel consistency. When I apply this gel to the eye area it instantly felt cooling and hydrating to my delicate eye area. Thegel is very easy to apply, I just dabbed it in gently to my eye area, and it absorbs gently and quickly into the skin without leaving any residue.   After using this gel my eye area feels and looks refreshed and more hydrated. I think it helps my eye area look brighter and much less tired, and I am liking the results so far.     Overall I think the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is good value for money. 
I was super excited to see an eye gel in my Beauty Crew trial pack. I work six days a week and I am literally always tired- but I never want to look like it! There is only so much that a double cappa can do ! I am also mid 20s and I have been really needing to start using an eye product. The gel is light blues in colour and quite light, it absorbs super fast so I just moisturise my face after and then Im ready for bed. It does slightly sting on my skin as that area is quite sensitive for me but this stops once the product dries. I have been using this for almost two weeks and have barely made a dint in the product, so I know it will last a while. Overall a good eye cream for daily use, I will see how my eye area looks after two more weeks before deciding to purchase.  Thank you Beauty Crew
This light blue gel comes  in a small jar of 15mL. upon first application, 15 min or so, my eye area feels so hydrated....but then after a whille skin gets dry again and fine lines accentuated. Then I started to use rich moisturizer over the top to prevent dehydration, helps somewhat. For my skin the eye cream does not work. 3 weeks of use and on its own makes my under eye area age a few years. I definitelly need something richer than some propilene glycol and vitB3 for my delicate under eye area. Ingredients are good, no perfumes in the formula and there is also added hyaluronic acid and a peptide. I think that my skin can not stand Witch Hazel Water, and this eye gel has it. Strange to add it into eye formula! It is astringent so it makes my surface skin dehydrated and papery like, so fine lines get worse. If the gel did not have this in, it would be great! So I have to stop using the gel, as I need my skin to bounce back into being supple again. Since 3 weeks of use elasticity went worse.  Please Olay, make formula sans witch hazel. Formula is so light and gentle and has some beautiful ingredients great for the skin otherwise!