Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream

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Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream is an anti-ageing night moisturiser enriched with amino-peptide complex and hydra-firming complex, which work to hydrate the skin while you sleep. With continued use, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are diminished.


Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream


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Beauty Sleep! This is a term used and when I think about it. “I need my beauty sleep.” It’s true. For our body sleep is the best time for repairing and regenerating. So putting on the best moistorising night cream makes sense.  I’ve also had the Olay Regenerist set. A nice cream, simply scented. But the results over two months have been real. Regenerist that is real-generous.  Smooth tighter complexion and a healthy shine. I’ve had a lot of comments. I can see the tightened skin too. A smoothness  from the moisturising.  The Olay Regenerist night cream has done its job.  Red presented product packaging that will make you Stop and consider this for yourself. 
This OLAY Regenerist night cream has a rich texture and is suitable for people with dry skin or during winter. I do have very dry skin during winter and this night cream is perfect for me. The cream is easy to apply and absorbs quite quickly but does leave a greasy layer on my skin. I have heater on throughout the night which makes my skin dry but this night cream kept my skin moisturised. My skin looked so smooth the next morning. Highly recommend for people with dry skin to be used during winter.
The ultimate bougee on a budget cream! I have been using this for years, and I rate it up there with my La Mer. It has a thick luxurious consistency, without feeling too heavy. It makes your skin supple and smooth when you wake up and I have noticed it evened out my skin tone and helped minimise fine lines! A definite holy grail product!
I have been using a few other Olay products for the last few months so when I ran out of moisturiser I decided to try the micro sculpting cream. The jar is a lovely red with a shiny silver lid, looks great on top of the dresser. There is a little plastic guard between the jar and lid so you don't loose product in the lid grooves, a great addition but can be hard to remove if you have damp fingers.  The texture is quite thick which made me think it would be too heavy for me especially considering how hot I get in summer. Surprisingly a very small amount goes a long way and is rapidly absorbed by my skin. Within a few minutes there was no residue, just soft supple skin.  After about a week I noticed my skins texture had smoothed and my very light fine lines have almost disappeared, so I'm expecting with longer use better results.
This cream comes in an attractive red jar, it will last you forever, because you only need a tiny bit of this product for your whole face. The gel like texture of this product is awesome, feels very light but hydrates your skin intensely. It does take a while for the cream to get absorbed into your skin completely. It leaves a shine on your face but again I would not mind that considering it is a night cream It feels like there is a lot of chemical in this product, as the smell is pretty intense and strong. When applied close the eye area unintentionally, my eyes burns and stings. Besides that, the condition of my skin has improved overall, the texture of my skin is more smooth and plump and hydrated. My skin feels great in the morning. I applied this cream over the olay pre youth essence. I did not find a huge difference in the wrinkles or fine lines but my pores do appear smaller after 4 weeks of trial
I love the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream from Olay. My mum introduced me to this night cream and I can say it works beautifully on my face. It is a luxuriously thick cream that absorbs really quick and well into your skin and doesn't leave it feeling heavy or greasy. My skin feels wonderfully hydrated and moisturised  after applying this night cream to my face and my neck each night. In the morning after waking up my skin feels really firm and smooth and silky soft. I can see the difference that this cream has made to my appearance. My fine lines has greatly diminished and soften and my skin looks more youthful and more plumb. This night cream has definitely given my skin a nice glow. Overall this is a very effective night moisturising  cream from Olay and is very affordable.  I would recommend it to everyone.
This cream absorbed quickly and well and didn’t feel greasy, despite a texture that felt a little like Vaseline when I first encountered it. Still, it is a good, effective cream. Being a night cream I expected a little extra from it in terms of moisturising, and it delivered that very effectively. I’m not sure this would work as a day cream; because of the texture I’m not sure makeup would sit on top of it.  But it’s a good, rich moisturiser that won’t overwhelm your skin, and which absorbs quickly and easily. It’s a good choice if you need a bit extra moisturisation at night. One negative was the packaging, which seemed excessive for the size of the product. Of course, this didn’t impact on its’ performance.  
I have been using this cream for 6 months now and I find that it really delivers results.I am 47 years old and have an issue with lines and sagging in my neck and jaw area and it really has helped firm my skin in this area. It is non greasy and non irritant. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and dewy in the morning. The results are great and I would recommend it to people with sensitive skin.
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream is simply wonderful, I can't believe how well this works.My face feels tight, smooth and delicious in the morning. It doesnt feel greasy when I wear it and it actually makes my tired skin look so fresh and beautiful.  I am 47 and had a few fine lines around my eyes and mouth (yeah and the rest) but after using this amazing product i am left with just smooth, soft, gorgeous skin. People often comment about my "non-wrinkled" skin when they find out my age that i have actually put them onto it. My friends also have started using Olay .....  I am a walking advertisement for Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Creams.  It's my a little luxury!
