Olay Luminous Whip UV SPF 30

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Olay Luminous Whip UV SPF 30 is a mattifying and brightening facial moisturiser with SPF 30 that helps reduce the appearance of pores, improve skin tone and texture, and minimise shine. The moisturiser utilises Active Rush technology to transform from a cream to a liquid upon contact with skin to deliver potent ingredients in a lightweight formula. Solar Sheer Technology™ combines broad-spectrum sunscreen with niacinamide and glycerine to protect against UVA and UVB and keep skin hydrated, fresh and healthy.


Olay Luminous Whip UV SPF 30


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This is an amazing multi-tasking moisturiser that keeps my skin moisturised, is a great primer and has good SPF. I have dry-combination skin which gets a bit tricky during summer and tends to get oily. This Olay Luminous Whip works for my skin during all its tantrums. I've been using this for a good couple of months now and while at first I thought it seemed expensive for Olay, it's really delivered. The texture is very lux and mousse-like and absorbs really quickly and leaves a really smooth, velvety feel and finish on the skin. It works SO well with my liquid foundation and is actually better than the primer I was using before this and helps me to stay matte throughout the day, even in hot weather. Love the packaging and am obsessed with the sweet yet subtle smell.