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Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is a 3-in-1 eye cream that is supercharged with peptides and Vitamin B3 to instantaneously reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness.  Acts as a touch of concealer that matches most skin tones. Hydrates skin to smoothen and brighten the tone around the eye area.

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Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream


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Hydrates and depuffs

The Olay Ultimate eye cream is marketed to reduce dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area with peptides and B3 as it's main active ingredients. It also has colour correcting technology to help "renew skins surface over time." The eye cream comes in a 15mL jar with a screw-on lid. The eye cream is a rich, creamy, peachy hued concealer-like colour. It has a faint chemical scent. I apply it to my eye area and it is easy to spread and absorbs quickly without any residue. I didn't find the tint did anything for my eye area but maybe my dark circles are just too dark to blur under a tint. The eye cream hydrates my eye area and helps in reducing puffiness. I've used this eye cream for a couple of weeks and it's still too early to see any reduction in dark circles or wrinkles. I'd need more time and consistent use of this eye cream to fully determine the effectiveness of the eye but I can say it's good for hydrating and reducing puffiness of the eye area.
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not worth the hype

I’m not one to leave negative feedback as I really do try to find different ways to use a certain product in hopes it’d work or at least see results. However this time round unfortunately this cream didn’t do it for me. I didn’t see any difference. I truly believe this cream isn’t worth the hype even after trying different ways.
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Very Impressed

The Olay Ulitimate Eye Cream is an amazing product. I have seen increased brightness under my eyes where I have dark circles. It seems to have also helped with the creases around my eyes. I am always worried about trying eye creams as in the past I've had irritation and watery eyes from using them, but The Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream was a game changer. No stinging, no burning, no itchiness. It felt light going on but I could definitely feel the moisture absorbing in when using it. I will definitely be adding this to my daily routine.
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Brighten my eyes

I love how small the package is. Doesn't smell strong which is great. Texture is so good. I used it in the morning after washing my face and in the afternoon. I'm a mum with a toddler so I got big black bags. I did find that it made them lighter a bit and brighten my eyes. but using it nearly a month. I wouldn't say to much of a difference. when on sale the price is descent and will last for 6 month plus for sure.
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Nourishing eye cream

This is a nourishing eye cream that applies easily to the eye area. I experienced no irritation with this eye cream and it helped improve hydration levels which made small dehydration lines disappear. The peach tint didn’t offer any colour correcting benefits for my dark under eye circles. A great all round eye cream great for everyday use.
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Good around eye cream

I find OLAY EYES Ultimate eye cream best before makeup around eye cream. Brighten around the eyes and does not sit on lines like most concealers and most importantly it is very light weight and does not make the eye react to it. Although, I did not see any improvement with dark circles throughout the weeks I used it for twice a day, the hint of tint it has when applied does hides and soften around the eyes.
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Concealer-type eye cream.

This eye cream is quite different from the other eye creams I've used because of its colour, making it have a concealer type-effect. I enjoyed using this eye cream. It is a bit thick and needs to be massaged well, but it absorbs quickly and slightly covers the dark circles under my eyes. This eye cream has been effective in hydrating my under eye area and giving a brightening effect. It sits well under my makeup. With one month of use, under my eyes look less tired and brighter. This is an excellent eye cream.
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Basic but hydrating eye cream

The Olay Ultimate Eye Cream was nice to trial and kept my delicate eye area looking plump and hydrated. The formula is rich but not heavy at all and felt lovely gliding onto the skin. The peachy colour blends in easily and helped me to look fresh and awake. There was no noticeable fragrance to this product which is nice as I don't like heavily fragranced skin care products. I feel like this would be a great simple staple for anyone looking for hydration around the eye area. The product doesn't claim to change the world or have any fancy ingredients but it did feel delightful to use as part of my morning and evening skin care routine.
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Conceals but not a universal shade