My mother adores this product, because since she has used it, it has re-hydrated her dry skin and added back some youthful glow (shes 47). Its been her cult favourite ever since. I used to 'borrow' it sometimes to perk up my skin in my teens, and even for oily skin, it works wonderfully at firming my cheeks and adding a refreshed look after a long-night study cramming.  Since then I have bought a jar, and while its a little pricey for a drug store brand, I can not recommend it enough to having this in your cupboard.  Since I am in my 20's now, I just use it every-now-and-then when I see my skin looking tired and dull, before I go to bed, so I can wake up looking fresher.  Sometimes I also put a slightly thicker layer over my face, watch tv, then go out for dinner with friends or a date and it wakes my skin up so I can use minimal makeup (because my work life demands a full-face of makeup I like to give my skin a breather when I can). Pro: The benefits of the product, the gel texture, and the jar does look cool... but... Con: The product is in a jar, which I feel can cause you to waste product by taking too much out. I like having clean hands to do makeup ect, and don't like touching anything, less I get a oil stain, so I wash my hands, which is just wasting product. Make it in both jar and  pump container and I would be thrilled! Better for travel too!
I absolutely adore olay regenerist products, a great result every time for a great price. This micro sculpting night cream is amazing. The consistency is ultra creamy and luxurious without being sticky or oily. It glides over skin for beautiful coverage and feels really silky soft. i use this at night and it is really hydrating, it diminishes the appearance of fine lines and plumps skin out for a more youthful, perfect look. My skin looks and feels firmer when using this product and it delivers the same results as much more expensive night creams. I see no cons with this product, its all positive. It absorbs really fast, is non greasy and gives brighter smoother skin with ease, a great product at a great price point that I highly recommend
Like water to a plant at the end of a Summer's day OLAY night cream revives and gently rehydrates. It brings a 'soft to the touch' feel, working its wonder while you sleep. OLAY Regenerist is a quality beauty cream at a price that doesn't break the budget.
I remember my nan always had a bottle of oil of Olay in her bathroom cabinet and she always had such lovely skin. I tried this as I was interested in trying a good all rounder night cream and had seen some endorsements which helped sway me. I was a little taken aback by the price for a supermarket brand but a little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly into the skin and i have noticed my skin is nice and dewy in the morning when I wake up.
I have used Olay products off and on over the years and always pick up when a new product comes on the market.    The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream is packaged in a stylish, deep red glass jar with a silver screw top lid.  The cream is thick and silky and has a very pleasant fragrance.    I have combination to dry skin so I’m always after a product that will hydrate and soften my skin.  I used this cream all over my face and neck.  Although the cream appears thick, it is actually quite light and it spread smoothly and evenly over my skin.  The cream absorbed well and left my face and neck feeling well moisturised with a nice healthy glow.    This moisturiser served me well and because it plumped out my skin my fine lines appeared smoother and less noticeable.  I wouldn't say it's the best night cream I have used but for the price it does a great job.    
I received the Olay Regenerist Anti-Ageing Micro-Sculpting Night cream to trial from Olay - nice texture to the cream and it absorbed effectively into my skin each night. I like that it has no fragrance, as when you're sleeping, a fragrance can be annoying. My skin felt smoother and softer in my morning shower each day, but there wasn't a huge visible anti-ageing difference in my skin. However, it's a really good moisturiser, and an effective night cream, so I would recommend it!
I decided to try out this product due to some of the great ingredients and the great reviews it's received on the internet. I chose to purchase the night cream because it doesn't contain fragrance, however had a terrifying reaction to it. I noticed the next day morning that my chin area were covered in what looked like a combination of red rashes and breakout, and on the cheeks were red dots of bumpy rashes. I'm in my mid-thirties and had not had breakout in over 15 years.  I later discovered that this was caused by an dangerous ingredient called DMDM hydantoin in the ingredient, this is a preservative which some people can be allergic to and it comply cause red rashes. Please do not buy the night cream unless you're sure you're not sensitive to this ingredient!
I've been using this nightly for a few weeks, along with the matching Day Cream and Youth Essence. I'm in my early 50's and have combination skin that needs an effective anti-ageing regime. This night cream comes in a very stylish, heavy, red jar - personally I would prefer it in a pump dispenser, but with care it's possible to keep the jar contents pristine. This moisturiser has an incredible texture - it is a lightweight gel that's absolutely perfect for my combination skin, unlike many other night creams that are heavy & too rich. The gel is very hydrating while remaining beautifully lightweight. It's refreshing, not at all sticky, and I find it absorbs very easily. I like that it has no added fragrance, my skin can react to some products, but definitely hasn't with this cream.  And I'm waking up in the morning with skin that is plump and glowing! This genuinely works really well at keeping my skin happy & well-hydrated. I love the trio of products, and will be buying in the future.
This is a thick night cream which feels very moisturising when I apply it to my face and neck and decolletage. It is quite rich so I only need a little bit and it spreads easily and smoothly onto my skin without peeling or balling off. I apply this night cream in small dots and then gently massage it into my skin. Once applied my skin feels soft and looks plump. It did not irritate my skin, even on nights I had scooped out too much.  Pros: easy to scoop out and use Cons: some users may not like the jar container but I don't mind because I know where my fingers have been and it doesnt bother me Recommendation: this would suit those with dry skin as its rich and sinks well into the skin 
I have so much love for this night cream!  I usually find products marketed as night creams are far too heavy for my skin and end up giving me clogged pores and blemishes.  This product is a gel type cream and it's lovely and light on the skin, yet still offers plenty of hydration.  When I wake up, my skin feels so soft and smooth and has a nice plumpness about it.  I've been using it in conjunction with the Olay miracle boost pre-essence and my skin is just drinking these two up. The only negative for me about tis product is that it comes in a jar- I would much prefer an air tight form of packaging. If you're looking for a night cream offering great hydration with being too heavy, give this a try.
I love this lightweight cream that absorbs well into my skin. It does a great job moisturising my face and making it feel smooth. It is also very reasonably priced, and this jar goes a long way! in regards to fine lines and wrinkles, I have not noticed much change. I also do not mind the smell too much. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a good night time moisturiser that is not too rich.