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Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is a hydrating eye cream formulated with peptides and vitamin B3 to help reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness around the eye area.


Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream


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Lightweight, brightening eye cream

I have used this Olay Eye Cream on and off for several months, and although I haven't noticed an improvement in my lines or dark circles, it does make the eye area look more brighter. This eye cream has a lightweight, non-greasy, or heavy texture and absorbs well into the skin around the eyes, leaving a smooth matte finish. It is lightly tinted with a peachy shade which provides very subtle colour correction for dark circles. I do find that it helps make my eye area look more awake and refreshed. However, the formula isn't particularly hydrating or nourishing, and can leave my eye area more dry. I think this eye cream is a great base for eye makeup as it smooths and evens out the skin. However if you have dry, dehydrated skin around your eyes like me, you will probably need a more rich, moisturising eye cream.

Okay for day use

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is formulated to target the three main eye skin concerns: dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. I'm lucky that I have been using eye creams for over 35 years so I don't have wrinkles, just a few fine lines, no puffiness and minimal dark circles. The Ultimate Eye Cream is tinted but when applied blends into my skin perfectly. It has a medium consistency, pats into the skin evenly, absorbs well and leaves my skin looking hydrated and brightened. I like that I'm able to apply a concealer over the eye cream without it going patchy. It's not the most effective eye cream I have used but it's okay for during the day because I don't have major eye skin concerns. For night time I'll stick to one of my more potent eye creams.
I didn't think this product was worth the hype or the pricetag. I like a lot of Olays other products but found this to be pretty disappointing  The peachy colour had me hopeful that it might camoflauge my dark circles but it does very little. I gave it time to see how it went but didn't notice any improvement in my under-eye area
I am not one to usually write a negative review, however this product is not what it is hyped up to be. Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream didn’t do much for me. It does feel nice on the skin and not too heavy however it doesn’t do what it claims which is removing fine lines and dark circles and that is the only reason I bought it.  The price is a bit over the top considering it is basically just a moisturiser, for that reason I would not recommend this product for fine lines and dark circles. 
I really love this product.    It has a rich, creamy, luxurious feeling but goes on light as a feather and does not make your skin feel clogged or sticky.   It soothes the eye area and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness,  the later of which is a real problem for me.   Leaves a lovely glowing appearance to the eyes.
I love most Olay products. Such a good buy for your buck! I use the Regenerist range and it has made a huge difference to my skin. Hydrating and smoothing but with this product I have been a little disappointed. I’ve been using it at night for about a month now. The creamy texture is beautiful, it feels great on my skin, it smells wonderful but no discernible change as yet. I may try their retinol cream, perhaps I need something a bit stronger!
I love eye creams, as a person in my mid 20’s eyecreams for me are a preventative to wrinkles around the eye area and keep the area hydrated, plumped and fresh for eye makeup. I’ve been using the olay eyes ultimate eye cream for a few months now. It has beautiful packaging, although quite expensive this product does last quite a while. This eye cream is non-scented and hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin, the rich creamy formular of the Olay eyes ultimate eye cream absorbs into the skin really well unlike other eye creams which seem to sit on top of the skin. While I haven’t seen any difference to my existing wrinkles during my time using this product, I do hope it is preventing future wrinkles and it does a really good job hydrating my eye area. I use this product in the evenings before bed and my skin is prepped and beautiful and bright in the mornings for applying makeup which is awesome. Overall I like this product, it does everything I need it to do in regards to hydration and keeping my eyes fresh and would recommend to people who are after this hydration.
Olay's Eyes Ultimate Eye cream unfortunately didnt work for me!!!! After using it for a couple of months I did not notice much of a difference in hydration levels or fine lines. The overall look of the product (packaging/jar) is beautifully presented and the eye creams consistency was creamy yet light. Its a shame it didnt do much for me!
I tried this as I get dark circles around my eyes and I also wanted to prevent wrinkles and dry skin. I found it did nothing for by dark circles but was very hydrating but still light so perfect for dry skin. Although a little pricey for a supermarket brand it lasted ages so I thought it was good value for money.
This eye cream cannot and will not disappoint - it is an awesome price, and seems to last forever! Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is so rich and creamy (but not too rich for sensitive eyes like min ewhich is a bonus) The formula absorbs into skin like a dream and makes eye makeup application go on a treat - let's face it, who wants tired and dry crepey eyes? Not me. There is so much in the jar that my first one lasted a whole 12 months which is just unheard of! Talk about value for money!
Spoiler alert- contrary to its name, the Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream is far from being the ultimate eye cream. I’ve been using it the fora few months now and while it’s a nice enough option, I haven’t noticed any significant improvements to my eye area. Here’s what’s good about it: *It is unscented. *It’s lightweight and non-greasy and applies easily. *The plastic tub packaging looks nice and is good for use in the bathroom. *It is a peachy-pink colour that acts as a light concealer. I like this aspect of the eye cream - it leaves a subtle hint of colour which helps to brighten the eye area and is good for ‘no makeup’ days or if you only have a little darkness to conceal. *It doesn’t interfere with makeup. * One tub lasts around 4-5 months. And here’s what’s not so good: ·        Despite its claims, I haven’t noticed any improvementsto my fine lines or wrinkles (which is the main reason I use an eye cream). ·        It’s quite expensive ($48.99) for a product that isn’t particularly effective. ·        Given that it is lightweight it’s not the most moisturising eye cream, so I wouldn’t recommend for someone who has dry or dehydrated skin around their eyes. Considering that my favourite part of this eye cream is the concealing element, I would much prefer to spend my money on a designated concealer with more coverage, and keep searching for my holy grail eye cream. With that in mind,I would not recommend.