I found this worked well for my skin tone to conceal dark circles under makeup. However, it is not a universal shade and may be too dark or light for some people. I used this in the morning as I was worried about colour transfer to my pillows at nighttime. The texture of the product was smooth and scent was light. I found this eye cream hydrated my under eye area and left it feeling refreshed and plumper. I don’t think it contains retinol, which I prefer to use at night, which means I need to use it in conjunction with other eye creams.
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This eye cream goes on very smooth,it has a hint of colour that brightens up the under eye. I have not seen any visible results yet,but it is still early days to tell. I will continue to use this as it's nice to put on and you don't need too much
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Love it

I have really bad under eye dark circles. I’ve been trying every product in the market with no results at all. When I received this I was beyond excited but I didn’t have much hope. The texture of the cream is smooth and there is a tint to it. As soon as you apply it you can see the tint starts working and it give you a sudden glow under the eyes. I didn’t see any improvement for my dark circles but when ever I use this it helps hide it rather naturally compared to a concealer
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Hydrating and brightening

I have sensitive skin and often get a little dry under the eyes. I haven’t worn an eye cream religiously so really hoped I’d get results from this. I applied it twice a day for 1 month and unfortunately didn’t have many noticeable results. My eyes didn’t react to it which is great and it had a nice brightening effect when applied and used under makeup however I don’t think it did much for my dark circles. My eyes are definitely more hydrated though so I will continue to use it as it is definitely doing more good than bad.
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Eye cream

I was quite impressed with this product. While, for me, it didn’t live up to all it promised, mainly the reducing dark circles-which could just be the result of 5am starts, I did find it work rather well. It smoothed and moisturised my under eye region and reduced visible puffiness and fine lines. It also is very easy to apply, with a little bit going a long way, and absorbs quite quickly and easily. I’ll definitely keep using for now and leave it a few more weeks to decide whether it’ll become a permanent part of my daily beauty routine.
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Brightens under eyes

Brightens under eyes and leaves them looking freash, not sure if it helped fine lines and wrinkles but it looked plump. I dabbed a small amount of product under my eyes each night after my routine and i did notice my dark circles lighten up.
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Look brighter and fresher

My favourite way to use this product was as a concealer under makeup. It's a thick, moisturising texture that smooths out the lines and reduces dark circles under my eyes. I did notice an improvement the longer I used it. I patted it under my eyes using my fingertips before makeup in the morning, and I really feel it made my eyes look brighter and fresher.
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Lovely for first signs of aging, sensitive skin

The Olay Ultimate Eye Cream was a pleasure to trial and helped to plump up the fine lines around my eye area. The cream is a salmony colour but it had no colour correcting properties for the darkness I experience around my eyes. It was a lovely light weight but nourishing texture that blending smoothly around my eyes when applied day and night. It sinks in quickly and does help to make me feel refreshed especially when applied in the AM. Overall a very inoffensive eye cream that would be perfect for anyone looking for hydration and to treat the first signs of aging. It would be especially good for anyone with sensitive skin as it had no discernible fragrance and caused no irritation.

Your new go-to!

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream doubles as a light concealer to lighten and brighten the under-eye area on even the scariest, baggy eyed monster days. The formula is hydrating and silky smooth so it glides on like a dream. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, makes the eye area appear radiant and kicks tiredness to the kerb.
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A great cream - a little goes a long way

I really loved this cream - I found you didn't need to use much each time to get results. Its smooth and not greasy and so sits under make up well. Under my eyes looks much smoother and it has certainly helped reduce puffiness.
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Brighter and smoother results :)

I have never used eye creams before, I have oily skin with no wrinkles (so it’s all preventative for me), so I decided for Olay products and I choose the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. It does hydrate under the eyes without clogging the pores and I do notice a brightening effect. It works well for both morning and night and no issues under makeup. I was very impressed when I discovered the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream has colour-correcting technology which makes the cream a pinkish colour that reduces wrinkles, and puffiness. Overall It’s a good price for the amount of product you get, good product if you look for a reduction in puffiness, dry skin and lines around your eyes, I noticed that my skin around my eyes looked smoother and brighter. I recommended Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream if you are looking for a brighter.
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Brightens the under eye area

I love the container of this cream, it’s very luxurious looking. With this cream a little goes a long way, this will last for a good six months. I’ve been daily applying this under my eyes, I don’t see a my dark circles fading away, however my under eyes looks smoother and much brighter. For that I gave it five stars