Olay Ultimate Eye Cream comes in a sleek packing,  although I do not like jar packing but still it looks very cute in my skin care stash.  The cream is beige coloured but upon application it disappears into my skin tone. But If I apply too much , then it leaves some beige coloured residue.When I opened the jar for the first time, I was surprised to see that the cream looks like a foundation in a small pot.     The cream itself is fragrance free which is good  as I use contact lenses so my eyes are more sensitive now. It has thick consistency and I need small for each use. The application is very easy, I use my ring finger and the cream absorbs within few minutes. I need to properly apply it otherwise it leave some beige coloured residue. Also I need to be careful not to use too much. This cream moisturises my eye area  but it is not enough for my very dry skin. My skin feels smooth and soft after application but after few hours it again become dehydrated. I apply it twice a day and use some heavy serum, then results are much better.  Occasionally I do have puffy eyes, but during the use of this cream, I have not notice puffiness at all.  I use contact lenses and this cream does not cause any negative reaction to my sensitive eyes. One jar of Ultimate Eye Cream lasted for almost 6 months. I regularly used it, but I have not noticed any big difference.  My eye area still need hydration, the fine lines have not disappeared and dark circles are still there.  Overall, this eye cream is a great addition into my skin care regime, but it does not work like a magic to solve my issues. I feel that it is much better for those who has normal or oily skin and don not live in cold dry climate. 
I have fairly dry skin around my eyes and I always struggle finding a nourishing eye cream. This is a good, inexpensive eye cream that does leave the eye area looking smoother and hydrated. I don’t find the formula moisturising or nourishing enough for my eyes, however it doesn’t irritate my eyes so that’s definitely a bonus. It comes in a small pot, and I would have preferred a pump or tube packaging, which would have been more hygienic. I don’t have any major crows feet, wrinkles, puffiness or dark circles. Therefore I can’t comment on how effective this cream is at minimising any of these signs of aging. It does however leave the skin looking smoother and my concealer does apply a lot more easily and evenly when I use this eye cream. It is very affordable and does perform just as well as many of the expensive department store brands. I would recommend this eye cream to anyone who wants a good eye treatment that adds light hydration and is affordable too. I prefer something more rich so I’m unsure whether I will repurchase this product.
Love it - it is easy to apply, feels lovely and soft on your skin and has a slight colour to it. This would be great for women of any age; you won't be disappointed. Olay continues to please, this goes well with the BB Creme too having a light colur.
I was looking for a great eye cream and adore the olay range of products so I couldnt wait to try this. I absolutely love it and cannot be without it now. A super luxurious eye cream that delivers beautiful results. It is really gentle on the eye area and feels so silky soft and non greasy. It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and makes my eye area appear firmer and more youthful. it delivers the exact same result as that of a much more expensive brand, so a true winner for me. This eye cream is so creamy and decadent, love the peachy colour for under makeup, a really gorgeous eye cream that I highly recommend
I had a good look out for some eye cream and saw some reviews for this and was quite impressed so I got some. I like Olay products so was happy to try this Olay Eyes Collection Ultimate Eye Cream. I have noticed that my under eye area has been looking a bit unenthusiastic. I've been using this cream for about 2 weeks now both before bed after my shower and in the morning and found it has really helped. My eyes look brighter. I like the fact that it has little or no smell and goes on well without leaving a greasy or oily feel to your skin. The container is very luxury looking too.The price was a bit steep but you don't need to use a lot , I found that a small amount on your finger should do each eye area as your only using it under and around your eye not over them.
Was a little disappointed with this one as I don't find it to do what I expected it to?  It comes in a cute 15ml pot, made in Thailand and inside is a peach coloured gel-creme.  It has no scent and once applied to the skin it absorbs very quickly and dries down to a matte finish.  I am in my 40's and find my eye area gets a little dry over the day and need some long-lasting hydration so my makeup doesn't crease in this area.  This eye creme doesn't do that, it acts more like a colour-correcting primer in my opinion.  The peach shade really helps to brighten the eye area (and the niacinamide is an added booster for long-term brightening) but it just doesn't do much for hydration for me.  I am totally enjoying using it as a colour-correcting primer though, it does a great job of concealing my darker circles and I am loving it for that.
I’ve used this product for a couple of months, applying it of an evening before bed and also in the morning prior to applying make up. I’ve found it to be a very effective base, and I have noticed M.D. the skin to be visibly firmer when applied. I little bit goes a long way, meaning the tiny jar will last you a while!
I love indulging in eye creams and simply adored using Olay's Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. I love the rich and creamy hydrating consistency it gives me when i put it on. I often thought that the brand Olay was for people my mum's age growing up but i was definitely wrong. I have noticed my eyes look brighter and feel supple after using it. I would definitely recommend this product to other people.